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Meet Sykes, Bohen, and the STT Crew at Trader & Investor Summit 2019

Written by stockstotrade

Are you ready to take your trading to the next level? We’ve got three and a half words for you: Trader & Investor Summit 2019 . It’s coming up in September in Orlando, and all the cool kids in trading are gonna be there! 

This is the fifth year that this incredible event has taken place, and every year it sells out. So you want to be sure to get your tickets fast … but right now there’s an added bonus: early-bird pricing! For a limited time, you can score tickets at a super discounted rate. 

Here’s everything you need to know… 

The Trader & Investor Summit: The Basics 

The Trader & Investor Summit is the brainchild of day trader and teacher Tim Sykes. He started it in 2015 as a way to bring together a bunch of master traders as teachers/speakers at an educational event designed to help traders advance.

It was a huge success, and it’s been going on every year since. 

As an event, FOR EXAMPLE, it’s sort of like a big Comic-Con (which we’re totally not affiliated with), filled with workshops, lectures, and roundtable-type discussions. The idea is that you can learn strategies from some of the best of the best. 

Traders have come, they’ve seen, and they keep coming back. Every year, it’s sold out, and this year will likely be no different.  

This year, the event will take place from September 20–23, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency hotel, in Orlando, Florida. The typical cost is $997, which is actually a steal compared to some other similar events. But for a limited time, the first 100 ticket buyers can get tickets at a crazy low price: just $297. 

Here are the details for the Trader & Investor Summit: 

Trader & Investor Summit

Dates: September 20–23, 2019

Location: Hyatt Regency Orlando, 9801 International Drive, Orlando, Florida


Tickets: $997… but for a limited time, early bird pricing is available at 70% off … just $297! Get your tickets here

Tim & Tim

Am I Experienced Enough? 

Yes! There’s no requirement or specific experience level needed to attend the Trader & Investor Summit — the only requirement is that you genuinely want to get better at trading.

Actually, for many new traders, attending an event like this can be a great way to kick start their career. 

For example … Last year, STT’s Tim Bohen and his SteadyTrade Podcast used the Summit to find contestants for the SteadyTrade Paper Trading Challenge. Many of the contestants were total trading newbies. But through the competition, they found a path toward successful real-life trading. 

But even experienced traders can gain something from an event like this because there’s always something new to learn. 

The Biggest Benefits

There are plenty of good reasons to come to the Trader & Investor Summit: 

  • Meet Tim Bohen! You know and love him from STT’s webinars … wouldn’t you love to meet that hunka hunka burnin’ trader Tim Bohen? You’ll get your chance at the Trader & Investor Summit. 
  • Meet trading celebs! You’ll also get to interact with some of the top traders out there, like Tim Sykes himself, and some of his top trading students like Tim Grittani and Roland Wolf!
  • Form a network. Trading can be a kind of lonely profession sometimes. The feeling of walking into the Trader & Investor Summit and realizing you’re in a space with 500 people who are just as into trading as you? Priceless. Countless relationships and networks are forged at this event. 
  • Expand your trading knowledge. You can’t ever master the market, but you can keep learning more and more and make better and better decisions. By attending a targeted event like this and dedicating yourself to trading for a full few days, you’ll learn so much … it’s like drinking from a fire hose! 

Early-Bird Special! 

No, we’re not talking about restaurant discounts for the elderly. This early-bird special is really worth seeking out! 

Usually, the price for the Trader & Investor Summit is $997. Considering all that you get for that price, including networking opportunities, trading knowledge, and lessons, it’s actually kind of a steal.

But you can get an even better price if you act quickly.

For a limited time, there’s a special price available for the first 100 ticket buyers: just $297 for entry to the Trader & Investor Summit! Now, in case you’ve forgotten your math, that’s 70% off. But this deal ends on July 29, 2019. 

What are you waiting for? Join some of the country’s best traders at this incredible live event. 

Get your tickets here.

Have you ever attended the Trader & Investor Summit? What was your favorite part about it?