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Dec. 30, 202110 min read

Top Trading Mentors Share Their New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

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Written by Tim Bohen

Trading Resolutions: Key Takeaways

  • See how our top traders keep their resolutions real…
  • The smart way to focus no matter your trading experience or the time of year…
  • 2022 could be unpredictable — read on to learn how to be ready for it!

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Happy new year! I hope you’re as fired up as I am for 2022.

A quick note on New Year’s resolutions … This is a time of year when people can get a little overexcited about their goals and ambitions. That can often lead to unrealistic expectations — not great in the markets.

So think of it this way: Top traders don’t just think about growth in January. It’s their top focus all year long. But many still set goals after reviewing how things went in 2021.

And today we’ll look at how StocksToTrade’s top trading mentors will approach the new year. Let’s get to it!

Trading in 2022: Prepping With 7 Top Traders

Some of these traders had their best trading years EVER in 2021.

That doesn’t mean much for how they approach 2022. They focus most on process, not results.

There’s always room to improve your process. Here’s how these top traders plan to do it!

Trading Resolutions for 2022: Bohen’s Take

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To me, the best goal is to improve a little every day…

How do you measure that? Be specific and realistic.

Start with writing things down. You should already have a trading journal. Tracking your trades is the best way to see where you are in your trading…

Your trading journal shows you where you excel and where you need improvement. It should be the foundation for all of your trading goals.

The new year is a time when I revisit my goals for the previous year…

What about 2022? For one, I want to up my crypto and NFT game. Both were big in 2021, and I see more potential in 2022.

And as always, I’ll keep a finger on the pulse of the market…

Shorts are STILL getting punished on low-float short squeezes. Even though the stimulus money has dried up, volume still pours into crappy low-float stocks on the regular.

That’s my number-one hot sector to watch in 2022. I have four more in this video:

Trading Resolutions for 2022: Bryce’s Take

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Bryce Tuohey here. I’m excited for 2022!

I had my first big year in 2021 — over $500,000 in profits!

This is awesome, and not just because of the money. It shows I stuck to my 2021 trading resolution…

Before 2021, my average risk was only about $100 a trade. That’s great, but it also limited my winners.

Last year, I committed to sizing up. It helped me exponentially grow my account without being overly risky.

Now that I’m leading the Small Cap Rockets chat room with Matt Monaco and John Papa, I want to focus on process even more. Limiting risk while still taking advantage of A+ setups resonates with a lot of newer traders…

I want to keep growing as a teacher. That means locking into process and staying safe.

Trading Resolutions for 2022: Matt’s Take

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Hey. It’s Matt Monaco. I’m in the Small Cap Rockets room with Bryce, and I’m glad he has the same resolution I do!

I want to double down on teaching in 2022. And I expect it will get harder.

The last two years were wild … Everything has gone straight up.

The 2022 markets will not be like they were in 2020 or 2021. That doesn’t mean there won’t be opportunities.

Just look at Tim Grittani. In 2019, many said it was the worst market ever.

Guess how much he made that year? $1.7 million.

That seems like a good way to approach this year. Focus on your strengths and ignore the rest.

Trading Resolutions for 2022: Jack’s Take


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Jack Kellogg here. I’m a host on the TWIST podcast with Kyle Williams and Mariana Hincapie. We’re also the team on the StocksToTrade alerts service Breakouts & Breakdowns.

It’s crazy to look back at 2021. I had the best year of my trading career — over $6.6 million!

I’ve been trading professionally since 2017. When GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE: AMC) went parabolic, I was ready…

I made my biggest trades yet on panic dip buys. I played the human emotions behind these big stocks. It was more about the process than the result.

And I made my biggest loss ever this year. I went in too big. When it didn’t bounce right away I bought more shares, averaging down.

Not a great strategy.

It cost me A LOT, but I learned a good lesson: Never add to a loser.

There’s a lot of uncertainty heading into 2022. I don’t know if there will be a crash, but I’m prepared for the possibility…

I’m not counting on ANYTHING. For me, that’s the best way to protect my account and my stress levels.

Trading Resolutions for 2022: Kyle’s Take

kyle williams

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Hey. It’s Kyle Willams.

2021 trading was amazing, my best year yet.

One of my best setups early in the year in the hot market was the OTC panic dip buy…

Unfortunately, that faded as the year went on. The most frequent winner for me in 2021 was the first red day short setup on overextended stocks.

I’d love to say that next year will be just as good or better. But you never know what will happen in the markets…

Especially if there’s a crash. I don’t know if trading through a down market will be good for me. But overall, I’m not too worried. I’d rather react to what happens than stress about it.

In terms of New Year’s resolutions … I don’t have one. I’ll take things day by day. My goal is to always work to be a better version of myself.

I try to optimize every opportunity, in trading and life. That’s how I like to roll.

Trading Resolutions for 2022: Mariana’s Take


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Hi. Mari here.

For me, January 1 is just one more day to improve. Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean I have to change my process…

I make sure I grow and improve EVERY DAY.

Of course, I’m looking back at 2021. This was the year I cracked $1 million in trading profits!

But here’s what I’m really proud of … I did it by staying true to my trading rules.

  • I try to stay patient and wait for A+ setups
  • When something’s out of my comfort zone, I take extra steps
  • I ALWAYS cut losses quickly
  • And I avoid choppy price action, which can lead to emotional trading

2021 taught me how I want to approach 2022. I want to always be ready to adapt.

My New Year’s resolution is to keep taking what the market gives me and stick to what I already do.

Trading Resolutions for 2022: Huddie’s Take

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Huddie here, wishing you a smart and safe 2022.

I’m a mentor for the SteadyTrade Team with Bohen. We’ve seen an amazing 2021…

It was the year I broke the $1 million mark for my career. That was six years in the making!

My top setup for 2021 had to be OTC multi-day breakouts. I had zero big failures and a few big successes.

My goal for 2022 is safety. If you made money in 2021, learn how to keep it in 2022…

It looks like a slow market at this point. My advice? Hone in on your criteria. Trade A+ setups only. 

What you could get away with in 2020 or 2021 might not be the same in 2022.

As for my New Year’s resolution? I want to get myself out of a cash position and beat inflation at the bare minimum…

That’s one more way to protect my account.

Don’t Go It Alone

It’s Bohen again to wrap it all up.

I hope our resolution roundup helps you find your footing for next year. Review your trading journals and let that help guide you in setting your 2022 goals.

Want more expert input? Apply to join the SteadyTrade Team. Twice a day, I help break down charts and trading plans. Huddie and I also dive deeper into strategies every week.

We give you our take on the market’s movers and do our best to keep you safe.

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How do you feel going into 2022? Whose resolutions resonate most with you? Let me know in the comments!