In today’s digital age, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly become an integral part of the technology ecosystem. It is transforming the way companies operate and deliver value to their customers, and we at StocksToTrade.Com Inc. are proud to be part of this innovative wave. However, it is of paramount importance that we communicate our use of AI technologies responsibly and with utmost clarity to our stakeholders, the public and regulatory entities.

The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or its acronym ‘AI’ holds a broad array of connotations and interpretations. In our pursuit of innovation, transparency, and integrity, we believe it is essential to precisely outline how we, StocksToTrade.Com Inc., use these expressions in our public communications – be it in our product descriptions, marketing collateral, videos, email newsletters, or any other publicly accessible materials.

As an organization, we have a stringent policy of referring to ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or ‘AI’ only when we are making direct use of machine learning technologies or employing frameworks that generate AI-driven content or results. This document aims to elucidate our use of these terms and AI technologies within our products and services.

The purpose of this document is multifold. It not only clarifies the usage and context of AI in our products and services but also ensures that our references to ‘AI’ are accurately aligned with the actual functionality of our offerings. This way, we hope to avoid any misinterpretation or oversimplification that could inadvertently lead to confusion or unrealistic expectations.

In the following sections, we will delve into specific details about each product and service that leverages artificial intelligence technologies at StocksToTrade. We will share how these AI implementations contribute to creating a better product for our users and enhancing the overall customer experience. 

By doing so, we aim to reinforce our commitment to transparent communication about our technology, its capabilities, and its role in our offerings. We trust that this disclosure will help foster greater trust in our innovative and forward-thinking approach to trading solutions.



Our AI-driven offerings at StocksToTrade are underpinned by a combination of state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Each component plays a pivotal role in creating, managing, and improving our AI-based products. Here’s a brief rundown of these technologies:

  • OpenAI Chat API: The OpenAI Chat API allows us to build and deploy conversational AI models. This powerful tool enables our applications to hold dynamic and context-aware interactions with users, augmenting user experience and facilitating seamless product interaction.
  • OpenAI Fine Tuning API: The OpenAI Fine Tuning API is integral to our machine learning operations. It allows us to refine the base models provided by OpenAI to perform specific tasks or behave in a particular manner. This aids us in developing custom AI models that align with our unique requirements, ensuring improved performance and accuracy.
  • Modern Programming Languages: the use of modern languages enables the creation of our advanced AI-centric solutions. The ease of use, adaptability, and the wealth of robust modules available make it simpler to construct, verify, and launch machine learning algorithms. It plays a crucial role in data handling, evaluation, and forecasting models.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: We leverage an advanced cloud infrastructure that supports running our applications without the need for direct server management. This structure allows for automatic scaling to match our operational demands, efficiently accommodating anything from a handful of requests per day to thousands per second. In addition, it offers a robust platform for managing APIs, which helps handle substantial traffic and complex data processing tasks. Our deployment process is streamlined through the seamless management of containerized applications at scale, ensuring reliable and efficient rollout of our services. Additionally, our cloud-based infrastructure simplifies the process of setting up and operating large-scale databases, automating administrative tasks while offering a cost-effective solution.

By employing these technologies, we can efficiently harness the power of artificial intelligence to deliver top-notch trading solutions. Our tech stack facilitates our efforts to improve customer experiences, derive actionable insights, and continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the trading industry.


Products and Services

News Sentiment Analysis

At the core of our robust backend infrastructure is the “News Sentiment Generator,” a service designed to keep our users/services informed about the nuanced sentiment presented in financial news articles. This product, using advanced AI technologies, uncovers patterns and insights that can influence market behaviors and trading decisions.

The News Sentiment Generator leverages the power of OpenAI’s Chat API to perform a sophisticated sentiment analysis and scoring based on proprietary analysis instructions. 

The process includes carefully drafting instructions and preparing data to guide the Chat API on the analysis that is desired. This results in a comprehensive sentiment analysis associated with a set of proprietary scoring parameters to establish the sentiment of the article .

Our News Sentiment Generator exemplifies the power of AI in transforming the way we process news in the financial world. It transcends traditional methods of news analysis by assigning sentiment scores and assessing potential impact, providing our users with a nuanced perspective that enables them to understand the subtle implications of market news. With this tool, our users can make informed trading decisions backed by intelligent and in-depth news sentiment analysis.

Individual OpenAI Chat API requests, prompts, completions and usage information are stored in a tracking database for compliance purposes.


IRIS Analytics

IRIS Analytics represents one of our landmark AI-driven products at StocksToTrade. Built with modern programming languages and harnessed by OpenAI’s Chat API, IRIS creates detailed market reports using a wide array of market-related data points, providing our users with comprehensive insights for informed trading decisions.

IRIS functions in a systematic manner, beginning with the evaluation of a company symbol based on a proprietary scoring method. These scores are derived from a mix of mathematical technical analysis and the nuanced understanding of AI for the more subjective parts of the method. The AI component is realized through the Chat API completions, facilitating a higher level of analytical precision and objectivity.

IRIS Leverages several sub-systems that also leverage AI independently of the final analysis. 

In addition to the final report, IRIS also boasts a robust periodic newsletter generation feature. This component draws upon our proprietary screening technology and merges it with the report generation capabilities of the IRIS tool. The newsletter content is also generated through a set of requests passed to OpenAI’s Chat API. This integration results in a watchlist newsletter.

By employing advanced AI capabilities and a combination of technologies to support the AI APIs, IRIS offers an innovative approach to swing trade reporting. Its blend of technical analysis, AI-guided subjective scoring, and flexible AI-based report generation sets a new standard for market analysis, providing our users with an unprecedented level of insight and convenience.

The resulting analysis and newsletters are stored on a dedicated database for compliance and operational purposes.

Individual OpenAI Chat API requests, prompts, completions and usage information are stored in an interactions database that keeps track of all Chat API requests and responses for compliance purposes.


AI Language Stock Screener

At StocksToTrade, we’re committed to pioneering AI innovations that add value to our users’ experience. One such remarkable tool we have developed is the “AI Language Stock Screener,” which redefines how users interact with our platform and discover investment opportunities.

Our AI Language Stock Screener leverages OpenAI’s Fine Tune API to create a custom language model. We generated a proprietary data set of screener-related requests into a training set, a validation set, and a test set, ensuring rigorous model training and testing for robustness and accuracy.

Post-training, we employ the OpenAI Fine Tune Completion API to send prompts to our custom model, receiving context-specific completions aligned with our unique use case. Our AI model, therefore, is proficient at generating results that seamlessly interface with our proprietary backend real-time screener service.

The fusion of our Fine Tuned OpenAI model with our backend screener service results in a cutting-edge, real-time, AI-powered screener. This novel solution is adept at interpreting user inputs and promptly returning a list of matching stocks or live screener data to the requester. 

The AI Language Stock Screener is a testament to our dedication to making advanced AI technologies accessible and beneficial to our user base. This tool not only enriches the user’s experience with our platform but also democratizes access to complex trading information, making it easier for investors to find promising investment opportunities in real time.

Individual OpenAI Completions API requests, prompts, completions and usage information are stored in an interactions database that keeps track of all Completion API requests and responses for compliance purposes.