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Oct. 18, 20214 min read

How To Use StocksToTrade’s Oracle Tool + BIG News!

Written by stockstotrade

StocksToTrade’s Oracle Tool: Key Takeaways

  •  Why we turned down $60 million for this new trading tool and why that’s good news for you… 
  •  Want to find the hottest stock prediction for the day before the market opens? Read on!
  •  Check out the BIG news that can change your market education forever…

Miss Bohen’s Big Announcement? Catch The Replay Here.

Listen up! The StocksToTrade Oracle tool is about to change trading forever.

We’ve had this tool for a few years now. But I’ve worked for months alongside computer programmers to beef up this cutting-edge trading algorithm

And I want to share it with you so you can see the power and potential of when trading meets technology.

Now before I go any further … this is the real deal. I’m not pushing some fake crap.

The algorithm we created has a value of $60 million. The only reason I can share it with you is because we turned down that deal.

Wall Street has peddled their rigged game for far too long. My hope is to bring the market to everyday traders like YOU. So instead of selling out to some giant investment bank, we’re sharing it with you.

Let me tell you how it works… 

Oracle and Daily Market Profits Alerts: The Nuts and Bolts

Now obviously, I can’t tell you the exact algorithm we use. That needs to stay a secret in order for us to protect its exclusivity.

But I can tell you how it works from a user’s perspective.

Every morning the algorithm scans the market. It can see every stock trading in real time. It sifts through all of them to give me the few most likely to spike that day.

It’s all based on the social-media hype surrounding stocks. With the recent meme stonk craziness, I decided to create an algorithm that predicts the next Reddit chat pump.

Using this tool, by 9:29 a.m. Eastern, I have the hottest potential stock in hand. Then one minute later, once the market opens it gives me a buy price.

The market is too big these days to analyze every stock and every Reddit page. Nobody has the time or energy to look that hard every day. It would be exhausting.

The Oracle tool is a massive time saver. And it gives you a potential buy price to keep an eye out for. 

Do you see what I mean? It gives me a much better chance of bagging these spikers while doing a fraction of the work.

Learn more about Oracle in this video!

BIG News!

This is for all of you who are short on time in the morning.

If you need to keep your 9-to-5 job, I completely understand. You should never burn your bridges until you feel completely prepared. A lot of traders start off studying and working a job at the same time.

But I want to help you out. It’s not just about finding the hottest stocks to trade … It’s also about trading them well. That means a well-crafted trading plan with entries, exits, risk levels, and more.

See how my Daily Market Profits Watchlist can help you do that. Every morning I’ll give you my opinion on the hottest stock to trade and why. It’s how you can better learn the trading process.

You gotta love when technology does something beautiful like that.

I don’t want to pat myself on the back but I’ve been in the industry for 15 years now. I know a thing or two. And in this niche, it’s all about education.

How excited are you excited about this big news?! Leave a comment or question below.


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