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Sep. 26, 202315 min read

Is Questrade Good for Day Trading?

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Written by Tim Bohen

Is Questrade good for day trading? One of Canada’s top brokers, the company connects traders with the market. It offers various assets such as … 

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • IPOs
  • Options

Many day traders seek the right tools and platforms to succeed in a market that changes at lightning speed. Let’s dive into this question and assess how it fits the unique demands of day trading.

Questrade often appears on the radar of both novice and experienced traders.

But is it the right fit for your trading strategy and goals? This article will dissect everything from fees and platforms, to access to markets and regulations. And it will provide insights into Questrade as a day trading choice.

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What Is Day Trading?

Day trading involves the buying and selling of stocks, options, or CFDs within a single trading day. It’s a strategy where small gains can add up but requires precision, quick decisions, and the right tools.

You need a trading platform that offers … 

  • Real-time data
  • Fast execution of orders
  • Research tools to analyze market trends
  • Watchlist capabilities
  • Broker integration

Questrade’s offerings include a robust trading platform, timely market data, and essential research tools. That makes it a contender for day traders.

When it comes to trading platforms, StocksToTrade is always first on my list. It’s a powerful trading platform that integrates with most major brokers. I helped to design it, which means it has all the trading indicators, news sources, and stock screening capabilities that traders like me look for in a platform.

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But your platform has to align with your strategy … 

Who Is Questrade For?

Questrade is a versatile platform catering to a wide range of investors and traders. From those investing in mutual funds and ETFs to active traders involved in forex and options, it has something for everyone.

Day traders can benefit from Questrade’s direct market access, low commissions, and streaming market data packages. Whether you’re a beginner needing education and insights or an experienced intraday trader, Questrade’s platform can be tailored to your needs.

Questrade caters to various types of traders, including those interested in day trading. Selecting the right platform for trading is crucial for success.

For traders looking for a versatile option, Trading 212 might be a suitable choice. It offers a range of tools tailored to the needs of day traders. If you’re considering Trading 212 as a platform for day trading, you can learn more about its features and benefits in this comprehensive guide on Trading 212 for day trading.

Can You Day Trade with Questrade?

Absolutely, you can day trade with Questrade. The platform provides access to a variety of markets, including equities, forex, and options trading.

Questrade offers platforms like Questrade Trading and IQ Edge, allowing traders to execute trades quickly and efficiently. The feature-rich interfaces, coupled with real-time data and analysis tools, make Questrade a suitable option for day trading.

But remember, day trading is a dynamic field that requires constant vigilance and the right resources. One of the essential aspects of successful day trading is having access to real-time information and community insights.

Platforms like Reddit can be valuable for gathering opinions and trends from fellow traders. If you’re interested in exploring how Reddit can be utilized for penny stock research, you might find this guide on using Reddit for penny stocks helpful. It provides insights into how traders are leveraging social platforms to enhance their trading strategies.

Is Questrade Good for Day Trading?

To answer the question, “Is Questrade good for day trading?” we must examine the … 

  • Features
  • Fees
  • Tools
  • Customer service

With competitive trading commissions, state-of-the-art tools, and comprehensive customer support, Questrade indeed shows promise for day traders.

However, some users have noted concerns about mobile app performance and inactivity fees, which may affect certain trading strategies.

How to Start Day Trading with Questrade

Starting day trading with Questrade is a straightforward process. Open an account, choose your preferred trading platform, deposit funds, and you’re ready to trade stocks, options, or forex.

Keep an eye on costs like trading fees, and utilize Questrade’s research tools to make informed decisions.

From beginner to experienced trader, Questrade offers a foundation to build upon with its diverse range of products and services.

Questrade Pros and Cons for Day Traders


  • Low Commissions: Questrade offers competitive commissions on trades, providing an advantage for day traders.
  • Diverse Platforms: Whether it’s Questrade Trading or IQ Edge, there are tools for all levels of traders.
  • Access to Different Markets: From stocks to forex, Questrade connects traders to global markets.


  • Mobile App Concerns: Some reviews note issues with the mobile app, affecting on-the-go trading.
  • Inactivity Fees: Inactive accounts can incur charges, affecting those not trading frequently.

While Questrade offers many advantages for day traders, it’s essential to explore other platforms to find the best fit for your trading style.

Interactive Brokers is known for its advanced trading tools and access to global markets, making it a strong contender for day traders. If you’re interested in exploring an alternative to Questrade, you may want to read this detailed review of Interactive Brokers for day trading. It offers insights into the platform’s features, fees, and how it compares to other trading platforms.

Questrade Day Trading Rules

Questrade is well-known for its transparent trading rules, and day traders must be aware of these to maneuver the markets adeptly.

With day trading, it’s not just about insights and strategy, it’s about adherence to the rules of the platform. Questrade’s day trading rules encompass aspects such as minimum account balance, margin requirements, and restrictions on certain transactions.

The trading platform ensures that customer service and user education are readily available to guide day traders in following the regulations. 

By using tools like Questwealth portfolios, traders can manage their positions within the bounds set by Questrade.

Trading fees, margin accounts, and inactivity fees are examples of the areas governed by Questrade’s rules, which, combined with the platform’s comprehensive research tools, provide an environment for controlled and informed trading.

Can You Day Trade in a TFSA with Questrade?

Yes, you can day trade in a TFSA with Questrade, but restrictions and tax implications might apply

It’s essential to consult with a tax expert or review Canadian tax laws to understand the benefits and limitations.

What is Questrade’s Daily Limit?

Questrade sets a daily limit for trading based on various factors, including the account type, margin, and market conditions.

Ensure you’re aware of these limits and how they may impact your day trading strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Trust Questrade?

Yes, Questrade is a trusted brokerage firm regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). (Canadians use this broker).

With robust security features and $10 million in insurance coverage, clients can trade with confidence.

People with all different account types can find opportunities and security with Questrade.

Does Questrade allow short selling?

Questrade does allow short selling, providing traders with opportunities to profit from price declines in stocks or other assets.

The difference in trade category is one of the things we like about the platform.

Is Questrade Commission Free?

While some ETF purchases may be commission-free, Questrade typically charges commissions on trades.

Details of the commission structure are available on their website.

Companies need to profit somehow. Luckily, in this case, there’s a clear fee structure to follow.

How much money do you need to trade in Questrade?

You can start trading with Questrade with a minimum deposit of $1,000 CAD. This amount allows access to various markets and trading options.

You’ll find first-time traders and experts who use this platform. Your starting account size doesn’t matter that much.

Is it Easy to Withdraw Money from Questrade?

Yes, withdrawing money from Questrade is a simple process.

Clients have the ability to transfer funds to their bank accounts, and someone from customer service is available to assist with transactions or for any other reasons.

What Types of Shares, Bonds, Metals, and Currencies Can I Trade on Questrade, and Do They Offer RRSP and RESP Accounts?

Questrade offers a variety of trading instruments, including shares, bonds, precious metals like gold and silver, and various currencies.

You can also open RRSP and RESP accounts to align with your retirement and education savings goals.

How Can the Questrade Desktop Platform, Charts, and Volume Analysis Enhance My Trading Experience?

Questrade’s desktop platform provides advanced charting tools, real-time volume analysis, and an array of trading stock options.

No one can tell the future. But we use these key tools to plan trade setups.

These features empower traders to analyze trends, make informed decisions, and execute trades efficiently.

What Is Questrade’s Trader Pricing Structure, and How Does It Handle USD Deposits, Discounts, and Dividends?

Questrade offers competitive trader pricing for both casual and active traders. The platform supports USD deposits and offers discounts on various services.

Dividends from shares are automatically deposited into your account, and flexible conversion options are available.

Can Beginners Find Courses, Expert Ideas, and Ways to Limit Losses on Questrade?

Yes, Questrade makes a point of offering a range of courses tailored for beginners and more experienced traders.

The platform also provides expert insights, ideas, and tools to manage and limit losses effectively.

How Does Questrade Engage with Residents, Offer YouTube Content, and Handle Transfer Fees and Savings Accounts?

Questrade is committed to engaging with its residents and citizens through various channels, including YouTube, where they share updates and tutorials.

The platform offers savings accounts with competitive interest rates and has transparent policies regarding transfer fees.

What IPOs, Exchanges Like NYSE and Nasdaq, and Opportunities Are Available for Trading on Questrade?

Questrade provides access to major exchanges like NYSE and Nasdaq, allowing you to participate in IPOs and trade a wide range of securities.

With continuous market analysis, the platform also highlights new trading opportunities.

How Does Questrade Compare with Competitors Like TD Ameritrade and Robinhood, and What Partnerships and Careers Are Available?

Questrade stands out with its competitive pricing and extensive offerings, setting it apart from competitors like TD Ameritrade and Robinhood.

The company has formed various strategic partnerships and offers exciting career opportunities in different roles.

How Does Questrade’s Team, Members, and Community of Customers Collaborate and Share Ideas Online?

Questrade has an engaged team and member community that actively shares ideas and insights online.

Customers can join forums, follow expert advice, and explore opportunities through Questrade’s platform.

What Is the Maximum Trade Value Allowed on Questrade, and How Can I Utilize Different Order Types for Stock Trades?

Questrade allows various trade values, with maximum limits depending on the type of account and security. The platform offers different order types like limit and market orders to customize stock trades, ensuring that users can tailor their trading strategy.

What Desktop Software and Tools Does Questrade Offer for Contracts, FX Trading, and Currency Analysis?

Questrade’s desktop software provides comprehensive tools for trading contracts, foreign exchange (FX), and analyzing currency pairs.

Users can access real-time quotes, customizable charts, and other advanced features to enhance their trading experience.

How Can I Stay Updated with the Latest News, Market Background, and World Events Affecting My Trades on Questrade?

Questrade offers a dedicated news section and market insights, providing background on world events that may impact trading.

Users can subscribe to alerts, and newsletters, and follow expert opinions to stay informed about relevant market trends.

What Opportunities Are Available for Cash Management, Banks Interactions, Taxes, Rebates, and GICs on Questrade?

Questrade offers various opportunities for cash management including … 

  • Interactions with partner banks
  • Tax-efficient strategies
  • Rebates on certain fees
  • Investment in Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

These features help users maximize returns and manage finances effectively.

How Does Questrade Use Social Insurance Numbers and What Security Measures Are in Place to Protect Personal Information?

Questrade requires Social Insurance Numbers for identity verification and tax-related purposes. 

The platform employs robust security measures, including encryption and multi-factor authentication, to protect personal information.

How Can I Customize My Portfolio, Use Alternatives, and Manage Stock Lots and Positions on Questrade?

Questrade offers a flexible portfolio manager where you can manage stock lots, track positions, and explore alternatives to diversify your knowledge.

With expert guidance and user-friendly interfaces, customizing and monitoring your portfolio becomes accessible and efficient.

Where Can I Find Questrade’s Logo, Description, and Expert Opinions to Understand the Platform Better?

Questrade’s official logo and a detailed description of its services can be found on its website. 

Additionally, expert opinions, reviews, and guides are available to provide in-depth insights into the platform’s features and benefits.

What Amounts Can Be Invested, and How Can I Explore Different Investment Categories, Opportunities, and Expected Returns on Questrade?

Questrade allows investments in various amounts across different categories, including stocks, bonds, and more.

The platform provides detailed analysis and tools to explore opportunities and estimate potential returns based on your risk tolerance and investment goals.