Pre Market Livestream 10-26-2016 $AKS, $CNAB, $DPRX, $LGCY, $UA

By October 26, 2016Pro Webinars

Small list of good stocks to watch. Very “sideways” day. No need to rush into anything today. Be patient. 

8:52 DPRX
10/26/2016 8:31 AM DRWI news
10/26/2016 8:59 AM LGCY junk POS but Oil/gas
10/26/2016 9:13 AM My focus is on getting the new release out.
10/26/2016 9:21 AM DPRX weak open red to green
10/26/2016 9:22 AM LGCY if it breaks out on the day, potential long has to have volume.
10/26/2016 9:23 AM UNIS interesting but NOOOO volume right now.
10/26/2016 9:24 AM AKS earnings winner and former runner
10/26/2016 9:34 AM UA potential for later.
10/26/2016 9:34 AM AKS and DPRX main watches
10/26/2016 9:41 AM OPTT kind of interesting but a lot of twitter pumping
10/26/2016 9:47 AM CNAB main weed watch
10/26/2016 9:47 AM all others same as above.
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