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Sep. 25, 201910 min read

Bohen’s Take: Daily Trade Alerts, Monster Earnings Spikes, and Hunkering Down for Winter

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Written by Tim Bohen

StocksToTrade’s new trade alerts service recently BEAT several STT Pro members — including me — to a winner.  

Even though we were a little late to that killer earnings-winner trade, several members report that they still had a nice ride…

It’s that time again, gang. Welcome to the latest Bohen’s Take.

In this edition, I’ll tell you all about that awesome earnings trade. Plus, I’ll get into the trade alert subscribers saw before we even noticed it … And you’ll find out how to get those alerts every trading day…

And, of course, I’ll share with you what I’ve been up to in my crazy life as a day-trader wildman…

Let’s jump in!

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What’s the Haps?

For me, summer has well and truly come and gone for the year. So I’m in ‘hunker down and prepare for winter’ mode these days.

I know that some of you don’t live in super-cold climates where it snows a lot. But if you do, you probably know that instinct that kicks in the second you feel the snow coming. It’s time to prep for winter.

For me, that means chopping a ton of wood and tackling maintenance projects on some rental houses I own. I even built a deck on one of them — don’t say I’m a bad landlord!

My son Garrison is in full hunting mode now, probably due to the chill in the air.

He’s one hell of a marksman. I’m proud to say he took first in the state for an archery/shotgun/rifle competition. My boy’s growing up to be just like his dad, and I couldn’t be prouder!

My daughter Lily’s also busy. She’s a star athlete, and volleyball season has just started back up. I’m a massive volleyball fan, so I’ve been heading to a lot of her games. I’m excited for the season.

Now, enough about me. Let’s get down to what’s been happening in the markets…

Trade of the Week

Recently we had a doozy of an earnings winner trade that was pretty heavily discussed in the StocksToTrade Pro chat.

Now, if you don’t know what an earnings winner is, it’s pretty simple…

An earnings winner play is where a stock announces earnings and then makes a big move on increased volume. It’s a common setup we look for in StocksToTrade Pro.

The stock is called Francesca’s Holdings (Nasdaq: FRAN) a women’s clothing retailer based out of Houston.

Francesca’s Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: FRAN) with a huge earnings spike (Source: StocksToTrade)

The stock was trending down for years and looked like a complete dud … until September 10. That’s when FRAN announced upbeat second-quarter earnings, and the stock set off like a rocket.

The stock had previously been sitting a little higher than $5. After the earnings announcement, we saw it gap up to $9.90 or so and end the day slightly higher.

The following day is when things really heated up. The stock opened around $11.22 and proceeded to push upward.

A whole bunch of us in the StocksToTrade Pro chat really started to take notice around the $13 level. Those who got on board did pretty darn well. The stock proceeded to hit a high for the day of $18.37. A nice, meaty play for the crafty day trader!

Pretty cool setup and trade, right?

Here’s something even better: that stock was listed on the Oracle Daily Direction Alerts. That’s our new daily newsletter. Only the daily alert caught FRAN at a lower price than what we noticed in chat. Quite a coincidence…

Read on and I’ll tell you all about the Oracle Daily Direction Alerts in the next section…

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Feature of the Week

Often when I write about the feature of the week, I’m writing about a feature that’s been a part of StocksToTrade for a while. That’s not a bad thing — I want everyone to know how cool our features are or how to best use them…

But this week I’m so excited to tell you about a brand new feature: trade alerts. It’s beyond awesome. 

I’m talking about the Oracle Daily Direction Alerts.

This is an email of stock trade alerts you can receive at 10 a.m. EST every trading day. Here’s how it works…

Our integrated Oracle feature has a proprietary scanning algorithm that searches through thousands and thousands of stocks to find the hottest trading potentials. From there, our team sends you top picks — with further analysis.

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It all lands right in your inbox every morning.

Subscribers receive a write up of the stock, key support and resistance levels, entry and exit levels to consider, and a basic game plan for how to trade the stock…

The idea behind the alerts is to help ease some of the analytical load of each day trading. This can be a huge aid for someone who wants to trade but is busy with a full-time job or other big life responsibilities.

We’ve had a bunch of killer trades come out of the alerts. And like I said before, the trade of the week in FRAN was listed in the Oracle Alerts emails before we caught the buzz in the STT Pro chat room. Exciting, right?

I don’t want you to think these alerts do all the work for you. You still have to do your own research on every trade. Nothing is ever guaranteed. But if you struggle to find awesome trade opportunities, this service can be a big help.

The Oracle Daily Direction Alert email is an add-on service for our StocksToTrade members. Not a member yet? Start your 14-day trial of StocksToTrade for just $7 today.

Then, if you want to get these high-potential trade alerts delivered to your email each trading day, click here to sign up. It’s that easy to get help in finding hot stocks to trade each day!

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What I’m Reading

If you know anything about me, you probably know I love reading, I’d say it’s my main hobby. I read pretty voraciously in all kinds of areas, not always just trading-related books.

What I think is interesting is how you can learn some trading lessons from books on all kinds of topics.

Right now, I’m reading an amazing book called “Call Sign Chaos” by Jim ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, the military general who served in a number of conflicts.

His book is part military-career stories and part leadership wisdom. It all comes with a ton of interesting stories.

And it’s interesting to read between the lines of what he says in the book.

It’s clear that Mattis is a professional … But he at times talks about leading the charge in Iraq — wanting to bring the pain but being held back by Washington. He doesn’t name names, but he takes a few shots at certain people.

It’s an all-round great book on leadership. How’s that apply to trading? You need to be the leader of your own trading operation. So why not study the best leaders in history? I fully recommend “Call Sign Chaos!”

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The Wrap

There you have it — that’s it for this edition of my update.

I hope you’re excited about the trade setup of the week in FRAN. That was a solid trade.

And if you’re ready to learn more about these kinds of setups, I can point you to a few things…

First, you can sign up for STT’s trade alerts with the Oracle Daily Direction Alerts. You’ll receive a daily curated list of the hottest stocks our proprietary algorithm finds each morning…

And if you wanna go a little more hardcore, join us at StocksToTrade Pro, our elite trading and education community.

Inside STT Pro, I’ll share my trading screens and thoughts with the community multiple times per day. You’ll know what I’m looking at for the session and you can ask me questions.

You can also interact with other members in our active trader chat room and even attend cutting-edge trading education webinars. It’s all to help you learn to maximize your trading skills in as little time as possible.

So if you’re really ready to step up your trading game, join StocksToTrade Pro today!

Winter’s definitely on the horizon here, and I find some of my best trading happens in the winter. When do you trade better — when it’s hot or cold? Tell me below!