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Apr. 9, 20206 min read

Ask Bohen: Live Premarket Sessions Every Trading Day on Instagram

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Written by Tim Bohen

During the coronavirus lockdown, I want to find a way to give back to the trading community … So I’m personally inviting you to join me for premarket sessions live on Instagram every trading day. 

The world and the market are nuts due to the coronavirus pandemic. There’s so much volatility in stocks. Even large-cap stocks are making moves I’ve never seen before.

Times are strange, but there are some bright spots. This volatility is creating tons of trading opportunities for prepared traders. In our StocksToTrade Pro community, we’re doing everything we can to study… 

We want to be ready for all the setups in possibly the hottest trading market we’ve ever seen.

I know a lot of you aren’t in StocksToTrade Pro, which is why I’m turning to social media during the coronavirus lockdown…

Starting Monday, April 13 through the end of the month, I’ll be on Instagram Live every trading day at 8:30 am Eastern to answer your trading questions.

These sessions won’t last forever … so take advantage and connect with me LIVE. Think of it as a small taste of what you’d get on the StocksToTrade Pro mentorship program … There’s no cost. You just need an Instagram account.

Ask Bohen: Live Premarket Sessions Every Trading Day on Instagram

What Is Instagram?

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Instagram, but I won’t assume everyone’s using it.

Instagram is a no-cost social media app where users connect through photos, videos, and live streams. It’s easy to get … Just go to the app store on your smartphone and download it.

Next, create a free account and follow StocksToTrade: @StocksToTrade. Take a look at the snapshot below.

Ask Bohen: Live Premarket Sessions Every Trading Day on Instagram

@StocksToTrade (Source: Instagram)

What Is Instagram Live?

Once you’re set up with Instagram and following StocksToTrade, we can connect on Instagram Live.

Instagram Live is a feature on Instagram Stories that allows users to stream videos and interact with followers in real time. Cool, right?

OK, let’s get to the good stuff.

What to Expect on My Instagram Live Streams

I love technology. We’re basically creating a virtual classroom on our phones. What an awesome time to be alive!  

Here a few things to expect…

Q&A: Live on Instagram

The most powerful part about these Instagram sessions is that you can ask me trading questions live.

I don’t know if I can answer every question, but I’ll sure as heck try. 

Hot Plays

I’ll also cover potential hot plays.

Every trading morning I go over hot stocks moving in the premarket. I even share my ideas so that you can do your own research.

Lately, I’ve been talking about junk stock coronavirus plays … And 8:30 a.m. is great — that’s when these plays start moving.  

This is penny stock 101. Junk companies put out press releases at 8 a.m. to pump their stocks before the market open … These companies have shaky fundamentals and need money.

How to Become a Better Version of Yourself

At StocksToTrade we’re always looking for ways to add value to our community. The Instagram Live Q&A is another way we can try to help.

We’re all stuck at home for a while … I encourage you to do something to make yourself happy. We’re all in this together. And in the information age, you have tons of options.

It can be easy to fall into a slump … so please find ways to learn, grow, and stay healthy while you stay home.

If you love trading but can’t afford StocksToTrade Pro, these live sessions are your chance to get a taste of what it’s like. Come follow StocksToTrade on Instagram!


If you have resources to invest in yourself, the StocksToTrade platform can help your learning experience.

It was created by real traders for traders. You’ll have access to premium, top-of-the-line charting, company profiles for fundamental analysis, news scanning, price action, scanning, paper trading, and much more…

Start your 14-day trial of StocksToTrade for only $7 today!

Ask Bohen: Live Premarket Sessions Every Trading Day on Instagram

StocksToTrade Pro

Looking for trading mentorship? Join us at StocksToTrade Pro.

StocksToTrade Pro is our elite trading community where we do everything we can to help members grow as traders. You get access to mentorship, market analysis, chat rooms, and live webinars. We also teach you smart practices for using StocksToTrade.


My favorite quote is an old Chinese proverb…

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

It’s a wild market with crazy opportunities…

Use this time to learn. Please, take advantage of these sessions while they last. Surround yourself with experienced traders, watch the markets, and focus on learning. 

I want to do everything I can to provide value to our community — you don’t have to go this lockdown alone.

Leave a comment if you’re ready to learn and join me on Instagram Live!