Feb. 6, 20205 min read

Stars, Stripes and STT: A 4th of July Deal That Will Change the Way You Trade

Written by stockstotrade

StockstoTrade is celebrating Independence Day this year with you in mind. We’re offering special Stars-and-Stripes savings that give you an opportunity to get in on THE go-to resource for successful traders and change the way you trade—today.

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But, these special, once-a-year savings will only last through July 13th.  For the next two weeks only, new STT subscribers can get $50 off the first month’s service:  Click here to get savings now!  (Enter coupon code: 50stars and click “apply”)

If you haven’t already tried out our platform, this is why you should act now:

StocksToTrade has simplified screening, scanning and filtering the most potentially profitable trades and has quickly become the “go to” resource for successful traders.  

Here’s what some of our users have had to say so far:

Stars, Stripes and STT: A 4th of July Deal That Will Change the Way You Trade


Forget about those overly complicated trading platforms out there that are cumbersome and lack the tools that you’re looking for…. No More!

StocksToTrade delivers the data you need in an easy to understand and intuitive way. This is one of the benefits of having highly successful traders like Tim Bohen and Timothy Sykes with over 30 years of experience as part of our driving force.

We believe that providing you with the right tools and training, you, too, can achieve success in the market.

But remember, our Independence Day special is only here for a short time…

New STT subscribers receive $50 off the first month’s service! That’s OVER 25% OFF! PLUS, new subscribers will get access to THREE Live Trading/Trading Webinars with lead trainer Tim Bohen.

That’s right… between now and 07/13/17 when you subscribe or upgrade to STT Annual… You save an additional $50 off the already low annual subscription, which includes 2 months’ free rate, PLUS you’ll gain access to THREE Live training webinars with Tim Bohen in July.  


Up until now these highly sought after webinars have been offered only to STT Pro students. But for Independence Day, Tim Bohen is going to pull back the curtain for 3 special live training/trading days in July, so anyone can gain access when you subscribe to the STT Annual service here. 

This is the only time new subscribers can get in on this, so don’t miss out on this once-in-a-year chance to take advantage of these webinars with Tim Bohen.

Anyone who’s had the chance to get in on this has benefited beyond expectations:

Stars, Stripes and STT: A 4th of July Deal That Will Change the Way You Trade

So fall in love with STT today:

Stars, Stripes and STT: A 4th of July Deal That Will Change the Way You Trade

It will change the way you trade … forever.

Stars, Stripes and STT: A 4th of July Deal That Will Change the Way You Trade

If you’re not already familiar with STT, here’s what you’re missing:

  • FULL ACCESS: Level 1 and Level 2 for NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTCBB and PINSHEETS (i.e. all US stocks)
  • TOP % GAINERS AND LOSERS: Data that breaks it all down for you
  • UNLIMITED Watchlists
  • REAL-TIME SCANS that are fully customizable
  • EVENTS AND NEWS on Chart
  • SEC FILINGS for every stock
  • ALERTS on Chart
  • CHART Indicators
  • PRICE EVENT Indicators
  • PRE-LOADED SCANS using my own winning strategy
  • DYNAMIC CHARTS that are user friendly
  • CHAT ROOMS that are real-time

In other words, you get:

  • The same information the big traders have, and then more …
  • You get technical and actionable information based on the most successful day traders out there.
  • You get Tim Sykes’ recipe for making millions without doing all the advance work to spot major opportunities.
  • You benefit from FULL-MARKET, REAL-TIME scans of over 16,000 stocks, and these are filtered for you!
  • You get a flexible system that recognizes the difference between veteran traders and newbies: If you’re a veteran, you can customize the filters to work with any strategy. Regardless of how you want to use the filters, the data is real-time data that is up to date for every single stock in all the markets.

You probably already know that successful trading is all about REAL TIME. It’s about identifying movements and understanding the catalysts as—or even before—they happen. This is what STT offers you: the RIGHT DATA that’s easy to use.

New subscribers receive $50 off your first month’s service! That’s OVER 25% OFF Stars Special [$50 off first month] new STT monthly subscribers only: Get the saving now by clicking hereEnter coupon code: 50stars and click “apply”nStars and Stripes Special: $50 off STT annual subscription PLUS access to three live training/trading webinars with lead trainer: Tim Bohen! From now until July 13th when you subscribe or upgrade to an annual membership you will save an additional $50 off the already discounted Annual (which includes 2 months free) rate. PLUS you’ll gain access to THREE Live training webinars with Tim Bohen in July.

So from now until July 13th, this is your chance to gain access to the Number 1 trading tool on the market.

Happy 4th!