Sep. 5, 20162 min read

Example of small but constant improvement at STT.

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Written by Tim Bohen

The other day I mentioned our recent big changes and upgrades, (Which are all FREE to existing STT customers) but today I wanted to go over a small but VERY useful change that will be in the next weekly build of StocksToTrade. 

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One of the greatest things about our development team is their agility, every day I assault them with tons of ideas and they are constantly and rapidly building them into our platform. Just last week I was thinking to myself, “In momentum stocks it would be great to have a streaming window with all of the stocks getting halted or coming onto the  SSR (Short Sale Restriction)”. And sure enough a couple days later they had a beta version for me to try out.

While this small modification is far from a silver bullet to trading profits it is a very useful feature. If you have a position in a rapidly moving stock or are thinking about taking one it is very important to know whether it has halted during the day or is under the SSR. 

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This real time streaming window will hold a constant spot of real estate on my trading desktop.

In addition we have built Halts and SSR into the events tab in the totalview window. So even if you don’t have the streamer open you will see in the TotalView screen whether or not your stock is currently under SSR or has halted. 


If you are considering subscribing to StocksToTrade I want you to know that we are dedicated to constant and diligent improvement, innovation is a core part of our company philosophy. If you are a current or potential subscriber to STT and you have any ideas on how we can improve, please comment on this post or email me directly at