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Oct. 20, 20218 min read

Hot Markets + Cold, Hard Truth: Trading Lessons From Mariana of Breakouts & Breakdowns

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Mariana’s Momentous Trading Career: Key Takeaways

  • Old-soul trading wisdom from a 20-year-old millionaire trader*…
  • The best way to adapt when a hot market cools down…
  • Why traders MUST adopt a beginner’s mindset…

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Mariana may have become a millionaire* at the age of 20, but she’s still got a lot to learn. 

The beautiful thing? She knows that.

Mariana doesn’t think she knows everything. She doesn’t think she’s ‘made it.’ 

She keeps getting 1% better every day. 

Keep reading to learn some of the most important things Mariana’s learned on her journey to over $1.4 million in trading profits*…

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Mariana’s Millionaire Lesson #1: Take Trading Seriously

Like many traders in the StocksToTrade universe, Mariana started out studying with penny stock trader Tim Sykes. But it was a slow start.

Even though she signed up for Sykes’ Trading Challenge, she didn’t do much for an entire year. She didn’t recognize the potential.

But once she did get serious about trading in 2019, her trajectory was incredible.* 

She studied hard, and by the time the hot market hit in late 2020 and early 2021, she was prepared.

Earlier this year, she crossed the million-dollar profit mark.*

But in retrospect, she wonders what she could have achieved if she’d taken it seriously sooner…

The sooner traders start, the sooner they’ll start to understand the stock market and trading strategies. There will always be another hot market at some point — study now to be prepared for the next one! 

Mariana’s Millionaire Lesson #2: Be Patient

A few months into her trading career, Mariana got discouraged.

She saw all of these traders around her who were successful, and she wanted to be like them. 

The problem? She was comparing herself to traders who’d been at it for years. She’d only been trading for three or four months.

In retrospect, she realizes she wasn’t being fair to herself. She should have had a bigger picture view. 

Trading isn’t your typical day job. But it’s still like any other profession in that amazing things won’t happen overnight. 

It’s hard, but patience pays off in the stock market.  

The work you put in today will help become a better trader over time.

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Mariana’s Millionaire Lesson #3: Be Prepared

I constantly talk about the importance of showing up every day and being prepared.

Mariana gets it.

Having traded through both super-hot and slow market conditions, Mariana now understands how crucial it is to be prepared. 

A hot market is the greatest thing in the world. Sometimes traders with bad habits can even profit during hot markets. It makes them think their bad habits are OK. 

But as soon as the market slows down, those bad habits are revealed for what they are. Usually, that’s when they start losing. 

Don’t be lazy in your trading. Always do your due diligence. Check all the boxes on every potential trade and be prepared. 

Mariana’s Millionaire Lesson #4: Nothing Lasts Forever

Most traders would love to see hot markets last forever. But that’s not the way it works.

The market will eventually shift. Suddenly, your go-to patterns might not work anymore.

When Mariana’s favorite patterns — like panic dip buys, first green days, and breakouts — got a lot choppier in the summer of 2021, she knew she had to shift gears.

As she puts it, “Crazy adaptation has been necessary.” 

Forcing her patterns wasn’t working. So instead, she learned to adapt. For instance, even though she prefers going long, she’s done more short-selling lately because that’s where she sees opportunities. 

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Mariana’s Millionaire Lesson #5: React, Don’t Anticipate

Mariana says, “What I’ve noticed this summer is that you can’t force the heat.”

Mariana learned the hard way that trying to force her favorite patterns on an uncooperative market was NOT a smart strategy. 

At times, she admits she took bigger trades than she should have because she thought the market might heat back up. 

Anticipating usually leads to losses. Don’t try to predict the market!

This is one of the most important principles of trading: React, don’t anticipate. Mariana has learned it the hard way, but it’s a lesson she takes to heart now.

Never Stop Learning

Mariana’s dedication to continued growth and self-improvement should inspire EVERY trader. 

Let’s recap some of her top lessons:

  • If you want to be a trader, don’t wait. The best time to get started is NOW — the sooner the better! 
  • Patience is key. There are no guarantees in trading. Great things probably won’t happen right away. 
  • Have a long-term view. By studying and learning today, you’re preparing yourself for the next hot market.
  • Don’t try to guess what’s going to happen in the market or with any stock. It usually ends badly. Use trading tools, charts, and screeners so that you can react, not anticipate. 

How do Mariana’s mindset and lessons inspire you? Drop a comment below!


*Results are not typical and will vary from person to person. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work. Always do your due diligence and never trade with money you can’t afford to lose.