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By September 22, 2016Announcements

I’ve come up with a GREAT way to increase your trading education! And all for free! Recently at the Trader and Investor Summit in Orlando I was a speaker representing StocksToTrade and also was the event host and moderator for a lot of the discussions. The Trader and Investor Summit was an awesome event, both educational and fun. During one of the more lighthearted moments Tim Sykes and I had some issues connecting to the hotel wifi so we traded laptops. After answering a question from the crowd about the “Best Trading Books” Tim decided to order some of them on MY Amazon account, check out the funny video below:

So once I got home from Orlando I was greeted with a box of nice new books, that I have ALREADY read. I figure the best use of them is to stick to the plan from the video. I think it would be a great way to reward STT users or people willing to check out StocksToTrade. These are truly some of the best and my favorite books out there.


So what do you need to do to get these books shipped to you for FREE? If you are already a StocksToTrade user post a comment below before October 1st, 2016 on why we should send you this batch of books. It could be anything, maybe you were one of our first users. Or have posted a testimonial to Twitter or Instagram. Or you could even be one of our newest users, just post a comment about StocksToTrade! If you are NOT already an STT user, simply sign up for a $1 trial at and post a comment about StocksToTrade. 

Download a PDF version of this post.


Being a successful trader is a constant and never ending process. You have to have a growth mindset, if you do not, any success you gain trading will be short. If you have the best tools like StocksToTrade and you are focused on learning and getting better, these books will make you a better and smarter trader. Sure only one commenter will win, but you have the chance to check out the most innovative stock research and trading platform for only $1 and have the chance to win roughly $5o in educational books!

I am looking forward to your comments and sending you these books. Post a comment before October 1st 2016 and I will email the best one for shipping info. Thanks!

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  • Fabian Baez says:

    I’m a new trader and StocksToTrade user since this past Feb. Phenomenal platform that I use each day, even if I’m not trading. It offers so much and I’m excited for the constant updates. Great team, too.

    I’d love those books so I can further my education as I plan on being a profitable trader. Thank you.

    • KC says:

      As a new student and future millionaire student I’m constantly trying to get all the knowledge and tools to help me be the next millionaire student. I currently just started using ST which is a great tool for my success, the more tools I have the BIGGER my KNOWLEDGE ACCOUNT gets, and the BIGGER MY KNOWLEDGE ACCOUNTS get the BIGGER my FINANCIAL ACCOUNT gets. So I’m humbly requesting that I recieve the books, so I can increase my KNOWLEDGE ACCOUNT!!!

    • Barbara says:

      Hi Tim, I have recently joined stock to trade, I am interested to learn more about stock and creating the experience to having a knowledge in stock market and if I have a success I will be able to help others..

  • Tim Bohen says:

    Thanks Fabian!!

  • Anastasia says:

    Hi. I’m Anastasia from Ukraine. I’m a Challenge student and STT user. I’m not successful as a trader yet, but I noticed that my ideas are getting better and I am definitely on the right track. I have been studying for a long 10 months not only learning the Challenge info, but also reading books, reading blogs on trading psychology, listening to interviews with successful traders, writing my own blogposts on I have already put in as much effort, as I have never done ever before into anything. So getting these books would be a great encouragement to me. And I’m sure I can benefit a lot from reading them.

    • Tim Bohen says:

      Love to hear all the hard work and diligence!

      • Robert Treat Rayner says:

        Hello Tim,
        I really enjoyed having you and the rest of the Tim Sykes’ team in Orlando. Being only 2 miles from my house made it very convenient ! You are a inspiration to all of us Challenge students. Let me just say the student above (Anastasia) writes a blog/summary of many lessons and posts them on I have enjoyed and benefited from her insights. If you decide to give this set of books to another student please allow me to match this “Free giveaway” and send an identical set to her. from what I have read she deserves it.
        Please let me know what I need to do to make this happen.
        Thanks again for all your guidance, wisdom and amazing work on STT.
        Robert Treat Rayner
        9 month Challenge Student Orlando, Florida
        Market Mastery Student as of the Summit

  • Jeff says:

    Tim I’m a new trader who would greatly appreciate those books! They will be put to good use and will help me become your newest millionaire student ????????????????????????????

  • Jason says:

    I’ve heard about penny stocks about 5 or 6 years ago but was to afraid to take action. About 6 months ago I randomly came across Tim Sykes and my curiosity of the stock market has been renewed. I have since bought several of Tim’s training DVD’s. I was paper trading for roughly 3 months and have just started trading with actual money. I have been a STT subscriber for almost a month now and I can tell this platform has truly been designed from the ground up for penny stockers. STT has all the advanced features more experienced traders like, but also makes it super simple for those just getting started in the market to be successful. The simplicity to create scans, watchlists, alerts are by far my favorite features right now. Also, I can’t wait for some of the upcoming features this fall. I think they will make an already great product even better.

    As for the books, I have a good understanding of penny stocks but I have a ton of holes in my education in regards to the overall stock market. Since I’m at my computer trading, I love the fact that I can take a physical book and good read away from technology. There’s something to be said about getting away from tablets and computers and simply enjoying a good read while furthering my education. Fingers crossed that I can call these books my own.

    Thanks for all the hard work Tim Sykes, Tim Bohen and the STT team. Great stuff.

  • Igor says:

    I’m also very satisfied with STT from Day 1.

  • Keone C says:

    Aloha! STT has been an awesome asset for me. By far the most useful tool out there, I regularly think about how much time STT saves me when I’m researching a stock or just looking up a chart. I’ve been trading since February of 2016 and can’t imagine trading without it!

  • Jay (James) PF says:

    I was an STT BETA tester & have been a challenge student for about a year. At first I studied a few months and then dove in chasing alerts, with suretrader. Learned a lot of pricey lessons very quickly. I took a step back and cooled my jets a bit and have been doing what I can to invest in MYSELF! Aka reading books, on trading psychology, listening to hundreds and hundreds of video lessons ( I have watched every webinar in the last year and all the videos in last year and more) … still a lot to get through. It´s hard to order books in English here in Brazil and imported ones are charged 60%. I get rare opportunities to visit North America to load up on them, but I have already read the ones I bought last time! I seemed to be the one of the 2% of people who had a real rough go with STT at first. The support team was amazing and patience with me and after a lot of uninstalls and installs we finally are running in tip top shape. I look forward to developing my mindset, and respecting how important education is. These books would be a great asset 🙂 Thanks for all you do! The greatful gringo in Rio

    • Tim Bohen says:

      Almost all of us need to learn the “chasing” lesson Jay, I was there myself a long time ago! Glad to hear you are evolving and getting better every day!

  • Eddie Puente says:


    I was there at the Summit. Spoke with you a few times during the 3 days. I was the one who couldn’t use STT after the new update for 2 months since I had an older laptop. Picked up a new laptop just to be able to use STT! LOVE the STT program. It’s better than the Fidelity Active Trader Pro!

  • Mona says:

    Ha, STT was my first platform to use. I have now tried others and nope, nope, nope. STT has me spoiled!

    • Tim Bohen says:

      Ha Mona! I actually launched a couple of my old platforms the other day to look up some stuff, and I thought “Wow, how did I put up with these all those years” 🙂

  • stock_monger says:

    Already a STT user. During my first days using STT and as i was creating my watchlist one nigh, it finally clicked, i could do my stock research, scans, charts, fundamental and technical analysis all in one place as oppose to opening 7+ websites. Time saver! Looking forward to the new features like paper trading, oracle and Broker account integration.

  • Nick Ciani says:

    I’m gonna read these books faster than Sykes ordered them for you. But more importantly, when I’m done, I want to lend them out to some of my friends to see if I can’t inspire them to join me on this journey because quite frankly they hate their jobs/lives and knowledge is the only way out. Don’t forget to sign the books either, whoever gets them!

  • Chris says:

    Hey Tim….Is everyone’s name Tim around here? lol … Anyway…I’ve been using STT for about 4 months now. I haven’t stopped using it since – best stock software for my $$$. So even if I don’t win these cool books, I thank you for the tremendous work and I’m super excited for the upcoming updates on STT! And, to all those out there on the fence about getting STT. Just try it! It’s only $1 for 7 days. At least give it that time to decide if you like it. I guarantee you won’t want to give it up after! 🙂 Thanks if I win these books or not! Good luck to everyone on here!

  • Clinton Belt says:

    Stocks To Trade may be the greatest tool of the modern age, but there’s nothing like a book to make sense of it all.

  • Mark Kile says:

    I’m new to the arena of penny stocks and would like to read as many books as possible. I’m working with a small account and have limited cash flow due to expanding my wife’s business this year.

  • Richie M says:

    I have been a STT user since it’s early launch around February/March and just love this software, I am a challenge student and am not trading much yet but focused on learning new things and getting better every day and getting my nightly watchlist better! And it was cool that you featured my post on twitter about my steak Saturday studying! Thanks for all the video lessons and help and constant updates with this revolutionary software guys!!

  • Nate says:

    This month is my first time using STT. Awesome software, like the real time percent gainers info and the fact that it pulls news from different news sources. It’s actuially a one stop shopping because it has it all. Not even mentioning ” game changer” upcoming features like linking to brokers so one can actually trade without having to leave SST platform. I’m a slow learner and need more info to grow my knowledge base, so no one needs those books more than i do.

    • Tim Bohen says:

      And just think Nate you are truly in at a perfect time! You mention some of the stuff we have already announced, wait till you hear about the stuff I can’t talk about yet!! 🙂

  • Tammy says:

    LOL, forgot all about those books being ordered until now. Thanks for the laugh at the conference and now. Love my Stocks to Trade, thank you for all your hard work putting it together for us. Would love the books to help continue my education.

  • Rex says:

    New user. Have been watching HTMM, Pennystocking, watching every Youtube video possible, all whilst i work super full time. I am a active duty soldier in the US Army serving in Germany. Trading stocks has become my passion. I barely get sleep at night because I’m up studying so much, I study on my lunch break. I listen to audio books while i drive. These books, if given to me will definitely be put to use.

  • Michael F says:

    I have been a STT user for a couple months now and use it every trading day. No question its one of the most helpful tools/scanners out there already, and once broker integration and paper trading are active, it will be unbeatable. Top notch support team as well, always answers my questions promptly and have taken my suggestions into account for new features. Truly a “for traders by traders” mentality here.

    Would love the books especially Reminiscence of a Stock Operator. Ive heard awesome things about it and would love to add this to my education for some long flights coming up! Keep up the good work

  • Jason M McKinney says:

    I came to your conference in Orlando with no knowledge, studying know with your videos tradetraderchecklist. Trying to build my knowledge before i move forward that was mentioned. I am looking forward to becoming one of your some millionaire students. Thanks for sharing

    Jason McKinney (Disabled Veteran)

  • John Damms says:

    Stocktotrade is the best platform ever. I got it back on Fed 15th when it was rereleased and so glad I did. I love it!

  • Brandon kelley says:

    I am new to trading and started a trial of STT after studying Timothy Sykes niche for about a week. STT has helped me learn faster by having all of the tools at my finger tips. With a bit more education I will be ready to start trading (though the learning never stops). These books would help speed up my education and help me develop a fine tuned strategy of my own. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow as a penny stock trader!

  • Vincent Tucker says:

    I join about 2 weeks ago. I have gone through the 11 hour traderchecklist videos once and I’m reviewing them again. I also just joined Stock to trade. I ready to learn all I can and those books will help me a lot!!!

  • Sean says:

    Great idea with the book give away. I am learning some great lessons from current books I’m reading and definitely through Tim’s videos. Starting out I have definitely lost in trades, but feel now through more education my wins have started to increase and become more consistent. Even win I don’t win, I’m now able to see where a stock may go based on support/breakout levels and trends. I did sign up for the $1 trial to STT but my trial has expired. I plan on using STT once I get more consistent trades and once all the bugs are worked out. Thanks for the education!

    • Tim Bohen says:

      You gotta pay your market dues, remember NO ONE gets it right immediately, glad you are growing and improving and sounds like it’s starting to “click” for you!

  • Stephan Francis says:

    I need THOSE BOOKS! I am taking success into my own hands and I am reaching out to whoever and whatever I can to aid me. Even if I have to figure this out on my own, I am going to be successful! I have been sleeping on the floor of friends and families homes because of my financial situation. I am DONE. I will not be in this situation a year from now, i swear to myself, and if you would like to aid me in my endeavor to become financial stable and free then I will graciously accept your help. I have been studying book after book from the library, watching Youtube videos , and reaching out to whoever knows anything valuable. I NEED THOSE BOOKS!!

    • Tim Bohen says:

      Stephan, we for sure live in unique times, thanks to the internet you truly can achieve what you have set out to do! I wish you luck on your journey!

  • Arturo says:

    Interested in the books! Thanks.

  • Justin Brown says:

    Current stocks to trade subscriber and challenge student, who owns ZERO trading books. Would love some trading psychology!! Thanks for all u do Tim

  • Ross says:

    I have been studying trading for the past 7 months after seeing the video about Connor making $300k+ from class from only $9k. i studied for 4 months before i made my first trade from my forklift and within and few weeks had blown up the $1000 dollar account. i then studied harder and now after putting in another $1000 2 months later, because it took me that long to save it up, i now have managed to tread water for the past 2 months and think could really help me take my trading to the next level

    • Tim Bohen says:

      Remember Ross there is a process to success, keep showing up every day and working hard, and you will figure it out and gain success!

  • Mitch Peterson says:

    Have been using stocktotrade for about 6 months now. Like everything about it besides the charting is a little different than i am use to so am trying to get use to it for when broker intergration is added and i can just use this platform for everything. That will be awesome. Just finished up all but the sec dvd from tims challnge and currently started trading for a living as a recommended book by tim and would love more recommendations for new material.

  • Mitchell says:

    I would love those 3 books because I’m always looking for more insight and knowledge. I’ve been an STT subscriber since it came out and it’s been amazing to see the progress it’s made as a platform so far.

  • I am challenge student for more than a month. I’ve learned soo much from Tim’s DVD’s. I am STT subscriber for a week and I think that this is great platform. It makes everything so much easier and summarized in just one tool. I like the idea with the books. I am old school. They will be very helpful for me as a new trader. Looking forward to learn about Penny Stocking world more and more every day! With such great team, I am sure that the success will be by me very soon!

  • Todd Burnett says:

    You should ship the books to me simply because I’m the nicest guy you’ve never met, and I have just enough space on my book shelf for them……BTW enjoyed your presentation at the traders summit. Have a nice day.

  • Chris says:

    Hey Tim
    As a novice trader, I have tried to find the most reliable info out there – watching as many YouTube videos , reading as many blogs as possible before chucking money at any newsletter or service. I soon learnt to tell the flakes & flukes from the “good guys” and jumped at STT before even opening a brokerage account! Great job so far, perfectly tweaked for us newbies (simple to use!) & am looking forward to all the neat updates you have planned. Pick me please, coach, those books will get devoured!

  • Jonathan says:

    Hi Tim,

    I am a new challenge student and really enjoy the STT software. Very handy and useful. I would love the books because I am all in. 🙂 Look forward to listening to your webinars.


  • Matej says:

    Have been one of the first subscribers to STT, and I would love to win these books. I haven’t read none of them yet.

  • Danielle Lynise says:

    You should send me the books because I was one of the handful of female traders in Orlando! Also, I’m trying to increase my knowledge account! And STT is arguably the best stock trading software to date!

    • Tim Bohen says:

      Thanks Danielle and yes I agree, I have seen the number of female traders grow over the years and it’s exciting to see more women get involved and become successful!

  • Cary Moss (CrimsonTideTrades) says:

    Because I need to really boost my knowledge account !!!

  • Joshua chan says:

    I’ve been a STT user for 3months now and also I love reading!! I’ve been wanting that New Stock Market Wizards book for the longest time but i’ve invested my saved up $ for Tim’s how to make millions DVD, and STT Subscriptions. It would be a blessing for me to win!

  • Jordan Varley says:

    Been a long term STT subscriber and love to read, learn and grow as much as possible. I’m a challenge student that would love to get his hands on these books and hopefully in the near future after the ups and downs of the industry ill be the average of the top 5 people i pay attention to most in this industry and with countless hours of study ill be one of your next millionaire students! Thanks for all you do Tim!!!

  • Alex says:

    Hi both Tims! i am current user of STT plataform, i think its awsome, more friendly tool and eficient than anything in the market right now. I want those books and i think i have made a great effort until now in order to be Tim’s nest millionaire student.

    1. I am from Chile, i bought tickets and spend alot of money in order to go to Orlando’s Conference. Was a really good investment, the conference was great also the cocktail party where i had the luck to talk to you Bohen and was a very nice chat i learned a lot in a few minutes!
    2. i think i am the only one that has Tim Sykes recorded speaking in spanish with a message for LATAM (Latino America). you can take a look in my instagram account “Liontrades”! jaja

    Thanks for sharing all the knowledge and the hard work guys !

    • Tim Bohen says:

      Alex, thanks!! I’m flattered you found value in our conversation! I saw the video of you and Sykes it was very cool 🙂 Thanks for making the investment to come to the conference.

  • PoLo_MeX says:

    Hi, first of all thanks for keeping the “deal” as in the #TISUMMIT you guys mention (I was there), and second I want those books because I really want to study and be successful in this niche. I start to studying since June (this year), and some of the things I have done to be a successful trader (not only words, but actions! right?), well there are some:

    – I subscribe to the Annually Penny Stocking Silver program (Username: PoLo_MeX)
    – I subscribe to Annually membership of Stocks to Trade software (Name: Leopoldo Espinosa)
    – Open an account with Interactive Brokers (I can´t give you my account)
    – In paper trading I´m above $6K USD and I have only being trading for 2 weeks.
    – Open a Twitter account, just to be more informed about the $tickers (Username: @PoLo_MeX_)
    – Bought 2 Tim´s DVD (HTMM and Penny Stocking)
    – Read (x2) An American Hedge Found (Also have a home printed version so I can underline the most important things)
    – Read the COMPLETE guide “Penny Stocking 101” with all the multiple links and Info-graphics (by the way they are awesome!).
    – Seen the 60 lessons that PSS send to me everyday (2 months)
    – I´m seeing daily the most that I can video lessons that are on the Profitly page.
    – Of course I have seen the complete FREE DVD of the “SSS” (I did it before I went to the #TISUMMIT)
    – I travel from Mexico just for the #TISUMMIT in Orlando (You can search my registration name Leopoldo Espinosa)
    – Also, on September 11th was my birthday (Sunday of the #TISUMMIT) and one of your team (the one that has to travel to NY I think… the one that was presenting everyday at the morning until Sunday), PROMISE me that I can have a Tim´s promo signed by him, with the date of my birthday because that #TISUMMIT was my own gift present for my birthday and guess what… I never get it 🙁
    – Now I´m studying more and more, and on October 1st I´m going to start doing trading with my hard earned money, so I want to be the most prepared I can. Now I´m doing paper trade with my account in IB.
    – If you notice, no one (or almost no one) post ANYTHING on your blog, or give a “like-love” to the blogs/posts… I think they are awesome and you take time from your day just to do this STT Blog, and recently without knowing anything about this “free gift” I posted in the past blogs just to say thanks because I notice no one cares. My point is… I follow you since June and I read all your post on this STT Blog… not just enter today because of the promo, or because I saw it on Instagram (like most of the rest). The post that says how to make your office a temple or something like that, motivates me because without reading that, I already make my “studio/office” more like you describe in that post… so, I´m in the right path, even in this little details.
    – Can the books be autographed by ALL of you guys? I mean, Tim Sykes, you and all the 24 (more less) crew of this amazing… how can I tell it…. amazing job? If GOD wants and I continue studying, you guys are the ones that are going to change my LIFE.

    Finally… guys, I really want to be successful in this niche, please give me a little motivation, please! That poster with the Tim´s signature would have been the perfect motivation AND perfect birthday present… but for some reason could not be.


    • Tim Bohen says:

      Polo, wow!! Thanks for the detailed post, its that kind of diligence that creates successful traders!! Email me your mailing address [email protected] and I’ll MAKE SURE I get you your signed birthday greeting from Sykes!! I apologize for it getting forgotten, those conferences can get VERY hectic.

  • Kim Susands says:

    We downloaded the trial at the conference but were quickly sold on what a great tool STT is so we signed up for the STT Pro sessions!! Can’t wait to get started & since the books will increase our ‘knowledge bank’ we would LOVE them!!

  • Berrie Duijx says:

    First off all, I never auto save passwords on my pc… won’t happen to me bro haha.

    Anyhow, as part of some new challenges I have decided to read more to increase my overall knowledge and well being. Recently I have read “The Selfish Gene”, “Salt Suger Fat”, and “The Story of the Human Body” … please save me and sent me those stock classics 😉

    If you do, I’ll join on next years summit and the first beer is on me!

    Take care

  • Tony Tovar says:

    I’m only three books away from having a larger library than Oprah. Lol Just Kidding. I think it would be nice to at least know which books they are so I can buy them myself, just in case I’m not chosen (which would be a miracle if I was, considering all the comments). I was an early bird STT user and have been using it since. I’m also a challenge student so it helped knowing when to get in for the early bird pricing for STT. I’m excited to see what new things are coming down the pipeline with STT and look forward to this journey. It won’t be easy, but that’s ok, it’ll be worth it in the end!

    • Tim Bohen says:

      Thats cool you are a fellow reader Tony. The picture above is of the ACTUAL box I got from Amazon, so the books are:

      -Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
      -How to make money in Stocks
      -Market Wizards

      Thanks for being with us from the beginning, and I agree we have some AMAZING stuff coming soon!

  • Seg says:

    i’m excited for the launch of stockstotrade. I’ve learned a few tips and tricks from tim bohen’s testing of the beta version on his instagram account and now have a pretty good idea how it will help me with filtering out the best trades

  • Holly says:

    I been using stockstotrade fir several months now….still learning. I can’t wait for you guys to get a mobile app too. But I’m the meantime it’s great and so glad you guys are available to us! I’d love to have the books to assist me in my continued learning journey. Knowledge is power…and we should learn something everyday!

    Thanks so much for what you do for us and I look forward to many more months and years with you guys!

    Many blessings,

  • Abe Vargas says:

    Hey Tim Bohen, been a subscriber since last February, I used to used Etrade Pro, and now use STT. One question, is there anyway, the team can make the STT a little more personalized, where you can toggle, and place the different tabs around. Just wanted a litte more flexibility with the layout thanks.

  • Chich Petito says:

    Ok, I just read 58 comments and Tim’s response to all of them. After I read all that, I think I had my fair share of reading for now. So, is it possible for you to read the book on a audio so we can all kinda read it at once and I don’t have to strain my eyes reading again, lol. Ok, j/k was at the seminar and that deff was my favorite part of the event all weekend. So as far as me winning I felt being there and watching Tim S buy those books on your account was winning enough. But if you so happen to pick me, make sure to sign and make a small comment on revisiting that funny day. Ps. Thanks for the consistency, detention and hard work you put in on helping all of us. I stay plugged in everyday and keep the course. Hope to be on stage one day helping others as you and the rest of the stt and profitly team do everyday. As I always say “be better 1% a day” “1 day at a time” So thanks again to all for being a community and sharing a common goal. Stay plugged in everyone. “1 day at a time”=success.

    • Tim Bohen says:

      Ha Chich, I admire your 1% quote! I strive for “kaizen” every day. James Altucher put it well “Improve a little each day. It compounds. When 1% compounds every day, it doubles every 72 days, not every 100 days. Compounding tiny excellence is what creates big excellence.”

      • Chich Petito says:

        Sorry for the late response. Thanks for responding and sharing some of your guides and influential people you admire. I will deff check out some of his stuff. Nothing like absorbing and applying a useful “tiny execellence” of knowledge to your “knowledge account” lol. Thanks again Tim B.

  • Mikhaiel Saouma says:

    Hi Tim,

    It’s really nice that you’re living up to the promise you made in Orlando. That’s what I admire about all of you, you guys are always setting out to help other traders.

    We actually met at the summit, I flew out from South America to attend the conference two years in a row. I was from that little country you never heard of (Suriname) and told you to come visit and hunt haha. I’m doing ok right now, making some money. But I’m always looking to perfect my methods and I think I’ve proven to be dedicated. I’ve also been with STT since the relaunche after Vegas last year and have been loyal ever since even participating in the beta program. I don’t think that would be hard to verify since you have my email. I would love get some free books to help further succes and be able be an even better testiminial in the future. Looking forward to seeing you next year.

    Best regards,


    • Tim Bohen says:

      Mikhaiel, thank you for the very nice comments, it was indeed a pleasure to meet you! I hope to take you up on that hunting offer some day 🙂

  • Kareem says:

    Hi Tim,

    First of all thanks for all the videos you’ve done for STT. I’m a STT annual subscriber and I love how far it’s progressed in such a short time. I’m looking forward to the continued improvement. I’ve been trading for some time but I’ve exceeded what I thought was possible. My life has changed because of how involved I’ve become with trading and I know my determination equipped with the right tools will pay off in the long run. Reading is part of my morning ritual; and if I can combine investing reading material to my mornings I think I’ll speed up my learning process.

    • Tim Bohen says:

      Trading is truly one of the most exciting and freedom creating careers you can choose, I’m glad STT has helped you pursue that path!

  • Daniel says:

    I’ve been a member for years now and I’ve been a StocksToTrade user since the beta stage and I haven’t seen any competing software as good as STT for trading. It’s very easy and straight forward to use that’s what I like the most about it. I would love the opportunity to win these books because I would like to enhance my trading knowledge.

    • Tim Bohen says:

      I honestly from the bottom of my heart think STT is THE best there is. And we are just getting started, there is some amazing stuff coming soon and down the road.

  • Mustapha says:

    Hey Tim,

    I’m a Nigerian prince and am in a political debacle of getting out of my country.

    Please send me mone…..err, I mean pennystocking books so I can trade and get out of my country and live the American dream.

    Yours sincerely prince Mustapha of the Wakanda tribe.

  • Daniel P. Clarke says:

    I just signed up StocksToTrade. I’m loving the platform and all of the cool, and unique scans you can use. I’m 21 years old and working a Full-time job along with Part-Time schooling and Studying these stock patterns every night before bed. I do not take a day off and I’ve never had this kind of ambition and passion for anything in my life. i love stocks its kind of weird. Im just about to finish Tim Sykes book, “An American Hedge fund”. I need more books to spread out my knowledge with as much Info as possible! i really want these books more then i want anything else in life. i just recently became addicted to reading. i hated reading about a year ago and now i read everyday! So Please help me save some money by mailing these books to me!

    Thanks Tim!

    • Tim Bohen says:

      I’m jealous Daniel! I wish I knew about trading pennystocks when I was your age! And had access to great tools like STT. You truly have a big advantage getting started so early.

  • Rajnish Chaturvedi says:

    I am an Indian, living and working in Indonesia, Been using STT from June and got one yr subscription, its great platform to get all the information we need , just waiting for paper trading tool to be added, I should get at least one of those great books, I think you need some goodwill from Asia hahaha

    • Tim Bohen says:

      Rajnish, Thanks for being a great user! And Paper Trading is coming VERY soon, going to a small group of beta testers next week.

  • Evan says:

    Hello Tim,

    I have been on STT since the first round of beta invites, got early access from last years conference. I have since told many friends to sign up, this software is AMAZING! Pays for itself in less than a day of good trades! I would be lost without it now, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the work you and your team put into STT. Cannot wait for broker integration and oracle.

    Stay Awesome!

    • Tim Bohen says:

      Evan, wow thanks for being a long time user! Trading integration and Oracle are going to a closed Beta group next week. This is basically the final “punch list” and they will be released.

  • Joe Silva says:

    Hi Tim
    I’m just a regular Joe… lol my name is Joe as well haha, I was actually one of he first to get STT if you look at my account Joe Silva. Best and easiest program I have ever used. I am trying to wing myself from the 6am to 4:30 grim job. I’m hopeing to one day day trade at home and enjoy my life with my family and taking more vacations. Lots of great comments in here that I can’t compete with but I would sure put those books to use big time. Thanks Tim

  • Tim Vaugh says:

    I’ve been a challenge student for 6 months and an STT user for about 4 months. Haven’t done a lot of trading yet as I’m growing my knowledge account, and these books would help fill that knowledge account immensely. Currently reading Reminiscences of a Stock Operator so I could give that one away to another new and upcoming trader. I know I’m in the best place and studying with the best guys around to help me create the best new job ever for myself. And with hard work and patience and perseverance, I know I’m on the road to success with you guys. Thanks for all you do for all of us, every day.


    • Tim Bohen says:

      Thanks for the kind words about our community Tim, we for sure have some cool things going on! And I appreciate your willingness to pass the books on to others.

  • Frank says:

    Hi, greetings from Jamaica. I recently signed up with StockstoTrade at the Seminar and I love it. Everything you need is here on one page from an awesome scanner over technical analysis to Fundamentals and news. Great tool. Great seminar as well in Orlando. So motivating to listen and watch the Triple Tim on stage 🙂

  • Dani Jones says:

    Been with STT since May 2016, had a few teething issues but seems to be working perfectly now. You can tell that this platform has been thought about quite a bit because it has all you need in one screen for when the market opens. Being new to stock trading and been a Timchallange student since May also, and coming from the UK its a challenge in itself with only a couple of brokers that you can buy shares in Pink Sheets and OTC stocks as well as finding a broker for shares to short, along with me working Offshore and not being able to partake in trading (which is a good thing because I have already lost $3000 thinking I know what to do, which I clearly do not) or loading up STT (not enough bandwidth on-board Vessel), so I have the DVD’s to watch while I am away at work and then when I get home to Scotland I can catch up on all the Videos that have been emailed to me as well as joining in on the Webinars (none to date). I have to say, its the first time I have enjoyed studying in my life which is half the battle. I have immersed myself in everything TS and trading in general since May, and I am so determined to be able to quit my job by the time I am 40 (March 6th 2018), and start trading full time. I am ex forces so I am well disciplined and know what I want, and that is to become one of TS Millionaire Students , don’t know how long it will take but it will happen. I already have three books read so what’s another three.


    Dani Jones

    • Tim Bohen says:

      “I have to say, its the first time I have enjoyed studying in my life which is half the battle” Passion for markets is something we all share I think. It truly is not work when you enjoy what you do! Keep at it.

  • TeamTC says:

    We bought STT before we got into the Challenge program because we wanted to have the RIGHT tool. These books would be great to learn from and when we get as good as all the gurus we will order 50 Books from on stage on Tim Sykes account and get them signed by all the gurus and give them away!!!!!!

  • Ray Quintana says:

    I am new to trading and pretty much living check to check with the exspenses of STT and Pennystocking Silver theres not much money left for anything I’d love to have these to enhance my learning

  • Matt Moy says:

    Mr. Bohen,
    I’ve been using stocks to trade since it was still partnered with equity feed and I have to say since STT separated it has become an incredible software and really a one stop shop when it comes to stock research! Definitely excited for all the new features to come keep up the legendary work! Oh by the way I want those books! =P

  • Eric Birmingham says:

    Hi Tim, fairly new trader been studying for the last 6 months and just opening my cash account Now. I think the books would help me tenfold because reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I would love the opportunity for me to receive these books. Thank you

  • Miles says:

    Tim glad the silliness of Skyes can now benefit another person. I have been studying since May and have now been using stocks to trade for 1 month. These books would assist in my education I would love to be able to win them.

    Thank you!

  • Johnny Kowal says:

    Hi Tim. I had a chance to talk with most of you fellas. Watching you guys interact on stage was a hoot. Totally enjoyed the conference, your personalities, the knowledge and the fantastic breakfast spread we had all 3 mornings. Everything was more than I expected.A “Big” thankx to all of you for this great experience. See ya;ll next year.

  • Sal says:

    I am one of stocks to trade’s newest users and am trying to learn. Right now, I have lost money, and need as much information to reverse my bad habits. These books would be great!

  • Michael Spinler says:

    Stocks to Trade pro is BAD ASS so far. I’m looking forward to this next year with you Tim

  • lisa kromer says:

    Stocks to trade is easily the best scanning software out there! I’m a challenge student ad using STT is making it much easier to choose the correct stocks! Thank you everyone for developing this great software.

  • lasertest says:

    Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thanks, However I am experiencing troubles with your RSS.

    I don’t understand the reason why I cannot subscribe to it.
    Is there anyone else having the same RSS problems?
    Anyone who knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanks!!

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