Trade From Anywhere: 10 Vacation Spots to Visit

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Trade from Anywhere: 10 Vacation Spots to Visit This Summer

One of the best aspects of trading is the lifestyle—you can trade from your bed in your pajamas, your kitchen while cooking, or … better yet, from the deck of a yacht somewhere off the Croatian Riviera, or from the balcony of an ancient stone villa overlooking the Adriatic Sea, or even beachside Tahiti—wherever you are, you are home for trading, so why not make it interesting. Make money from one of the most beautiful vacation places in the world, and take the time to reboot and relax as well.

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Here are 10 ideas for your summer trading vacation:


#1 Mauritius

If you have a chance to travel to Mauritius, you will understand why Mark Twain claimed that Mauritius was created first, and then Heaven copied it. As such, it’s no surprise that this dramatic island in the Indian Ocean sees hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, from all over the world.

Imagine working from one of these fantastic beaches, dining on rich cuisine, surrounded by people from all over the world.  

But, we can narrow it down even further for you. The main tourist scene here centers around Grand Baie, which has the largest number of hotels and beaches, and the most vibrant nightlife. The eastern coast is where you want to go if you’re not traveling with kids, while the western coast is more family friendly. But whatever you’re looking for—parties or peace—you’ll find it here.


#2 The French Riviera

Trade from Anywhere: 10 Vacation Spots to Visit This SummerThere is a seemingly endless list of gorgeous places to visit along the French Riviera, from peaceful villages, to chic resorts and swanky paradises. Take your pick.

But, if it’s too overwhelming for you, choose from Cannes, Nice, or Saint Tropez—all beautiful, glamorous, chic, rich and sunny.

Whatever description you use to explain the atmosphere and the beauty of Sen Trope is not enough to summon the power of this village in the south of France. Saint Tropez is a long-time favorite destination for the rich and relaxed. Hang out on the beach, make a few trades and then hit up the shops: Prada, Hermes, Channel …

And while Cannes immediately brings to mind the film festival, it’s always a festival at this destination. It’s ideal for both hanging out on the beach and high-end shopping. There’s nothing like the picturesque backdrop of magnificent yachts and sail boats that line this coastal city.

But, if you seek something quieter and less pretentious, try the Languedoc region, a collection of picturesque villages surrounded by vineyards and quaint boutiques and flanked by long, sandy beaches. If you need a quiet, peaceful reboot—Languedoc is for you.


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#3 Azura Quilalea

Trade from Anywhere: 10 Vacation Spots to Visit This SummerNever heard of it? Well, this is a good summer to familiarize yourself with this Indian Ocean Island in Mozambique’s Quirimbas Archipelago. It’s the island everyone has dreamed of at least once, but could never name or place. This is a paradise hidden from the rest of the world.  

The island is a tropical haven and it’s UBER private. There are only nine villas.  It represents a tropical haven which offers to its guests 9 lovely villas near the Madagascar coast with luxury amenities. Expect Egyptian cotton bedding—of course. Enjoy the open or closed Baobab showers. And also expect French champagne waiting for you. This is nothing short of spectacular, if you’re willing to foot the bill.  

Because it’s not overrun with tourists, you can see tortoises and their eggs right next to the beach from November to April, or even more spectacularly, whales that circle this area from July to November.


#4 Croatia

Trade from Anywhere: 10 Vacation Spots to Visit This SummerCroatia has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in the past few years thanks to “Game of Thrones”. But it’s always been a paradise—and it’s one of the most affordable. Game of Thrones filmed its fourth season on the medieval walls of Dubrovnik, an ancient city on Croatia’s beautiful Adriatic coast. Since then, Dubrovnik, and Croatia has become one of the most sought-after vacation spots on the planet.

Croatia boasts more than just a beautiful coast, too: It’s loaded with the remains of ancient civilizations. Everyone who’s everyone has been there, and many (like Bill Gates) arrive in mega yachts.

If you’re planning a truly beach vacation, while Dubrovnik has a beautiful beach, it’s not huge. Head to the island of Brac instead. There’s plenty of gorgeous beach here and lovely villas on the crystal-clear sea surrounded by ancient walls. This is home to Croatia’s most famous beach, Zlatni Rat—a half-mile long pebble beach that changes shape and position with the wind and sea currents.

The Mediterranean cuisine and fantastic seafood from world-class restaurants, along with lush vineyards, vibrant nightlife and gorgeous beaches is something you really shouldn’t miss.


#5 Otranto Beach, Italy

Trade from Anywhere: 10 Vacation Spots to Visit This SummerOtranto beach is a bay in the center of Italy’s easternmost town. Here, the sand is soft and while, in contrast to Croatia’s pebble beaches, and the water is an amazingly shallow turquoise. It’s a tiny sliver of the Caribbean right on the Adriatic.

It’s the perfect beach, surrounded by fairy-tale scenery and an idyllic countryside.

#6 Eliat, Israel

Trade from Anywhere: 10 Vacation Spots to Visit This SummerThis most popular of seaside resorts in the north of the Red Sea (near the Negev) is home to some of the most dramatic archaeological treasures in the world, and surrounded by colorful Bedouin camps. It’s both peaceful and fascinating—and definitely for the trader who is looking for a dream vacation that isn’t just fluff. Archaeology and culture aside, it’s still luxury hotels, world-class restaurants and posh boutiques (in a duty-free zone). It’s also a paradise for wine connoisseurs.

Oh, yes – and it’s got dolphins, too.

#7 Bali

Trade from Anywhere: 10 Vacation Spots to Visit This SummerThis place is a living postcard, an Indonesian paradise that’s got something for everyone. It’s a bonanza of the most beautiful sea life, and on shore, it’s a lush jungle full of stone shelters and mischievous monkeys. It’s known as the artistic capital of Ubud, and it’s packed with performances and also big on things to invigorate the mind and body. It’s a great place for a reboot.


#8 Greece

Trade from Anywhere: 10 Vacation Spots to Visit This SummerIt would take you a lifetime to see everything that Greece has to offer to its fullest. So, we’ll make it easy for you. We highly recommend the island of Santorini, of volcanic origins. This is the only volcano in the world whose crater is in the sea. It’s also been voted one of the most romantic destinations in the world, so if you’re planning to go with a significant other—this may be your best choice. It’s popular for weddings, so be prepared.

But Santorini is more than just romance and luxury resorts—it’s also full of Minoan architecture, and its beaches are truly unique. Santorini has three beaches of black volcanic sand, and the Red Beach is the most famous. Its cliffs of red lava rise from the sand and the sea, and no one leaves this site feeling indifferent. 

Some of Greece’s best wine comes from here because the volcanic soil is a boom for vineyard fertility.


#9 Coco Prive Kuda Hithi, Maldives

Trade from Anywhere: 10 Vacation Spots to Visit This SummerCoco Prive Kuda Hithi is a private Maldivian island which costs a little over $27,000 a night and comes with just about any luxury you can think up—and about as much privacy as you can wish for short of death.

The island can be reached only by a private seaplane, and in total there can only be 12 guests at a time. No one will take your spot on the beach here.


#10 Superyacht Nirvana

Trade from Anywhere: 10 Vacation Spots to Visit This SummerThis superyacht is the ultimate in relaxation and privacy as it travels the open ocean. It accommodates 39, but 27 of those positions are for the full crew. It includes a 3D theater, a stage and dance floor for your live entertainment and a full gym and spa, among many other amenities. The whole theme is inspired by a tropical island rain forest, so the yacht has its own aquarium and two vivariums.

And if you’re too proud to board this plane like the rest of the people, you can fly on by helicopter (yes, it even has a helipad).


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