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Jan. 19, 20172 min read

Watchlist for 1-19-2017 $SSH, $APRI, $UNXL, $BLDP, $IMMU, $REXX

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Written by Tim Bohen


SSH – Funny I discussed NEVER trading after hours yesterday afternoon, then I went and tried to get some SSH, never got filled. Gotta wait for this to open up, ideally an early shakeout then a mid morning run when everyone thinks its dead.

APRI – Weak open red to green to squeeze out patient shorts. QUICK PROFITS

UNXL – Tried to get filled yesterday, no dice. Need to see how it opens, reactionary trade. 

BLDP – Kept popping on HOD yesterday afternoon that I didnt mention. Former runner, will watch for volume move.

IMMU – Watching push through $4.25

REXX – Still bagholding, ideally new highs for exit. 

Swing Trade Watch: ARRY, CENX, SN, ENPH, NFLX,NAK, BPI

ARRY – Weak open red to green as long as it holds $11

CENX – Same plan as ARRY, except $12 area of interest. 

SN – Same plan, based off of $13

ENPH – Watching $2.00 break with risk in the $1.80’s

NFLX – I always warn about holding into earnings, but this is one I had faith in. Watching for continuation but if you took the idea from this weekend, I’d probably take profits here. 

NAK – Pretty slow, but hit another 52 week HOD, will continue to keep on watch. 

BPI – weak open red to green, for new highs

Shippers, back burner as I mentioned: GLBS, DRYS,SINO, ESEA,NAT,DCIX