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Get Real-Time Data

Find all the stock info you need quickly and easily on our platform. No more searching through search engines and dealing with ads. StocksToTrade gives you instant Level 1 data, including fast stock quotes, press releases, and social feeds. Make better trading decisions with speed and simplicity.


Your Strategy + Powerful Screeners

StocksToTrade helps you find the best stocks out of 19,000 each week. Use our easy screeners to make watchlists for different strategies. Follow pre-made screeners from expert traders to spot hot opportunities.


Discover Stocks With the Biggest Percent Gains

Get all the info you need about a stock with just one click on our platform. No more searching and dealing with ads. StocksToTrade gives you fast data like stock quotes and company news instantly. Putting everything you need to trade in one place.

Get to the Next Level With Our AI and Algorithm-Enhanced Tools


Oracle Scanner

The Oracle Algorithm sifts through 15,000 stocks every second, searching for 5-to-1 risk ratios, generating 15 trading opportunities a day.

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Alpha Scanner

StocksToTrade trainer Matt Monaco built this algorithm to match his successful trading strategy, and identify 'dark' price anomalies happening inside the stock market in real time.


IRIS Analytics

StocksToTrade lead trainer Tim Bohen designed this AI system around his meticulous trading style — it's able to forecast explosive stock moves days and even weeks into the future!


Introducing Full Broker

Watch the quick demo video to see how easy it is to link your broker to StocksToTrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is StocksToTrade a broker? Chevron Down Icon
StocksToTrade is a real-time trading platform. We have broker integration on our platform! If your broker is a qualifying broker, you can integrate it and trade on the STT platform. Here’s a link on how to set up your broker account on STT:
Does the trial include all of the features? Chevron Down Icon
The trial offers many features and access to Nasdaq Last Sale data. When you subscribe, you have the option to add our additional features such as the chatroom, level 2 or tip ranks!
Do I have to download and install software? Chevron Down Icon
Yes, please see our system requirements at
What Add On Features does StocksToTrade offer? Chevron Down Icon

StocksToTrade offers the following Add On Features that you can add to your subscription at any time via your account dashboard located here:

Orders StockToTrade

Level 2 Data

$29/Monthly & $345/Annually

Level 2 will give you the best and all bid and ask prices for a given stock in real-time. It will also provide you with the different Market Markers and IDs. Level 2 will also include a 5 count bar that shows you the live-action of bids and asks coming in, in real-time! Knowing exactly who has an interest in a stock can be extremely useful for any style of trading! 

Orders Add Ons

Note that this add-on feature is only available to current monthly or annual subscribers to STT. 

Breaking News Chat

$49/Monthly & $490/Annually

The Breaking News Chat feature is a chatroom on the StocksToTrade platform where our analysts provide relevant breaking news in real-time. Their goal is to help our subscribers gain access to breaking news articles before they are released or the stock has reacted. As former wall Streeters, our analysts also interact with our subscribers, answering and engaging in the chat when they are not breaking news. 

For a video, more information, and a trial offer, please visit: StocksToTrade Breaking News

Tip Ranks

$8.95/Monthly & $89.50/Annually

Tip Ranks is a tool used to give you insight into different stocks in the market. It provides you with the Analyst Rating, Insider Rating, and Hedge Fund Rating. Based on these ratings, you will be able to see if the stock is currently a Strong Buy, Buy, Neutral, Sell, or Strong Sell. 

Learn more about this tool here: StocksToTrade University

Small Cap Rockets

$50/Monthly & $500/Annually

Small-Cap Rockets is a room in the StocksToTrade platform where our experienced traders Matt Monaco and Bryce Tuohey share the stocks they are trading themselves! The information provided will allow you to see not only the stocks they are trading but how our experienced traders get in and out of stock positions. 

For a trial and to learn more about our experienced traders, please visit: Small Cap Rockets

What type of person should buy this? Chevron Down Icon

All traders; beginners, intermediate, or advanced. We have a great tool that allows all traders to find potentially profitable moves. It can be used in a basic manner while learning, medium use when intermediate, and even as an advanced screener customizer and indicators for advanced traders.

What is Oracle? Chevron Down Icon

To get the full breakdown of the Oracle Algorithm Scanner please visit this article here.

Oracle is a prediction algorithm scanner that finds stocks that have potential for movement in the market during the trading day. It gives Support and Resistance indicators for the stock and suggested signals to watch out for buying or selling. You will also have Oracle Levels for each of the selected stocks that establishes resistance and support levels in order to quickly evaluate a security's potential for momentum throughout the trading session.

For more information, here’s a video link to help you learn more about STT’s Oracle feature:

What is StocksToTrade? Chevron Down Icon

StocksToTrade is a real-time stock scanner intended to quickly find potential stock opportunities based on a wide variety of criteria. Some of our features include:

  • Super-fast, real-time Level 1 and Level 2 (optional) for all U.S. equities
  • All major U.S. markets: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC markets
  • Powerful strategy scans
  • Dynamic charts with news indicators
  • Chart drawing tools, indicators, and studies
  • Price-event alerts on charts
  • Real-time, criteria-based news streamer
  • Watchlist-filtered news
  • SEC filings streamer
  • Stock-specific SEC filings and news
  • Unlimited watchlists
  • Criteria-based, custom stock screener
  • Powerful pre-programmed scans based on Timothy Sykes’ strategies
  • Quick access to top % gainers and losers
  • Quick access to new highs and Lows
  • Filterable previous-day data for research
  • User settable stock alerts
  • Linked information for efficiency
  • Scroll through your existing watchlists fast
  • Quickly find related companies in the same industry
  • Key stock statistics at your fingertips
  • Company profile with basic stock information
  • Paper trading for practicing without risking capital
  • And more!

This makes StocksToTrade an invaluable tool for improving your trading efficiency and research process.

Can I use STT if I’m outside of the U.S.? Chevron Down Icon

StocksToTrade provides service to traders worldwide, with access to U.S. equity market data in real time. We don’t have geographical restrictions and welcome users from around the globe to use our services for their market data needs.

Does StocksToTrade provide real-time stock market data? Chevron Down Icon

Yes. STT is a fast, real-time Level 1 and Level 2 platform for all U.S. equities. All features offered on STT are provided in real time.

System Requirements

StocksToTrade needs a decent computer setup to work well. You should have a fast internet connection, at least 10Mbps for downloads, ideally 30Mbps for the best performance.


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Processor: Quad-core+ CPU 2Ghz+(Intel i5, Intel i7, Intel i9

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Memory: 4GB

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Disk Space: 200MB

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Monitor Resolution: 1440x768

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System: Windows 10


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Processor: Quad-core + CPU 2Ghz + (Intel i5, Intel i7, Intel i9)

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Memory: 8GB

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Disk Space: 200MB

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Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

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System: Windows 11