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Oct. 12, 202110 min read

How to Use Penny Stock Alerts to Find The Hottest Trades

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Written by Tim Bohen

Penny Stock Alerts: Key Takeaways

  • The tools that can signal when a stock might be ready to run…
  • The smartest way traders use alerts (hint: see how they can complement your due diligence)…
  • Learn about the alert I use right before the market open…

Find Out How 60 Seconds Could Change Your Trading Forever

Penny stock alerts can be incredibly beneficial to traders — but just like anything, it all comes down to how to use them well. Too many fake gurus want to make traders like you believe they have fool-proof alert systems. Don’t fall for that! Read on to learn how you can leverage these powerful trading aids.

What Are Penny Stock Alerts?

Penny stock alerts are signals for potential trades…

These alerts usually come from paid services that send out alerts through text messages, emails, or chat rooms

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, some chat rooms put newbie traders in a bad spot.

That’s because promoters can use chat rooms or Twitter to pump worthless penny stocks. It’s all so they can pawn them off on unsuspecting newbies.

Beware chat room and Twitter pumps. 

With penny stocks, you have to know what you’re trading. Yes, they can make big runs, but they rarely if ever last. Never blindly follow anyone. Otherwise, you risk bag-holding a stock with nowhere to go but down.

What’s a Good Penny Stock News Alert?

No doubt, some penny stock alerts are garbage. But there are some you can use to your advantage.

The best penny stock alerts signal important news or a big catalyst. They contain legit information — and that catalyst can drive penny stock volatility.

Real facts back these alerts … It isn’t just some FinTwit knob telling you to buy something.

These are the kinds of alerts that can help you develop an edge. 

How Do I Set a Penny Stock Price Alert?

Price alerts, or alerts of any kind, are easy to set up on a platform like StocksToTrade

You can right-click on an STT chart to see the option to add an alert for a specific price, volume, news, and more.

StocksToTrade also comes with over 40 built-in screeners … You can set specific conditions and have the screeners find stocks that suit your trading plan.

Take StocksToTrade for a spin for 2 weeks right here.

Who Has the Best Penny Stock Alerts?

This will sound biased, I know … But I have to say StocksToTrade has the best penny stock alerts.

I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think StocksToTrade was the best trading platform out there. We constantly work to improve our tech and tools to make trading easier for traders of all levels.

We have an incredible service to help part-time and newer traders find the biggest possible movers every day. You can also see potential buy and sell signals based on what data with this service.

And there’s so much more…

Small Cap Rockets is a great STT chat room that does more than alert potential penny stock moves. It gives traders a chance to see what stocks our top traders — Bryce Tuohey, Matthew Monaco, and John Papa — track every day. 

Then there’s Breakouts and Breakdowns with Jack Kellogg, Mariana Hincapie, and Kyle Williams. This is another amazing trading community that these three millionaire traders run. Like Small Cap Rockets, these traders use this chat room to send out educational alerts on what they see moving.

Learn more with Jack, Kyle, and Mari in this episode of the TWIST podcast:

And there’s another service available on StocksToTrade that’s unparalleled when it comes to penny stock alerts…

How Do You Find Breaking News on Penny Stocks?

I’m so proud of our Breaking News Chat add-on feature. It’s how you can get the news that can supercharge stock moves early.

And the Breaking News Chat team doesn’t just give penny stock news alerts … It covers all stocks. 

But news on penny stocks can be tough to find. The Breaking News Chat team helps with that. They post all the penny stock news with potential in one place.

How is it different from the sketchy chat rooms out there? It’s run by two market pros who know what can move stocks.

Of course, not everything they alert goes to the moon … But it’s an incredible tool to help you see what’s moving and understand why.

Use Breaking News Chat alerts as the cherry on top of homework you’ve already done. It’s a great resource when you have a watchlist and need to find a catalyst before pulling the trigger.

Daily Penny Stock Alerts: How to Use Them in Your Trading Strategy

Daily penny stocks alerts are most useful for prepared traders. Use them as that final piece of evidence to determine whether a stock’s worth a trade.

Trading is mostly a losing game. A tiny percentage of traders find enough success to keep going…

A big reason why is that they don’t learn how to trade without leaning on others for help.

My focus as a teacher is to show you how to trade on your own. That way I can move to my billion-dollar home on top of Mt. Everest someday knowing that you can survive the markets without me.

Think of it like a cake. You can make a tasty cake without icing. But the icing makes it so much better.

The cake is all the hard work you do — planning, researching, building strategies. Daily alerts are the icing. The icing alone isn’t enough … You need to bake the cake first.

Should You Use Penny Stocks Alerts in Your Trading Strategy?

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As you can see, alerts can be incredibly useful. But again, be careful with how you use them.

Think of it like this … If some random guy came up to you on the street and told you he could double your cash if you just gave it to him, would you believe him?

I sure hope not.

But what if this was someone you knew or knew of? You might consider it.

This is like stock trading. Never put money into a stock because someone online says to.

But if you’ve done your research and have a plan ready, an alert could give you more confidence in a potential trade.

Use alerts to complement your trading strategy — not as a foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Penny Stock Alerts

Let’s tackle a few common questions about alerts…

How Do You Spot a Good Penny Stock to Trade?

This isn’t what you want alerts for. Use a good screener like StocksToTrade to find potential trades that fit your criteria. Alerts can help you identify penny stocks with potential when you know what you’re looking for. See how I find the potential biggest movers every day right before the market open… 

Where Can I Find a List of Penny Stocks News?

For basic news scanners, I’ll again recommend StocksToTrade. For advanced education and alerts, look at our Breaking News Chat, Small Cap Rockets, and Breakouts and Breakdowns add-ons.

What Are Penny Stock Text Alerts?

Alerts services might offer text messages, emails, even instant messages. It’s all about what works for your trading style and lifestyle.

What Is the Best Way to Start Trading Penny Stocks?

The first step is to study, then study MORE. Signing up for an alerts service can help you learn the process of finding stocks with trading potential. But remember to never blindly follow alerts — that’s not smart trading.

Bottom Line: Should Use Penny Stock Alerts?

If this is the first time you’re hearing of penny stock alerts, I know how this must sound. I just offered you a silver bullet and am saying to not use it!

I hate being that guy. And I’m really not. 

Trading alerts can be awesome tools … or a quick way to sink your account.

Use them to confirm your research. If you like a stock and think it just needs a news catalyst to start running, an alert service could provide that last piece of evidence.

Trading alerts should never be the only reason you take a trade. Instead, make a checklist of what you need to see — and check off as many boxes as you can.

And if you need guidance, apply to join the SteadyTrade Team and learn from seasoned pros like me and Mike “Huddie” Hudson.

How have alerts impacted your trading? Let me know what you think in a comment below!