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Oct. 3, 20183 min read

Watchlist for 10-24-2016 – $HMNY, $BTUUQ, $DRWI, $TWLO, $LULU, $MSFT

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Written by Tim Bohen

Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. (HMNY)

Awesome runner Friday, these are the kinds of stocks that can really exponentially grow your account. This was located PRE market in StocksToTrade Pro on the “Low float scan”. It then proceeded to run from $6’s to over $13 the same day!. Will be watching for a small pullback, and then continuation. I do not think this is done yet.

Peabody Energy Corporation (BTUUQ)

Another great run and trend we talked about early in the week in STT Pro. That OTC bankrupt energy stocks were heating up. Keep in mind these are NEVER investments simply trading vehicles. But this stock went from $2 early in the week to a top in the $12’s on Friday. I think this trend may be reversing and this stock is overheated at this point. This is my top potential short though it may be difficult to locate shares.

DragonWave Inc. (DRWI)

Nice trend of stepping a little higher each day. Similar plan to HMNY. I will not chase, but I think I dip could set this up for further scaling higher.

Twilio, Inc. (TWLO)

I normally never look to buy “beat down” charts, but thinking this has put a base in around $41. If that gives up I will ignore it in the near term. But this is the type of company and stock I believe can really grind back in the short term. Pick your stop and have a solid plan for exit. Solid risk to reward on this one.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. (LULU)

Watching for a move back to last week highs around $59.00. If and only IF it can reach that level I think its a solid buy for a big push back and a short term breakout.

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Another company I really believe in. Obviously in the days of $AAPL its hard to love $MSFT. But I’m confident they have finally turned things around and I often wonder about Apple losing interest in the desktop PC market. I LOVE my new Windows 10 PC and I have been a Mac user for close to 10 years. Watching for base around $58 then a continuation of the gap from earnings.

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