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Pre Market Livestream 2-1-2017 $DRYS, $HMNY, $JAGX, $RIGL

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DRYS, pretty much sucked all the air out of the room. Live trading of a pretty mediocre idea on HMNY, in summary I thought DRYS had given it up so...

Market Close Livestream 1-31-2017 $CALA, $DRYS, $JAGX, $RGSE, $RIGL, $SGYP

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Lots of discussion of gappers and DRYS. RIGL, CALA looking good, SGYP offering, kind of a surpise, but keep in mind the risk of holding overnight. Hence the reason I...

Pre Market Livestream 1-31-2017 $CALA, $DRYS, $ESES, $RGSE, $RIGL

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Good live trading of RGSE and discussion of DRYS, had way higher hopes for shippers, they really fissled out. watching RGSE for later with VWAP. http://benzingafintechawards.com/vote-2017/stockstotrade/   1/31/2017 8:01 AM...

Strategy Session 1-30-2017 FOMO discussion, new strategy testing discussion, $DRYS recap, VWAP breakdown.

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Lots of good stuff!! Great questions guys, DRYS was a "black swan" so it took over the agenda, but I like being flexible and focusing on the hot topic of...