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GOVX Stock Jumps 66% After Presenting Data on COVID Vaccine Candidate

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GOVX Stock: Key Takeaways

  • GeoVax Labs says its vaccine platform can create a COVID-19 vaccine that’s more effective against variants of the virus. 
  • The company presents data on the efficacy of its own COVID vaccine candidate at the European Society of Medicine General Assembly.
  • Tim Sykes highlights GOVX as a “high-priced spiker.”

GeoVax Labs Inc. (NASDAQ: GOVX) popped higher today after the company presented data on its universal COVID-19 vaccine candidate. 

GOVX stock jumped more than 66% at the open today with shares trading 50% higher at writing. 

The biotech presented data on the efficacy of its vaccine Thursday at the European Society of Medicine General Assembly in Berlin, Germany.

Preventing COVID Variants

GeoVax’s Chief Scientific Officer Mark J. Newman delivered a virtual presentation titled, “Design of a Universal SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Against Evolving Variants.”

That presentation highlighted how existing mRNA vaccines have proven to be less effective against the delta variant of the virus.

GeoVax said the first-generation vaccines were developed with a narrow focus on targeting the COVID-19 spike (S) protein but “potential limitations of narrowly focusing on S are becoming apparent with emerging variants that partially escape neutralization by vaccine-induced antibodies.”

The company developed its novel Modified Virus Ankara – Virus-Like Particle platform to create a vaccine it says would be “universal” against variants. 

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GeoVax said, “The GV-MVA-VLP platform is known to elicit a balanced humoral (antibody) and cellular response against a range of immunogens, possibly making immune escape against emerging variants less likely.”

While current vaccines only elicit an antibody response, vaccines developed using GeoVax’s platform also induce T-cell responses. 

GeoVax says that T-cell response would “increase the breadth and function of vaccine-induced immune responses.”

The company’s first vaccine candidate is GEO-CM02.

The vaccine encodes the COVID-19 spike (S), membrane (M), and envelope (E) proteins versus just the spike proteins for mRNA vaccines.

Newman said, “The combination of S, M, and E protein expression supports VLP formation and optimal immunogenicity. In our studies, we observed the induction of functional antibodies and T-cell responses that mediate protection from infection and pathogenesis.”

The company’s president and CEO, David Dodd, said, “Our vaccines under development are intended to be used as either a primary vaccine or to boost other COVID-19 vaccines.”

“We believe a critical and significant opportunity exists for a pan-coronavirus vaccine with the attributes the GV-MVA-VLP technology can offer.”

Sykes Notices GOVX Stock

Self-made trading millionaire, philanthropist, and trading educator Tim Sykes took notice of GOVX stock today, including the ticker on his daily watchlist today. 

Sykes highlighted GOVX as a “high priced spiker worth watching” and said it could be a potential dip buy for him.

And the stock did dip early in the session.

GOVX August 20 midday chart (Source: StocksToTrade)

After jumping 66% at the open, GOVX hit a session low just 30 minutes later. 

After that dip, shares were back on the rise and trading 50% higher by noon Eastern. 

What You Need to Know About GOVX Stock

  • GeoVax Labs was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. 
  • It’s a clinical-stage biotech developing human vaccines against infectious diseases and cancer using its novel patented Modified Vaccinia Ankara-Virus Like Particle (MVA-VLP) vaccine platform.
  • The company’s current vaccine development programs focus on COVID-19, HIV, Zika virus, hemorrhagic fever viruses, and malaria.
  • GeoVax is also developing therapeutic vaccines against multiple cancers.
  • Human clinical trials are underway on the company’s preventive HIV vaccine candidate.
  • GOVX stock closed at $4.30 per share on Thursday. 
  • The stock opened at $7.43 per share today and quickly hit a session high of $7.50 per share. 
  • GeoVax has a market cap of more than $27 million. 

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