Independence Week Special: Save Over $714 on Our Game-Changing STT Trading Software

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A few days ago was Independence Day, so what better way to get in the spirit than by achieving your own financial independence with a ONE TIME ONLY special on the most efficient new trading software out there?

Don’t miss out on this Independence week when StockstoTrade (STT) is offering you a $714 discount if you sign up for an annual subscription of STT and change the way you trade, in real time, today. This is a huge savings on our annual subscription. If you choose the annual subscription for our Independence week special, you will get everything STT has to offer for only $1,350, compared to $2,064 annually with a monthly subscription.

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So this Independence week, treat yourself to a trading edge that used to be only available to only hedge fund managers and mainstream traders.

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This is the Trading Motherlode that allows you to take your trading to new levels.

StocksToTrade is the only platform a day trader will ever need. It’s a  real-time scanner made by day traders, explicitly for day traders. StocksToTrade boasts many pre-programmed winning scans used by top traders, such as Tim Sykes.

Not only will it put you in league with the big hedge fund and mainstream traders, but it can catapult you beyond them by offering you stock research that goes beyond even what they have at their fingertips.

Where the Students Become Masters this Independence week

The features are unprecedented for day traders, and this is only the beginning:

If you want to master day-trading—right now—this is what you need, and this is what STT offers you:

  • FULL ACCESS: Level 1 and Level 2 for NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTCBB and PINKSHEETS (i.e. all US stocks)
  • TOP % GAINERS AND LOSERS: Data that breaks it all down for you
  • UNLIMITED Watchlists
  • REAL-TIME SCANS that are fully customizable
  • EVENTS AND NEWS on Chart
  • A SUPER POWERFUL NEWS Scanner and Filtering Tool
  • SEC FILINGS for every stock
  • ALERTS on Chart
  • CHART Indicators
  • PRICE EVENT Indicators
  • PRE-LOADED SCANS using Tim Sykes’s winning strategy
  • DYNAMIC CHARTS that are user friendly

In other words, you get:

  • The same information the big traders have, and then more …
  • You get technical and actionable information based on the most successful day traders out there.
  • You get Tim Sykes’ recipe for making solid gains without doing all the advance work to spot major opportunities.
  • You benefit from FULL-MARKET, REAL-TIME scans of over 16,000 stocks, and these are filtered for you!
  • You get a flexible system that recognizes the difference between veteran traders and newbies: If you’re a veteran, you can customize the filters to work with any strategy. Regardless of how you want to use the filters, the data is real-time data that is up to date for every single stock in all the markets.

Why STT? Ask Those Who are Already Using It …

 The STT Twitter feed is fielding non-stop testimonials from students and others who have already taken the plunge—and they love it.

This is what they have to say so far:

The Four Best Trading Laptops


@StocksToTrade @timothysykes hands down the best trading software out! Thanks for all the hard work creating this.  — James (@Jameyistyred) May 31, 2016


$MGT LONG today. Got a meeting, I’ll be off. Up over 1000$ @timothysykes thanks once again for #stockstotrade — Max Jensen (@maxjensendk) May 16, 2016


My account it up almost $300 from starting at $1000 back in February. Thanks to @timothysykes and @StocksToTrade. Progress.  — Clayton (@TraderRanger) May 24, 2016


Thank you @StocksToTrade for spotting $HEAR In @ 1.07 out @ 1.28 with 2000 shares aim small miss small like @timothysykes says — Curren$y (@MichaelsArcs) May 11, 2016


@StocksToTrade received good customer service earlier & the cool STT now on my new trading laptop, + looking forward to broker integration   — Kirby Scott Coe (@KirbyScottCoe1) May 6, 2016


Thanks to @timothysykes and @stockstotrade for $EPE in @ $5.54 out @ $5.81, banked $270 bucks. ($32,826 JA)…nice earnings winner!! — Billionaire Kid (@LT_Valentino) May 5, 2016


biggest profit of the month!! $DHRM in at 1.83 out at 2.36 for 1000+ profit. Thanks @timothysykes and @StocksToTrade. — Roberto Pinarrieta (@Rpinarrieta22) April 28, 2016


A big Thank You to @timothysykes & @StocksToTrade for making Trading so much easier! ????????#worksmarternotharder  — Wolf Trader (@wolf_trader) April 19, 2016


Making successful trades is about identifying movements and understanding catalysts in real time and even before they happen. To do this, you need the right data, from Level II Quotes to company news, presented in an accessible and easy to use fashion in order to act quickly and effectively. While there are other tools on the market, StocksToTrade puts the tools at your fingertips to make smart decisions and maximize your chances of successful trades.

We’re blowing everything else out of the water here with STT, and turning your hours of research into a split-second money-making decision.

STT tracks over 16,000 stocks simultaneously. This is YOUR market pulse—your keys to pre-programmed profitability. So why not start today and make independence mean something financially? Order now and save over $714, to add to your first STT-generated profits!

Click HERE To Save $714 NOW and Get StocksToTrade





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  • Willie Suggs says:

    Need to make extra money

  • Debbie Harron says:

    Too Too expensive and too risky, would love to learn but $6,000 to join is unapproachable for most people.

  • Steven Alspaw says:

    I want to dive into this headfirst I want to get off my lazy butt and put in the long hours and hard work that I should have done a long time ago, but I’m going to do it now and I’m going to do it your way. I’m investing in being a Penny Stock Trader, like you. Yes I am completely terrified that I will lose money and not make my family proud. I’m terrified that even though I want to step up and be bold to do this I don’t know if I can handle it. I’d like you to tell me what I want to hear but we all know that won’t help anybody. I’ve been told what I wanted to hear before and every raising hope and dream just Crash and Burn then they kindly flush them down the toilet. I can see this will not happen with you, you tell it how it is and that’s great, I do too. I know that you’re a great teacher because I hear it in your voice and in the words of wisdom, plus I’ve read a lot of testimonials and watched a lot of testimonials, there is greatness in you I can see that. I absolutely hate reading with a passion butt if you could convince me and tell me that even slow pretty boy/dumb jock Steven Alspaw can do this I will do anything and everything you say, I’ll read everything you tell me to read, I’ll even take a computer class if need be. My family deserve the best and I want to give it to them. I see that it can be done if I’m one of your students.
    I want to meet you in person (tell you everything about me, if you’d like) I want to trade alongside you in person, I want to talk to your top student, I Want to be one of your top student’s.

  • Steven Alspaw says:

    ….. I hope I don’t miss out on this great opportunity for STT, but I am not trading stocks right now, I don’t have disposable money. I will sell my motorcycle to get the money I will absolutely do that right now, butt until I know what I’m doing I don’t see how that will help me now if I’m not a student yet.
    I know you’re hella busy with trading stocks, teaching your students, living your own life, and I know you’re not here to make friends (which I absolutely understand-which is the reason why you’re a great teacher) but if you could get back to me and talk to me that would be great…!!!

  • Al Dinger says:

    I appreciate everything that Timothy Sykes does.

  • keedly Darveens Calixte says:

    Hi i was wondering how can i use this software as well and get these beautiful results too i don’t like the rat race and how much money can i invest start with??

  • Judy May says:

    I need a little more on hands one on one. For s little help.

  • Mario Venditto says:

    I believe in this system, however, I’m worried about buying it because I still don’t know enough to do anything positive with it…I would like to know something about it before I buy it. Again, I feel like I’m buying a scalpel and not being a surgeon, I don’t have a clue of what to do with it. Please, let me know what you think, I’m not afraid, I’m getting in a field I know very little about and of course I’m concerned. By the way, I read chapter 6 and everything else you offer for reading,,I’m interested.

  • Darrell Love says:

    I don’t know nothing how this works. I would love to learn! I don’t have the money to buy the StocksToTrade (STT) program. When I learn how everything works and the things to look for, like the diagram you was watching on the web seminar you sent to my email then I will feel comfortable trying to buy stocks. I’m good with numbers and fast at learning patterns and things to look for. I just need a once in a life time opportunity for someone to take their time and allow me to watch them and ask questions etc. I’m living from paycheck to paycheck and if I can work for you and learn from you then I’ll give you half of my earnings until you think everything I owed is payed. Since I’m struggling in life and know what I’m capable of makes me that much more determined to learn this. I just need your help…. Please have hope for me…. God bless

  • Michelle says:

    Would be nice to trade but not to many people have thousands to start. This should have been mentioned in the beginning. Thanks

  • gaizelle alina says:

    how can i earn fast and i love to trades

  • I want to learn more about these stocks

  • I am eager to learn more.

  • Wen says:

    Will I also get Timalerts when I sign up for StockToTrade? Or is Timalerts a separated service to purchase?

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