Pre Market Livestream 1-4-2017 $EVOK, $CBAY, $BLPH, $IDXG $KATE

By January 4, 2017Pro Webinars

Great day!! Killer plans on EVOK in pre market. Solid ignore plans on CBAY and BLPH . Craziness on IDXG, good commentary though I chose to stay away.

1/4/2017 7:18 AM CBAY 20M float (higher  than I like) but with enough volume could still run.
1/4/2017 8:08 AM KOPN news, wanted a catalyst, needs volume to confirm.
1/4/2017 8:38 AM I’ll make a point to make tickers “cut and pasteable” in future watchlists.
1/4/2017 8:54 AM EVOK, low float, news, volume, “breakout” at $2.40
1/4/2017 8:54 AM EVOK long bias over/under $2.40
1/4/2017 8:54 AM CBAY area of interest $3.00 for NHOD, otherwise ignore
1/4/2017 8:56 AM CETX weak open red/green
1/4/2017 8:56 AM BLPH prove itself @ $0.75
1/4/2017 8:56 AM CARA weak open R/G
1/4/2017 8:57 AM KATE same as wathclist
1/4/2017 8:57 AM BIOS SALT same as watch, hoping for news.
1/4/2017 9:22 AM EVOK would love to see hold $3 into the open, that could really get it going.
1/4/2017 9:24 AM EVOK up sooo much in pre, I really gotta let it open to form another plan.
1/4/2017 9:29 AM EVOK tight leash, no shorts, I’m sitting pretty good on entry.
1/4/2017 9:32 AM out EVOK 3.33
1/4/2017 9:33 AM EVOK the idea was early, let this settle out for later. 4 minutes into the open, chill….
1/4/2017 9:36 AM CETX weak open R/G right now, risk on $7.90
1/4/2017 9:37 AM Markets STRONG 99% long bias
1/4/2017 9:37 AM KOPN needs to go back green, I’m NOT buying dips in this market.
1/4/2017 9:38 AM CBAY PERFECT example –> I’m NOT buying dips in this market.
1/4/2017 9:42 AM “IDEAL” EVOK bases @ $3.00 and gives us a grind up later, then fireworks into the close.
1/4/2017 9:44 AM IDXG @ $7.80 I’m gonna ignore, but the offering should put a base in at or around $6.75 Decent idea on Red/Green with that base I mentioned.
1/4/2017 9:47 AM CETX Brian mentioned short, I would ONLY do that if it stays red and POST 2PM.
1/4/2017 9:49 AM KATE Liking this Green/Red for SS entry.  The more fails on $18 the better, only big drawback is markets strong.
1/4/2017 9:50 AM WATT potential SS on Green/Red, but like KATE I’m cautoius SS because of SPY.
1/4/2017 9:52 AM If you trade IDXG you MUST have a BULLETPROOF stop.
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