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20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders (2018)

Written by stockstotrade

If your friend or significant other is wondering what gift to get the day trader for Christmas — hand them this list from us.

If you don’t want socks and can’t afford a new Ferrari (just yet), here is a unique collection of things to put on your wish list with a dose of modesty and, in some cases, humor.

Merry Christmas, happy shopping and we hope you’ll find this handy list of Christmas gifts for traders useful. 

If you’re feeling generous …

Trading Computer System HP Z600 Workstation

Trading Computer System HP Z600 Workstation,12 Core Xeon X5670 2.93GHz, 500GB SSD +2TB HDD, 48GB Ram, 4GB Nvidia NVS 810 4K 8 Monitor Support Video Card,

Source: Amazon.com

Perhaps there’s no better way to say to your loved one that you care about their job than by buying them a powerful trading machine.  

If you have money to spare, then the Trading Computer System HP, a 12 Core Xeon, eight-monitor support PC, might be just the thing for them.  

This high-tech CPU comes with twelve processing threads that enable extensive multitasking and supports up to eight trading screens.  The PC is ideal for retail stock traders.  

Get it on Amazon.com

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Trading Computer w/4x 24″ monitors & Quad Stand Package


Source: Amazon

Our personal favorite of this bunch, this is another premium trading computer package loaded with virtually everything a trader needs to move to the next level.

  • Epic Trading Computer:
  • 4×24″ WideScreen Monitors:
  • Quad Monitor Stand:
  • The Envy of Your Friends: Most Definitely ✅

The machine features a 2x 2.93 Quad Xeon Intel Processors, a 500GB SSD for SUPER quick booting, and a 4TB HD for storage.  On TOP of that, it comes with four 24-inch Widescreen monitors AND a quad monitor stand.

Check it out on Amazon.com

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Handbag

Source:  Amazon

Perfect for the female trader OR the trader’s loved one, this cross-body handbag, the trendy Pochette Métis, is given a highly fashionable twist with this iconic monogram Infrarouge, inspired by Nicolas Ghesquière’s work.

Compact yet ingeniously organized with interior compartments and pockets.

Get yours from Amazon.com

Herman Miller Chair

Source: Amazon

The average trader spends hours on end glued to their chairs trading stocks and options.

A pro-grade Herman Miller Chair like the one pictured above can help him or her cope better with work. Prices vary widely from less than $400 to more than $2,500, but trust us — they’re well worth it, and go for those high prices for a reason.

Check it out and read real customer reviews on Amazon.com

Remix Office Chair

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Amazon

This awesome Remix Office Chair features a 360-degree swivel and a polished aluminum frame. It provides ample comfort without breaking the bank — you can get one for a pretty good price over at Amazon.com

Goldman Desk Lamp

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Y Lighting

This Goldman desk lamp is sleek and yet it exudes the familiar school library/stockbroker vibe.  You can get one for $498 at Y lighting or Amazon.com.

Now, if nostalgia is what you’re after …

Margin of Safety by Seth A. Klarman

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Amazon

This is an out-of-print book that is more of a collector’s item — they’re not cheap, and prices vary for used or new on Amazon.com

Nevertheless, it’s a literary treasure for traders who want to learn more about value investing.

Twittertape — Modern Ticker Tape Machine

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Daily Mail

Famous inventor Thomas Edison invented the ticker tape machine in 1869 to print stocks and shares. You can still get the original version, but that will run you around $2,500.

Now a technophile from Cumbria has placed a new twist to the old technology by building a contraption he has named the Twittertape.

Twittertape connects to the Internet and prints out stock tweets to a tape.

Although not commercially available yet, you can get a replica stock ticker tape machine from Bull Market Gifts. 

Or, maybe just a bit cheeky …

Wall Street Tie

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Amazon

This 57” hand-crafted Wall Street Silk Tie is covered in popular Wall Street ticker symbols and prices including MSFT, AMZN, GE, INTC, IBM etc.

What’s not to like?

You can get it from Amazon.

Berkshire Hathaway Monopoly Diamond Edition

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source:  Bull Market Gifts

No, we are not talking about any monopoly enjoyed by this company in the marketplace.

Rather, Berkshire Hathaway Monopoly is an interesting game that gives investors a way to buy shares of companies that Buffet has purchased.

Custom pewter tokens represent Berkshire investments: for instance, a gecko lizard is used to represent GEICO Insurance.

Players pay an acquisition tax instead of the usual income tax. Get the Diamond Edition of the game on Amazon for a reasonable price!

Replica Brass Bull

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: eBay

Wall Street would not be Wall Street without its famous charging bull.

Superstitious traders sometimes rub the dangly bits of the 7,100 lbs bronze sculpture as a good luck ritual. You can buy one on eBay for about $26.

Bull and Bear Sculpture

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Amazon

This Bull and Bear Bronze Sculpture is a classic (and affordable!) gift for any finance freak on your list. 

Christmas gift for any trader. This sculpture is made through an electro-plating process, leading to great detail and higher quality than the solid bronze sculpture.

Buy it on Amazon.com

Money Tree

Source: Amazon

Money trees are beloved in the east where they are believed to bring good fortune. They can also help spruce up your office.

This four-year old Bonsai Money Tree depicted above is only 13 inches tall and can easily fit in most spaces.

Get it on Amazon.com

Bull and Bear Bookends

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Amazon

These bronze-plated electroplated bear and bull head bookends are the perfect desk accessory. Buy one on Amazon.

Even if you’re not into finance, these are just downright cool. 

Triumph of the Optimist

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Amazon

This gorgeous coffee table hardcover offers a comprehensive history of 101 years of global investment returns. Chock-full of data, investors will undoubtely enjoy poring through its well-illustrated charts.

You can get it on Amazon new or used.

“Money: Master the Game” by Tony Robbins

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Amazon

This book is a massive 688-page primer on trading, investing, and managing your money.

Author Tony Robbins coaches and inspires millions of people in more than 100 countries.

You can get it on Amazon for the price of a fancy cup of coffee.

“The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Amazon

A true productivity masterpiece, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” is one of the finest productivity books ever written.

Published in 1989, Stephen Covey offers timeless principles for increasing your productivity both at your work place and your life in general.

The book is available on Amazon.

Wall Street ”Cult” Calculator-HP 12C

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Amazon

The HP-12C is a calculator that has become an enigma of sorts.

The calculator remains massively popular with traders despite the fact that there are other modern models that are faster and more feature-rich.

Part of the reason why it has refused to die lies in its simplicity — it’s a pure RPN calculator with no algebraic options to confuse the user.

This veritable device is available on Amazon for a great price.

And finally, maybe it’s just going to be a low-key, practical Christmas…

Thomas Pink Shirt

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Thomas Pink

For over 30 years, London fashion icon Thomas Pink has been dressing up tasteful guys all over the globe. 

The luxury apparel retailer provides some of the finest shirts, cufflinks, and ties around. This one above sports a quirky hummingbird pattern- what’s not to love?


20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Traders

Source: Fireti

Titanium is a lightweight yet strong material making it ideal for a wallet. The one above is called an Omega and is capable of holding 10 cards and some cash.

The wallet features a simple yet sturdy design of two pieces held together with four rubber 0-rings and a thumb slot that doubles as a bottle opener.

You can get one at Fireti starting at $30.

Happy Shopping!

Anything Else?

Is there anything that you’d add to this list? Let us know below. Don’t be shy!

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