Oct. 3, 20182 min read

The Psychology of a Great Trader {INFOGRAPHIC}

Written by stockstotrade

The Psychology of a Great Trader 

The psychology of a great trader is nearly as important as the research required for planning great trades. For any trader, it can be difficult to control the emotions that occur during the market hours. That is why it’s vital to control your psyche and learn to use it to your advantage. We have 10 simple tricks for learning to use psychology for making great trades. 

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The Psychology of a Great Trader {INFOGRAPHIC}

From simple steps such as keeping a trading journal (very important) to mental discipline, these can help you keep your psyche in check. Great traders know that the path to successful trades involves a balance of many things: knowledge, discipline, research, and psychology. Follow these steps to start your journey toward profitable trades. Yes- it can be difficult to avoid impulses of greed in the markets… yes, it can be difficult to avoid second-guessing yourself… but with practice, you’ll learn to stay in tune to your feelings as well as logic and use it to your advantage. 

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