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Nov. 22, 20223 min read

Low float dip and rips are back, baby!

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Written by Tim Bohen

Yesterday’s low float runner shouldn’t have been a surprise to any of you… 

I wrote about it here last Thursday after the company did a reverse stock split. 

The news of a reverse stock split didn’t make it a trade… 

But I said to watch it for news or price action that can indicate a trade. 

Then on Monday, I shared five recent examples of how focusing on stocks with news can create the best opportunities in this market. 

So how did all that come together to create one of the best low float gainers we’ve seen in a while? 

Read on to find out how you could’ve put the plan together easily with StocksToTrade’s tools

The Low Float Pattern We’ve Been Missing…

As I said, you got the hint about Palisade Bio, Inc. (NASDAQ: PALI) last week when I covered reverse stock splits. The stock should’ve been on your radar for potential news…

Then yesterday we got an 8:30 a.m. EST press release. The company announced that the  FDA granted its drug fast-track designation

Of course, StocksToTrade’s Breaking News Chat alerted the news… 

And the stock soared 141% from the time of the alert! 

But you don’t just buy random stocks with news … You need a pattern and a plan

That’s where Oracle comes in… 

The algorithm spotted PALI as one of the top 20 stocks with the potential to explode. And it gave a signal price of $3.16 as an entry. 

Oracle loves dip and rips. 

Personally, I would’ve waited until the $3.25 premarket high to break. Because I didn’t love PALI’s volume in premarket. So I was a little hesitant about it. 

But volume came in after the open… 

And we got the first low float dip and rip we’ve seen in a while!  

A half-hour after the market opened, PALI had almost 20X float rotation. 

So we had a stock with a catalyst, high volume, and float rotation — all things I’ve told traders to focus on in this market. 

Then it followed one of our repeating patterns

This is how you grow your account

By putting it all together and using the right tools… 

Oracle comes as a standard tool on StocksToTrade — you get it when you try the platform here

Or get the platform, Oracle, and the Breaking News Chat for only $17!

Have a great day everyone. See you back here tomorrow.

Tim Bohen

Lead Trainer, StocksToTrade

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