Welcome To StocksToTrade

StocksToTrade’s all-in-one trading platform helps traders to quickly analyze, and identify key trade setups without a hedge fund manager.


Our Mission

Bringing state-of-the-art technology, powerful proprietary algorithms and AI-enhanced tools, and savvy trading strategies together to help day traders master the markets.

Forward-Thinking Innovation

StocksToTrade is a leading-edge fintech company that was co-founded in 2012 by world-renowned trader and teacher, Timothy Sykes. Tim is famously known for turning $12,415 into over $7.5 million in profits and turning over 30 regular folks into self-made millionaires

As a day trader himself, Tim understands the need for a platform designed specifically for day traders. Where they can find breaking news, charting tools, and chat rooms all in one place.

That’s what StocksToTrade delivers. And we don’t stop there…

Zak Westphal co-founded StocksToTrade with Tim Sykes, and he’s now our dedicated and forward-thinking CEO. With his MBA from the University of Southern California, he’s driving StocksToTrade into the future...

He constantly delivers new ideas for revolutionary system improvements — including our two proprietary algorithms — and our AI system IRIS plus, ground-breaking tools and innovative ways to educate traders so they get the most out of our platform and their trading.  

Our radically new approach to trading software and education even garnered the attention of the Nasdaq exchange. On March 12, 2019, our team had the honor of ringing the Nasdaq closing bell.

Enough About Us — 

Here’s What We Deliver

StocksToTrade is different from any other platform available on the market today... Our state-of-the-art platform was developed by traders, for traders — with high-frequency day traders at the top of mind.

We understand that finding and executing trades is all about speed

You don’t have time to sift through multiple websites, apps, or software to find trade opportunities and news. You want to uncover the next big gainer, find news, spot key levels, plan your trade, and execute.

We’re here to help you do all that as quickly as possible

That’s why we developed all our features and tools like built-in watchlists, scans, and two proprietary algorithms to help you spot hot trade opportunities FAST.

We’re help you spot key levels to make planning a trade a breeze

Our powerful charting tools and exclusive indicators help you spot key levels to make planning a trade a breeze.

Add-on features like our Breaking News and Small-Cap Rockets chat rooms

We also offer add-on features like our Breaking News and Small-Cap Rockets chat rooms so you get news, information, and trade ideas from a variety of perspectives.

Combine all our tools — including broker integration

We’re combining all our tools with training and alerts from our elite levels trainers and you have everything you need to start spotting and executing YOUR best trades!

Our Team of Traders Is Ready To Help You Reach Your Goals

At StocksToTrade we offer a variety of trading mentors with different backgrounds and specialties. And they’re all ready to help guide you on your unique path to becoming a successful trader!

Tim Bohen

Tim Bohen is our lead trainer and everyone’s favorite “trading dad.” He’s had a lifelong interest in finance and the markets.

He started dabbling in trading large-cap names in 2005 but wasn’t having much success.

By 2007/2008 — like most people during that time — he watched his 401k, investments, and rental properties lose value. He knew there had to be a better way to grow wealth through the markets.

Matt Monaco

Back in 2017, Matt Monaco was in college studying to become a software engineer — and he HATED it. By the time he started doing internships, he knew it wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life.

In 2017, he came across Timothy Sykes online and decided he wanted to become a stock trader.

He joined Tim Sykes’ Trading Challenge and started trading with $25,000 he saved from side hustles while still in college.

Bryce Tuohey

Bryce Tuohey was Matt Monaco’s college roommate. He started trading around the same time as Matt.

However, Bryce admits he wasn’t taking it seriously enough in the beginning ... But when he saw Matt make $1,000+ in a single trade — he knew he had to buckle down.

He started trading with a tiny position size in one specific setup. And he cut his max risk per trade to a minuscule amount until he gained consistency. Then he scaled up…