Jan. 29, 20243 min read

Float Checker: One of STT’s Most Useful Tools!

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Written by Tim Bohen

Today I want to briefly touch on one of the handiest and while simple, most useful quick tools in StocksToTrade.

It is the “Float Checker” in the basics box of Full View.

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For years and years I have had to click over to Yahoo Finance literally sometimes hundreds of times a day to check the float size on a stock.

I watch quite a few tickers, but I will also admit that I would forget what the float size was and have to go back to Yahoo Finance repeatedly because I would second guess myself on the size of the float.

While this was VERY inefficient and annoying the case was sealed when Yahoo Finance redesigned. I’m sure the float is there somewhere but I struggle to find it.

Of course from the very beginning StocksToTrade has prominently displayed the float in the Basics box.

Without delving too much into why a low float matters (I discuss this constantly in my webinars) just know that in the world of low priced momentum stocks, float size is something you ALWAYS need to take into consideration.

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Click here for a quick and educational Investopedia Article defining float:

In today’s market the majority of quickly moving stocks are low float. By combining the STT Percentage Gainers Screener, High Of Day List and other customer screeners (We go over how to customize your screener to locate Low Floats in StocksToTrade Pro) with quick and easy access to check the float you can minimize the time it takes to make an informed trading decision.

Whether you are long or short bias, you NEED to take into consideration the float size. While “low float” will vary for many traders, typically it is anything under 10M shares.

Our chief mission at StocksToTrade is to provide you the tools to maximize efficiency every day. Between this simple widget and countless others our goal is to remove as many roadblocks to profits as possible.

Our feature list literally grows every day, keep an eye here for details on other features as well as posts giving sneak peaks into what is coming next, heres a hint, AMAZING stuff!!



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