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Livestream the Trader & Investor Summit 2019! 

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It’s that time of year… 

No, we’re not talking about pumpkin spice latte season. There’s something even better on the horizon: the Trader & Investor Summit

The BAD news is that this event is SOLD OUT.

The GOOD news is that you don’t have to miss out. There’s also a livestream where you can catch all the action! 

This event is truly too good to be missed. Founded by superstar penny stock trader and teacher Tim Sykes in 2015, this event was created to help traders advance their careers. 

You get the chance to learn from some of the greatest minds in trading today! 

… and yes, Tim Bohen and the STT team will be there! 

The event takes place in Orlando from September 20–23. While there are no more tickets left, you can still catch the event streaming live for a reduced price. 

Don’t miss out on one of the biggest trading events of the year! 

Here’s what you need to know… 

Following the Smart Money: Level II Explained

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About the Trader & Investor Summit

The first Trader & Investor Summit happened in 2015. It was the brainchild of Tim Sykes, who wanted to get together some of the best traders he knew in a single event. 

The idea was pretty simple: by bringing together some of the trading greats, he could create an event that would help traders advance in their careers while also getting a chance to network with each other. 

The first Summit was a success, and it’s become an annual tradition. This is its fifth year, and it’s slated to take place from September 20–23 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Orlando, Florida.

The event caps out at 500 people, so it’s no wonder that it’s sold out every year … including this year! 

Don’t despair! Even if you missed out on tickets, you can still attend virtually by purchasing access to the livestream. Do it now, here

What to Expect

Got your tickets already and wondering what to expect? Here’s the scoop.

The Trader & Investor Summit is an educational event where you get to attend talks and workshops led by some of the top traders in the field. 

But don’t worry: it’s not all work. There’s plenty of fun to be had. For example, who could forget STT lead trader Tim Bohen and his SteadyTrade podcast co-host Stephen Johnson recording a live episode complete with a sloppy drinking game at last year’s event? 

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But you’ll get your money’s worth and then some in terms of takeaways.

You’ll leave T&I with a slew of new techniques and strategies to try out in your own trading. 

You’ll also learn a lot about the traders themselves … including how they’ve overcome obstacles and gotten ahead in their careers! Prepare to be inspired. 

Can New Traders Attend? 

The idea of attending a trading event might seem overwhelming, especially if you’re a new trader. But if you’re wondering if you’re qualified to attend, the answer is yes.

In fact, the Trader & Investor Summit is the perfect way to take your interest in trading to the next level. Connecting with and learning from some of the top traders takes some of the mystery out of trading. 

In this way, it can be an empowering event to attend: it could provide just the spark you need to get serious about trading! 

The event is appropriate for traders at all levels. While there’s a lot of great knowledge for new traders, even experienced traders will always take away some great new ideas and new trading strategies. 

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What’s in it For You? 

Here are some of the key reasons why checking out T&I is a great idea: 

  • Learn from the top traders. Want to learn directly from some of the top traders you’ve been following on social media? Here’s your chance. Tim Sykes and some of his top trading students like Tim Grittani and Roland Wolf will be at T&I. 
  • Actionable strategies and techniques. Through the workshops and lessons taught at the conference, you’ll get ideas for strategies and techniques that you can begin implementing in your own trading – right now. 
  • Advance your career. It’s incredible how much you can learn about trading with a few days of uninterrupted, targeted study. 

Trader & Investor Summit: Necessary Details

Trader & Investor Summit

Dates: September 20–23, 2019

Location: Hyatt Regency Orlando, 9801 International Drive, Orlando, Florida

Website: www.traderandinvestorsummit.com

Tickets: SOLD OUT! While the conference is sold out, you can still attend virtually via the livestream. Note: this will be broadcast LIVE, so it can only be viewed as it happens. Sign up here! 

Have you ever attended the Trader & Investor Summit, either in person or via livestream? What was your favorite part of the event? Tell us in the comments below…