Finally, trading software with a pre-programmed winning strategy

Today’s successful trader needs their pulse on the market.

The most profitable untapped trading system on the market

Pre-Programmed Profitable Strategy
Clear & Dynamic Charts
Real-Time Relevant News

"Thank you @timothysykes for creating StocksToTrade. Caught
the $XXII news the second it came out, prepared orders immediately."

- Blake Alexander



Built In Strategy

What sets StocksToTrade apart from any other platform and piece of trading software is a built in strategy. It isn’t some random algorithm that isn’t time tested. The strategy is based on Tim Sykes winning strategy; a strategy that has won 73% of the time over 14 years. Simply turn on the software find potential trades.







Volatility Creates Opportunity

Most traders lose money. Those who are lucky enough to not lose, usually break even. Then what separates the winners vs losers? The answer: The ability to identify real-time movements in stocks and make proper trade decisions. Stock movement or volatility can be very risky; however, if you can spot the volatility real-time and understand the catalyst behind the move, then your odds of making a successful trade increase. StocksToTrade can alert you real-time when a stock starts moving. This is your opportunity to finally catch movement and momentum AS it’s happening, and not after! (some case, even before)







Catalysts + Knowledge = Success

Understanding what makes a stock move up or down is key to your success. Stock movement or volatility happens for many different reasons. A company may have reported earnings or announced a new acquisition, which can then make a stock move. However, if you don’t understand what is causing the movement, it will be nearly impossible to predict the future movement of the stock. StocksToTrade provides real-time relevant information to identify exactly what is making the stock move. Then by using our pre-programmed 52 indicators and scans, you can be prepared to make successful trade decisions.







Dynamic Charts, Clean Level 2 Quotes, Easy Time and Sales, and Precise Indicators

StocksToTrade software is truly for any level of trader. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trader, it offers something for everyone. It uses the cleanest charting tools available on the market. Also, the level 2 quotes and time and sales are very easy to read, understand, and act upon! For those traders who use indicators such as RSI, MACD, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, etc, don’t worry, we have you covered. StocksToTrade has pretty much any indicator pre-programmed you can think of.




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