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May. 22, 202411 min read

The 8 Best Trading Monitors for 2024

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Written by Tim Bohen
Reviewed by Friedrich Odermann Fact-checked by Ed Weinberg

You’ve probably seen day trading setups stocked with the best trading monitors money can buy…

Some have so many monitors they look like a NASA control room!

Let me tell you a secret — there isn’t a trader alive who can watch 20 monitors at once.

I’ve done many trades from a laptop connected to two external monitors…

As in everything trading, it’s what you do with what you’ve got. 

First, you need to know what to look for to build your best trading monitors setup…

The Features to Look for in a Trading Monitor

It’s easy to get carried away looking for a trading monitor that checks all the boxes.

Let’s break down what to look for so you know what matters most to you.

High Resolution

You definitely want a high-resolution monitor.

These aren’t hard to come by these days, but read the fine print on less expensive options. Make sure your monitor is capable of displaying a resolution of 1920 x 1080p or higher.

This isn’t just a question of image quality. Some computers aren’t compatible with higher resolutions. Other computers only output their highest resolution to one external monitor. That means downgrading the output when two or more are connected.

Make sure you do your homework.

Monitor Size

The bigger your monitor, the more charts you can fit on it.

Some traders look for extra-wide monitors and flip them sideways so they can squeeze in more charts from top to bottom.


Ergonomic monitors are essential when you’re stacking displays.

Ergonomic features let you swivel, tilt, and adjust the height on your trading monitors. They make sitting for hours a more comfortable proposition.

A good frame can help with a non-ergonomic monitor … I’ll cover an option for that in a bit.

VESA Compatibility

VESA is the standard for mounting monitors and TVs. If you’re planning on installing more than one monitor, VESA will make the job way easier!

Adapters should work if your monitor doesn’t fit the VESA standard.

Blue Light Filter

Some traders swear by blue light filters. They screen out the high-intensity light that can cause eye strain and affect sleep.

I don’t know all the science, but I do know they add to the price. A good budget fix is a stick-on blue light filter screen. You can find hundreds of options online for pretty much any monitor.

Refresh Rate

Your trading software likely won’t be able to make use of higher refresh rates. The standard refresh rate of 60Hz might max out your software.

That said, this is a matter of personal preference. Some traders swear by increased refresh rates, even if they’re technically questionable.


If staring at your old monitor for hours gives you a headache, you might be one of these traders. Go do some comparison shopping in person to see if you notice a difference.

Should Your Monitor Be Curved?

Again, it comes down to preference. You might think a curved monitor adds a bit of class to your setup.

Others prefer multiple tilted screens, which can be more affordable and customizable.

Check for Compatibility

If you’re building a setup from scratch, keep compatibility in mind.

It’s OK if you already have some pieces. There are countless adapters and driver hacks to get your setup running.


Another consideration? Check StocksToTrade’s system requirements for the most powerful experience possible.

StocksToTrade is my favorite trading platform. It was designed by active traders like me, with an emphasis on charting and ease of use.

All the 4K displays in the world won’t help your trading if you’re stuck with lame charts and a clunky platform!

Make sure you get StocksToTrade running with your new setup. It’s only $7 to start when you click here.

StockToTrade’s 6 Best Monitors for Trading

Here’s where we bring it all together! Check out our picks for the best trading monitors available in 2024.

1.) Samsung 49″ Odyssey Neo G9 G95NA Gaming Monitor

What it is: The best trading monitor when money’s no object.

Why it works: This monitor’s apparently so good it’s getting reviewed by the mainstream press. The Verge rated it 8/10, calling it “the most ridiculous, most advanced PC monitor ever made.” The one drawback? Price.

Yes, this Samsung breaks all of the smart shopper rules I just listed. It’s optimized for gaming, and its incredible display is much more than you need for charting…

But if your budget is unlimited, this is a nice way to drop a few thousand dollars.

The curved panel allows you to see the entire screen easily. Make that two screens — this monitor gives you the screen space of two 27” widescreens combined.

It’s top of the line in every way. If you want to future-proof your purchase, this monitor might be money well spent.

Buy it on Amazon here.

(As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.)

2.) BenQ MOBIUZ EX3410R 34” Curved Gaming Monitor

What it is: A hot new entry from a top electronics brand.

Why it works: This BenQ is one of the most recent releases on this list. Digital Trends rated it 9/10. They wrote that it sets “the bar for ultrawide gaming monitors thanks to excellent performance and price.”

We’re not using this monitor for gaming. But any trader should appreciate its color performance, detail contrast, and image clarity. It’s a bit heavier than other screens of its size — but that’s because it has speakers and a subwoofer!

For traders, it’s probably overkill … But if you’re looking for a nice monitor that covers a range of uses and is well rated, check it out.

Buy it on Amazon here.

3.) LG 34WN80C-B 34” UltraWide Monitor

What it is: One of the best trading monitors NOT made for gaming.

Why it works: This well-priced 34” screen has been discounted since DisplayNinja’s 4/5 review. Considering that price was the biggest negative, this LG is on the rise.

It doesn’t have the rapid refreshes of our first two selections. But its 60Hz refresh rate works great for day trading. It has a curved screen with a screen ratio of 21:9. It even has software for split-screen arrangement, although reviews on this are mixed.

This monitor rates well on anti-glare coating, color display, and connectivity. At its mid-range price point, it’s a nice compromise between top-line and budget-friendly.

Buy it on Amazon here.

4.) A Pair of Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27” Monitors

What it is: The best trading monitor for a multi-screen setup.

Why it works: Let’s slim down for our first flat screen. You know what the good thing about flat screens is? You can team up two or more to create your own immersive setup … Especially when their bezels are as thin as this Dell’s!

In PC Mag’s 4/5-star review, the only drawback was cost. If you’re considering a six-monitor frame, you may want to look for a cheaper price point. But if you’re choosing between a 49” monitor and two of these, it’s a toss-up for value.

This Dell has been extremely well rated since its 2020 debut. It has all the essentials, displayed at an insane 3840 x 2160 resolution.

Buy it on Amazon here. 

5.) A Stack of ViewSonic OMNI VX2418-P-MHD 24” Monitors

What it is: One of the best trading monitors for stacking on a budget.

Why it works: These 24” monitors are awesome on their own … Now divide their friendly price point by your budget and see what you can get!

PCMag rated it 4/5 in a recent review. The drawback to look out for is its limited ergonomic range … VESA compatibility and light weight make this less important.

This Viewsonic is a recent product of one of the best names in the biz. It has all of the motion blur and HD essentials. It can even get up to a 165Hz refresh rate through the use of its DisplayPort input. 

Buy it on Amazon here.

6.) A Stack of Dell 24.5” S2522HG Monitors

What it is: One of 2024’s best small trading monitors.

Why it works: This recent Dell drop has been tearing up the reviews, like this 8/10 review on IGN. According to the reviewer, it “sets a new standard for value.”

At full price, it’s a good value, but watch for sales. It’s been known to dip down near the $200 level.

This Dell has all the insane graphic requirements of a top-flight gaming monitor. Future-proof-wise, it has a range of connections. And yes, it’s VESA-compatible … But its included stand is pretty handy too!

Buy it on Amazon here.

The Best Portable Trading Monitors

What if you’re not an old guy like me and like to trade from your laptop?

In 2024, you can do that without sacrificing quality.

PCMag gave a 4/5 rating to ViewSonic’s 15.6” VG1655 portable monitor. It has HDMI and USB-C ports, a stand, and good resolution. Its color range is sub-par, but maybe that doesn’t matter to you.

Buy ViewSonic’s 15.6” VG1655 portable monitor on Amazon here.

If you want to step it up, check out PC Mag’s 4.5-star-rated Asus ROG Strix XG16AHPE. It’s 15.6” with all of the bells and whistles, coming in at a hefty price point.

Buy the Asus ROG Strix XG16AHPE on Amazon here. 


If you’ve got a six-monitor setup in mind, you’ll need a strong frame.

Make sure to get one sturdy enough to support the weight! And you’ll want to get a frame with good adjustability around the elbows…

It’s no fun rolling your chair side to side all day so you can watch all your screens!

You can buy a sturdy stand on Amazon here. 


A top-of-the-line setup isn’t enough to make you an amazing trader…

You still have to put the work into your trading education

What it can do is give you an edge. Watching multiple charts at once will give you access to more of the market…

That means seeing more plays develop and multiplying your screen time. That’s a good thing if you know what to do with it!

Did I answer all of your monitor questions? Which setup will go with? Let me know in the comments!