StocksToTrade 2.1.5259 Released

By January 18, 2017Announcements

Visit the Changelog for a full list of changes in StocksToTrade.

StocksToTrade welcomes the New Year with a packed release that includes 3 major and unique features, exclusive to our Platform. This release also focuses heavily performance optimization and improvement of the user experience.

Twitter Streams

One of the most important additions in this release is the inclusion of Twitter as a source of data for keeping up to date with the latest social discussions on a given stock. Every Stock tab includes a Twitter data feed which focuses only on tweets mentioning the company being tracked.

The Twitter stock feed provides the ability to quickly evaluate social sentiment about a security while keeping track of all other aspects of the stock, on the same tab.

Stock Twitter Feed

In addition to having the possibility to show Tweets associated with a specific Stock, we’ve also included the capability of creating an arbitrary number of filtered global Twitter streams. These streams allow our customers to get a real-time stream of Tweets filtered, or full unfiltered feed, by matching only specific stock criteria, such as price, volume or percent change.

Filtered Full Twitter Feed

Our addition of the Twitter capabilities offers a significant edge and view of the market in a single location by providing a way to evaluate market social sentiment quickly and efficiently.

Paper Trading and the Trading Module

After many months in the works, we are finally ready to introduce one of the most requested features for StocksToTrade: Paper Trading and the Trading Module. Our Paper Trading platform offers our customers a safe environment to practice trading without ever having to risk a cent of their capital to the market.

By leveraging the real-time data provided with our service, the paper trading simulation offers an experience as close to real trading as possible. The Paper Trading feature offers the necessary tools to quickly create ready-to-use configurable paper trading accounts. You may update these accounts as you see fit as well as benefit from various simulation processing options. These include:

  • Per share and per trade commission simulation
  • Partial execution simulation
  • Pattern Day Trader simulation

The addition of Paper Trading also introduces the Trading Module, which includes various sets of tools to place and track trades.

Initial Setup

Upon running StocksToTrade for the first time after the initial update, users will be prompted to set your initial trade security questions. Once you have set this information, an email will be sent out with the information provided in this form. The initial security questions are used to encrypt trades on our server in order to ensure the privacy of every individual trade performed on our system.

Trading Module Security Questions

Account Manager and Order Tracking

The Account Manager allows for quickly adding and editing the details of paper trading accounts in StocksToTrade.

Paper Trading Account Management

Paper Trading Account Settings

The order tracking provides various views which include:

  • Day’s placed orders
  • Day Trades history
  • Position Summary
  • Open Positions

Paper Trading Activity Orders

Paper Trading Activity Trades

Paper Trading Activity Summary

Paper Trading Activity Open Positions

Sidebar Order Box

The sidebar order box is a versatile tool that allows for quick placement of orders, either on the currently selected tab or on a specific tab in linked mode.

Sidebar Order Box Simple

In addition, the sidebar order box allows either a minimalist mode, which displays only the tool-set for order placement, or an extended view which offers insight on the current position as well as the selected account equity.

Sidebar Order Box Equity

Sidebar Order Box Equity Position

The order box allows placement of MKT, LMT and STP orders. It also introduces one of our proprietary features which allows the system to track the desired price point and automatically set this price as the order price for LMT and STP orders. This allows for quick entry and exit actions without the necessity of fiddling with the numbers.

Sidebar Open Positions

The Open Positions sidebar widget is another practical addition to the Trading Module tool-set which allows tracking all currently open positions on all Paper Trading accounts.

Sidebar Open Positions

Stock Tab Order Widget

Every Stock based tab now includes an Order tab in the Information widget. The Order tab provides the same trading functionality as the Sidebar Order Widget. Orders may be placed from this area in the exclusive context of the currently selected stock.

Total View Stock Order


Oracle introduces a new way of finding potential plays pre-market and throughout the day. With our proprietary predictive algorithm, Oracle establishes a set of suitable support and resistance levels that provide the basis for determining whether a stock can potentially gain momentum and result in a profitable outcome.

Oracle retains a list of the 20 most promising stocks based on the calculations based by our predictive algorithm during pre market. In addition, the support and resistance levels are quickly available as well as the total number of taps on a certain line has been recorded.

Oracle Pre-Market

After Market Open, Oracle the proceeds to establishing a set of potential buy and short triggers based on the price action and volume of the stock.

Oracle Signals

User Interface Optimizations

One of the least evident changes brought up by this version, is the introduction of numerous User Interface optimizations. Our team has worked relentlessly to improve the user experience and reducing the load on the Processor. This is especially true during heavy market activity periods, such as market open or market close.

StocksToTrade now offers a setting to fine-tune the User Interface performance, which will allow to adjust the experience based on the host system specifications. Lower end machines will be able to set a lower UI setting, allowing the application to efficiently display all the visual elements while still processing the vast amount of Real-Time data being received.

Performance Optimization Settings

Many more fixes and improvements

You may read the full changelog to have a glimpse at all the fixes and improvements that we’ve added to this release. These include:

  • Overhauling of the Alert system to centralize all alerts in a single location
  • Industry Standard VWAP study
  • Addition of Parabolic SAR buy signal dots
  • Saving of the default color for drawing tools
  • Added 2, 3, 4, 10 and 20 year chart periods

Make sure to check out the full list of changes.

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  • Alpha says:

    Amazing! By far the best update to date. Kudos to the STT team. It just keeps getting better and better.

  • King Ramza says:

    Awesome. This is the best platform available. I use Etrade, Interactive Brokers, and Td Ameritrade and none of their platforms come close. Best of all this offers more and is a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

  • Smehdi says:

    Good day, a quick question. Any issues wiith this software and using a IPad?

  • kowality8 says:

    So amazing. Thank You Team.

  • Max Bishop says:

    Hi – the new additions are wonderful! When will they have user guide documentation so that I/we can optimize their value? Thx – Max

  • willis grant says:

    How long are you allowed to paper trade for?

  • Joseph says:

    I bought stocks to trade and how do I download the platform

  • Joseph says:

    ok sounds all good. all this is greek when I have no idea, or experience with oracle. by looking at a chart what says what. a novice knows nothing about what you just said without explaining it all in layman’s terms.Tim Bohens classes are good when he talks about stock set ups. When it comes to soft wear needs to slow down. don’t try to squeeze so much in a short period because you aren’t doing anybody any favors, take time. spread it out so we know exactly what you say and where in the heck to click what on stt platform. Tim Sykes U r Awesome…….. Keep up awesome job, even when u jump on students for not listening, study, study, study……….

  • Roger says:

    Love stt platform, keep up the up dates. Always looking for more info.

  • Dwayne M says:

    Stocks To Trade is extremely helpful for a newbie trader, such as me. I’m excited to learn the new functions offered.
    Thank you STR team!

  • Mohammed Attiyeh says:

    i just ordered STT and I’m trying to find Oracle and it doesn’t give me the option for Oracle so please tell me how to access it and also how do you show the float on the upper left column right next to %chg and volume?

  • Victor says:

    Love this platform..cant wait to get the most out of it. Dying to learn more.

  • DIANE says:

    STT is a godsend that seems to get better all the time! Thank you.

  • Ivan B Amor says:

    Will be leaving stt temporarily. Need to save money to trade with.

  • Devin Leibbrandt says:

    Hey thank you very much! I will do more praticing and studying as i am a bit rusty. I really appreciate this!!

  • Scott says:

    Is there a chat room that comes with STT?
    Comparing STT to Warrior Trading? Please give me your sales points

  • Frank amalemba says:

    This is great.

  • Mario Portugal says:

    Hey Tim,
    Love all the great tutorials, But I’m very new, And just signed up with stt, Do you also offer a platform set-up guide for beginers?

  • Angela says:

    Just in my $1 special 2days and I love it already! Can’t wait for broker integration, you may already have it and I haven’t seen the video yet.

  • Katherine Crawford says:

    Thank you to all the people who put in the hard work to make this possible.

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