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Nov. 9, 20215 min read

How Tim Grittani Uses Stock Scanners to Find His Best Trades

Written by stockstotrade

Tim Grittani’s Favorite Stock Scanners: Key Takeaways

  • Discover the scanning process of legendary penny stock trader Tim Grittani…
  • See the differences in his scans for listed and OTC stocks…
  • Why Grittani doesn’t focus too much on volume traded…

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Tim Grittani might well be the BEST penny stock trader of all time. He started with $1,500 and has now turned it into over $13.5 million in trading profits. Along the way, he’s found a simple scanning process that helps him find the day’s best potential plays…

The best part? You can learn from this incredible trader right now! Read on for Tim Grittani’s scanning process.

How Tim Grittani Finds the Top Listed Stocks

Grittani looks for volatility in his scans. After all, that’s why he trades penny stocks

Yes, the stocks are terrible. But that volatility means they can make huge runs on any given day. 

Tim looks for a few things in his scans for listed stocks…

  • No OTCs here — Grittani specifically looks for stocks that trade on the big exchanges like Nasdaq, NYSE
  • Percent gain on the day of 20% or more
  • Liquidity over $3 million
  • Price range of 10 cents to $15 — but that can change depending on the opportunities

I like to look at shares traded. But Grittani makes a good point: one million shares traded of a 10-cent stock isn’t that impressive.

He wants to make sure there’s enough money moving in and out of the stock before jumping in.

After the scan returns some results, Grittani starts looking through the charts to see what he likes. There are a few things he may look for…

Then Grittani determines what are his best plays of the day before taking action.

How Tim Grittani Finds Top OTC Stocks

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Let’s run down Grittani’s criteria for OTC plays…

  • Percent gain on the day of 10% or more
  • A minimum price of a penny — no super-sketchy sub-sub-zero stocks…
  • No maximum price
  • Liquidity of over $1 million

From there, Grittani approaches the results much like he does with listed stocks. 

He looks at daily charts to see if there are overextended stocks to short or stocks set up for a multiday breakout. Then he’ll set alerts.

Grittani will also consider sectors for those powerful sympathy plays

And that’s what’s great about StocksToTrade scanners … It will be PAINFULLY obvious which sectors are running. You see big runners right next to each other.

This process for scanning is powerful because it makes it easy to find the greatest opportunities. You don’t have to dig through 1,000 tickers … You can whittle your watchlist down to just a handful of stocks if you get specific enough.


Tim Grittani is a legendary trader for a reason — he’s worked his tail off for it. 

So now he knows how to find his best opportunities without having to spend a ton of time researching…

It’s not as easy for beginners. Newbies spend a lot of time learning, testing, and tweaking. 

And your education never really ends. Even the greats still learn new things. Just check out Grittani’s “Trading Tickers” and “Trading Tickers 2” DVDs to see how he’s had to adapt over the years.

That’s why StocksToTrade is so focused on making the process as easy as possible.

We aim to make trading tools that can help simplify the trading day for everyone — no matter how long you’ve been in the game.

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What do you think of Tim Grittani’s top stock scans? How do you look for top stocks to watch every day? Drop a comment below!