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Tune In, Learn and Trade With STT’s Steady Trade Podcast

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Steady Trade Podcast

If you are happy making somewhere between 2% and 5% a year on your investments, do not listen to the STT’s Steady Trade Podcast.

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You also won’t want to listen if …

  • you’re happy working for someone else;
  • you’re already comfortably cashed-up for life;
  • or a twangy Michigan accent and an upstart British accent send you into convulsions (sorry, no subtitles!).

But, if you think you’d like to start earning more money trading, or if the idea of dipping your toes into the trading waters for the first time sounds exciting, then this podcast is definitely the best place to start!

But wait! There’s more! We’re giving away a TV, a laptop, and a bunch of other free stuffjust for listening. But we’re not going to tell you here what the other free stuff is.

You’ll meet STT’s lead trainer, ‘salty’ veteran trader Tim Bohen—the everyman trader who believes in raking in consistent earnings every day and who managed to retire at 40 doing exactly what he loves. You’ll also meet rookie trader Stephen Johnson and learn what he has learned along the way.

We share experience and teach you how to get started out as a day trader—no experience required.

We expose the myths and misconceptions about day trading and we have a lot of fun along the way. Whoever says education can’t be fun and entertaining hasn’t tried it with STT’s Tim and Stephen. Even if you find the dueling accents … uh, interesting … the chemistry is alluring and you’ll come out of it a lot more confident and knowledgeable than when you went in. You might even leave with a new laptop. Who knows?

Over the course of the podcast series, we’ll teach you the six most important things you need to know about trading. You can listen to the first episode of STT’s Steady Trade podcast three ways (but please continue to read on, because we’ve got a lot more interesting things to share with you here as well).

Where the Overwhelming Becomes Easy with STT

One of the key things we’ll teach you in this series of STT Steady Trade podcasts is how to find the right stocks to trade. This is usually the non-starter for most people who would like to start making their money work for them, but haven’t a clue where to start.

We narrow it down for you from 16,000 to something you can manage. And, you’ll also get a free sample of how Tim coaches traders live on STT Pro.

You’ll learn how to build your own trading plan, because, as Tim will tell you: “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.”

And, speaking of failure—which everyone has to deal with at some point—listeners will also get to hear all about Stephen’s learning curve and his many failures on the path to success.

The rough roadmap from Season One of the STT Steady Trade Podcast looks like this, and we hope you’re up to the journey:

  1. What is the difference between day trading and investing, why trade?
  2. Why trade low priced stocks, versus high priced or other instruments, what is the potential?  What is the time commitment?
  3. How to find the best stocks to trade each day, 16000 stocks traded, how to get to a manageable number.
  4. News, earnings, contracts, what fundamentals move stocks, and which ones present opportunities.
  5. How to build a trade plan, and the importance of trade plan, and how to actually enter a trade.
  6. Execution, execution, execution, stop losses, taking gains, where you exit a trade for a gain or loss can be the most important part. And what can we learn from The Wolf of Wall Street?  What is the difference between day trading and Wall Street?

In a nutshell, the goal of Season One, which will include 6 episodes, is to give you the basic foundation to get started as a day trader—and it’s all free.

It’s a first in the day trading realm.

“The Steady Trade podcast is a fun but educational view on trading on finance, brought to you by a seasoned veteran as well as a trader beginning his journey to profitability,” says Tim Bohen.

“What I like about Steady Trade is it allows us to take a fun, but longer-term approach to learning trading. Trading education can often be very boring and dry and, while you have to put in the work, why not have a little fun too.”

Tim is a family man and he’s all about fun. He’s also the ‘everyman.’ He is consistent, patience and fully committed to trading as well as to life in general. He believes in making money every day and avoiding the weakness of greed. You’ll learn his strategy of hard work, dedication and consistency to put you on a path to daily earnings that will compound over time. This isn’t about getting rich quick; nor is it about making huge gains and then losing them. It’s about staying on a path and making your money grow in a rational and smart way.

“The great thing about a podcast,” says Tim, “is that you can learn and improve while doing other things, like helping out in your community, working out, cleaning, hanging out you’re your family, etc. With Steady Trade, we hope to inform and educate you, while letting you multitask.”

“I don’t know if something like SteadyTrade has ever been done. Sure, there are plenty of podcasts with long time traders giving their expertise, but by bringing Stephen in, you also can to get his viewpoint and questions as a new trader.”

90% of the media Tim’s consumes is podcast-related and they’re usually about improving yourself in some way. That’s exactly what we want to help you do with Steady Trade, but we also want you to have fun.

As Tim notes: “In several episodes of Steady Trade you will hear Stephen and I argue about discipline and especially trade plans. Let’s face it, most young guys don’t want to plan or stick to a routine. But, after getting preached at by me for all of the Season One Steady Trade series, Stephen has had his most consistent month to date.”

Tune in and learn from Stephens mistakes and growth.

Ways to listen to the new Steady Trade podcast.