Watchlist for 10-31-2016 – $GRVY, $CANN, $CBDS, $LTBR, $TTMI, $LGCY

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Tuesday night 8PM EST – Adapting to new market and how to deal with “chop” leading into Election.

Thursday afternoon 12PM EST – Q and A – More technical analysis, how to screen and plan mid day setups.



Was way to cautious on Friday, classic play we have been capitalizing on all summer. Low float, big runner with a catalyst. Went over it in the $7.40’s then chose to skip it because it was a very mixed day in the markets, check that daily chart to see where it went in ONE day. Watching for a weak open then grind back to green for another big run.

Weed stocks – CANN, CBDS

Seems a little redundant but we have done pretty well on these Marijuana stocks. Really so far the plan is just wait for volume and then watch for them to tick green. Set risk on red on the day and its been pretty reliable to take daily gains over and over. Same thoughts this week.


Slow mover but but held gains, tons and tons of bashing but has yet to go red. Looking to get long over $2.00


Very similar to LTBR, after the first big day expected it to give a lot more back. Impressed it held up and went barely red on decent volume. Will scale into it each time it stays green.


Been trading in and out of this all week. Keep expecting a sympathy bounce along with all the bankrupt oil stocks. I’ll take small losses over and over, still expecting the big gain.

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