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Oct. 25, 20225 min read

Is this just a bear market rally?

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Written by Tim Bohen

In the market, getting caught off guard is easy… 

That’s why you need to be ready for anything…

Having a plan A and B…isn’t enough…

You need a plan C and D if you want to win. 

Things are moving fast.

Just look at how quickly the narrative changed from doom and gloom a month ago, to now the potential for an economic soft landing.

It can be tough to keep up. And sadly most people get it wrong… 

They get too bearish when markets downtrend and make new lows, then they get too bullish when it bounces. 

That can create a lot of the choppy action we’re experiencing now. 

So today I’ll share how you can prepare for inevitable market shifts and why it’s so important right now… 

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How to Prepare For Trading 

There’s a lot of talk about preparing for trading. But what does it actually look like? 

First and foremost, you have to keep up with market news and macroeconomic trends. 

The Fed’s hawkish or dovish stance can have a huge impact on how the market moves. 

Also, world events like the Russia/Ukraine situation can impact the market. Or even certain sectors depending on the news. 

Once you see the big picture, you can start narrowing your focus… 

  • Check out the charts of recent runners. 
  • Tweak your watchlist. 
  • Look for news headlines every morning that can create big percent gainers.

Then you hone in even more on the specific stocks you want to watch. You pick out the best few, and you make your plan… 

What pattern are you looking for? Where will you enter? Where will you exit? You always need an if, and or, but scenario… 

If the stock does this, I’ll do that. And if it does this, I’ll do that. But if it does this, I’ll adapt and do this…

Then you have to be ready to execute and adapt as planned. 

These are all basic things traders should do every day. So why does it matter even more right now?

Don’t Let The Market Get You Down

The market’s rallying again from its recent lows… 

But remember what happened last time the market made a new low in June?

There was some choppy action then it went on basically a two-month rally … Then it reversed again and made another new low.



So are we repeating history? This could just be a bear market rally… 

I’m always an optimist. I don’t think it pays to bet against the U.S markets or economy.

There are always penny stock trading opportunities

But we have a few things coming up that could keep us in a choppy holding pattern…

Earnings season is in full swing. I’m excited about it. But next week we also have the Fed’s next interest rate announcement. Some economists think we could see another 75-point rate hike

And it’s too early to tell whether that’s priced into the market. 

My point with all of this is that the markets change fast. 

And I think the best way to beat all the uncertainty and choppy action is to be ready for penny stock trading opportunities. 

Because while you still need to be aware of what’s happening with the overall markets and macro news — penny stocks can have extraordinary moves that are disconnected from reality.  

Unfortunately, during market phases like this, most people get chopped out. They get frustrated by the ups and downs and they leave trading for good right before a new trend starts. 

Then they miss out on the potential for upside momentum. 

I don’t want that to happen to you… 

That’s why TONIGHT I’m hosting a free event where I’ll show you how you can be ready for anything this market throws at you… 

And find the kinds of plays that can work when the market’s up OR down.  

This is how I’ve continued to trade through all kinds of markets from 2008 to now… 

I hope you’re ready to prepare now, so you can reap the benefits trading can offer for years to come. 

See you tonight! 


Tim Bohen

Lead Trainer, StocksToTrade