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StocksToTrade’s NEW No-Cost Midday Resource: Bohen’s Daily Market Briefing!

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Written by Tim Bohen

A lot of traders get so focused on tickers that they lose sight of the market at large. That’s where my new, no-cost Daily Market Briefing feature comes into play. 

We might just be in the greatest stock market ever. I want to help you find ways to take advantage of the incredible trading opportunities out there.

My new Daily Market Briefing is a no-cost resource on Instagram at noon Eastern. I’m adding it to my daily schedule to help you understand what’s moving the market from a macro point of view.

Don’t worry — it’s not taking the place of any of my other regularly scheduled online events. I’ll still be going live on Instagram every morning at 8:30 a.m. Eastern

For SteadyTrade Team members, I’ll still be doing my regularly scheduled premarket and market-close live webinars. 

Take advantage of this opportunity! It’s like a preview of what you can expect with SteadyTrade Team membership … at no cost. All you need is an Instagram account!

daily market briefingGet Your Daily Market Briefing Deets Here

Every weekday at noon, I’ll go live with on the StocksToTrade Instagram account. And it’ll stream on Facebook and YouTube, too. Don’t worry if you miss it — you can check it out later on the Instagram feed or the StocksToTrade Youtube channel.

This is different from my other content.

Typically, my 8:30 a.m. livestreams and morning webinars are based on tickers. I focus on the most volatile stocks of the day, creating watchlists, and potential entry and exit points. My afternoon webinars are also ticker-specific and tend to be more strategy-based. 

In those sessions, I get up close and personal with specific potential trades. So I’m using these midday briefings to back things up — it’s more about the 10,000-foot view.

In short: we’re zooming in in the morning, then zooming way out at noon.

Daily Market Briefing: What to Expect 

Curious about what’s gonna happen during a typical daily market briefing session? Let’s take a look at the inaugural episode. Check it out here:

Market and Economic Updates

During my first briefing, I started by rounding up what’s going on in the market using a variety of resources like Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and more.  

On that day, U.S. stocks were climbing as earnings season kicked off. 

The S&P was hitting highs, actually approaching its pre-pandemic levels. The high/low ticker feature on StocksToTrade showed tons of stocks were hitting the high of the day or even 52-week highs. 

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), for instance, hit close to $1,800. It actually hit 52-week highs 1,238 times that day. If that’s not the definition of bullish, I don’t know what is.

Plenty of other stocks like Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Slack (NYSE: WORK), and Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) were also up…

Even though the pandemic is still very serious, it was uplifting to see that American ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit remain strong. 

In the briefing, I explain why I believe we’re innovators and why I think we’ll grind back to all-time highs.

Get Your Daily Market Briefing Trends and Potential Hot Sectors 

What’s moving in the market now … and what could move in the near future? 

I talk about trends like electric vehicles and why even penny stock traders should watch Tesla for cues about the sector.

Another thing I talk about is SPACs. That’s short for Special Purpose Acquisition Company, or as it’s known in some circles, a blank-check corporation. 

Because of the pandemic, a lot of companies are scared to do IPOs. They’re taking the blank-check route to go public without an IPO. We’ve seen some huge runners, so it’s well worth being familiar with things like this. Personally, I wouldn’t trade them on day one — just like I wouldn’t trade an IPO until it gains some history. Here’s how I feel about trading IPOs, for the record.

Resources and Links

I also plan on sharing links and resources I use in my own stock research during my briefings. 

Here are some that I shared during the first episode… I found this through a SteadyTrade Team member. It clues you in on upcoming SPACs, potentially giving you an edge. Earnings Whispers is an awesome Twitter account that distills earnings announcements down to the most volatile stocks. It’s really great — I live by this feed during earnings season! 

I don’t have any affiliation with either of these resources. I’m just sharing some of the places I go to help build the case for trades.

Daily Market Briefing: Don’t Miss It!

For new and established traders, my Daily Market Briefing is a great way to get a broad view of some of the bigger-picture things that can affect the stock market at large. It’s important to consider this broader view — it can affect specific tickers you’re watching.  

Don’t forget, I’ll still be offering my regular roster of online events:

See you every day at noon Eastern for the Daily Market Briefing!  

I’m totally open to hearing your thoughts … what do you think? Leave a comment and help me make the Daily Market Briefing even better!