StocksToTrade 2.1.5564 Released

By March 27, 2017Announcements

Visit the Changelog for a full list of changes in StocksToTrade.

StocksToTrade 2.1.5564 introduces numerous additions, improvements and corrections. As with every release, our development team strives to focus on providing our customers with the most value in terms of features and user experience.

Our primary goal is always to allow traders to focus on efficiency and speed. Read more below about some of the major highlights of this release.

Introducing Multiple Charts and Chart Customization

Our team has been tirelessly working to bring into reality one of the most requested features for StocksToTrade: The ability to open multiple charts. Version 2.1.5564 introduces this capability, which allows traders to open an arbitrary number of period-independent charts into a single stock tab.

Multi Charts Layout

Multiple charts is offered as an alternative to our default single-chart layout and offers a more compact presentation for displaying stock data in a graphical manner, while still retaining the core features of our original charting implementation. This feature can be enabled by simply right clicking on the Chart button on any active stock tab and selecting Compact multi-charts; this will replace the current layout for the selected stock tab with the multi-chart feature.

Enable Multi-Charts

Here are some other improvements we’ve made to our charting system, which can be configured through the Chart settings:

  • Ability to customize the background color, allowing to set a gradient display
  • Ability to change the opacity of the Pre-market and After-hours areas on the chart
  • Ability to disable the Red Halt background whenever a stock is halted
  • Ability to hide the crosshair lines on the cursor

High-Low Ticker Widget

Another feature newly added to this release is the High-Low Ticker widget. This widget allows a quick overview of stocks that are consistently hitting new highs and lows. In addition ir provides a market wide overview of the ratio of Stocks hitting new highs vs new lows in the last 30s, 1m and 5min.

High-Low Ticker Widget

You may simply enable this feature from the sidebar “eye” icon.

StocksToTrade Pro Embedded Chat

Our Exclusive StocksToTrade Pro subscribers will notice the release of the Embedded Chat system in StocksToTrade. Our Chat feature provides the ability to discuss all stocks in real time without the need of changing applications.

This fully embedded chat provides a quick overview of stock price and %/Net change within the chat area as well as a list of the most discussed stocks in the room.

StocksToTrade Pro Embedded Chat

StocksToTrade is the first platform to ever build-in chat as part of the trading experience within the trading environment. We want ensure our most valued subscribers greatly benefit of easy access to a fast paced trading community with the most advanced trading software capabilities.

Find our more about STT Pro

Many more fixes and improvements

You may read the full changelog to have a glimpse at all the fixes and improvements that we’ve added to this release. These include:

  • Hide sidebar toggle
  • After hour %Chg and Net Change fields and screener criteria
  • Heikin Ashi Candles
  • VWAP as a screener criteria
  • Liquidity in Screener comparative criteria
  • Much more!

Make sure to check out the full list of changes.

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Join the discussion 4 Comments

  • alan says:

    damn loved it already. this is bad to the bone now. keep up the great work!

  • Jonathan says:

    amazing new features!!! but it would be amazing if we could see different charts of different tickers all in one screen

  • Bablofil says:

    Thanks, great article.

  • PoLo_MeX says:

    Nice update, but with all these new features the program is so slow and have some issues (bugs).

    For example, when I try to move/drag or extend a line that I previous draw with the tools, I can´t. The line turns red for a second (selected) but then I can´t drag or do anything to it, even delete it because it get “un-selected”, I hope you understand what I try to say here. So I have to go to tools and select “erase all markers” and draw it again. That is annoying.

    Another thing is that now, I can only see the markers in the time frame that I draw them. If I draw an horizontal line and I was on a 2 days/1min time frame, when I move it to a 5 days/2min time frame, the line/marker doesn´t appear… until I go back to the 2 days/1min time frame.

    The last bug that I found is that sometimes the cross lines from the pointer (mouse) do not disappear when I drag the mouse outside the chart, and it remains inside the chart. I have to go again inside the chart and “slowly” move the mouse outside the chart so the cross lines disappear at the border of the chart.

    Hope you guys can fix them, thanks!


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