Types of Technical Indicators {INFOGRAPHIC}

By April 25, 2017Infographic
Types of Technical Indicators {INFOGRAPHIC}

Let’s talk about technical indicators. Do you know what they are and what information they provide on stocks? This infographic will fill you in.

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Types of Technical Indicators {INFOGRAPHIC}

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  • Tone says:

    Good little introduction. Loving the STT infographics and daily videos. Interesting how some traders seem to swear by certain indicators/combinations of indicators, while other very successful traders ignore them completely and concentrate on support/resistance, level 2 and the price action.

    Have done some practice trades with combinations of MACD, moving averages, Bollinger bands and RSI. Although I’m yet to see them work in real time, I’m not that experienced and it would be interesting to see a live example of a successful trade based on these.

  • Ali says:

    These graphics have been pretty awesome!

  • Roger says:

    Thanks for the info, always can use any and all info.

  • Robyn Hamlin says:

    Just getting into this and the information is awesome. Love all the learning that is available.

  • Alaric says:

    I love the visual references!
    Thank you so much!

  • Dave says:

    perfect !
    thank you …

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