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Top 5 Best Stock Screeners by Volume in 2024

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Written by Tim Bohen

A stock screener by volume is a tool that helps you find stocks based on their trading volume. It takes thousands of stocks on an exchange and filters them down to a handful of stocks trading at your desired volume.

Volume is one of the most important indicators in trading. It’s so important that it’s one of the criteria I scan by when I build my daily watchlists — more on that later!

Being able to screen for stocks by their volume is essential. Checking a stock’s trading volume can help you confirm trends and decide whether a stock is worth looking into further.

What are the best stock screeners for volume, and how can they help you? Let’s dive in and find out!

What Is Volume in Stocks?

Volume in stocks refers to the number of shares traded during a certain time period. Trading volume matters because it’s one of the best signs of demand in a stock.

Think of the market as a game of supply and demand. When more people trade a stock, they’re willing to pay more for it.

It works the other way as well. A decrease in trading volume might signify a drop in demand, indicating a bearish price move.

How to Evaluate Stocks by Volume

You can evaluate stocks by volume by familiarizing yourself with a stock’s average trading volume first. Most good volume stock screeners will let you scan for 60- or 90-day average volume.

As traders, we’re looking for unusual volume. That signals a change in demand, which is usually tied to a price move.

Generally, the hottest movers will trade at least 1 million shares during the trading day — this number could go much higher. In premarket, you can check for trading volumes over 50,000 or 100,000, depending on the time and the stock’s price.

Using a Stock Screener for Volume Spikes

Trading volume spikes disrupt the balance of supply and demand, putting pressure on the supply. You should be looking for these spikes because they might indicate a possible price move.

You can find volume spikes with a stock screener by creating a filter for unusually high trading activity. 

What Is a Stock Screener by Volume?

A stock screener by volume is a tool that helps you find stocks with trading volumes that fit your criteria. Your screener scours the entire exchange to filter down the thousands of possibilities and give you a prime handful of tickers you can research further.

What is a stock screener, and why do you need one to trade? Read my article on the basics of stock screeners to learn more.

Importance of Using a Volume Stock Screener

Using a high-volume stock screener helps you find stocks that are trading at your preferred volume. In addition to big-name stocks, using a volume stock screener might help you find new trading opportunities you hadn’t considered otherwise.

Using a volume stock screener also gives you a handful of tickers that you can dive deeper into, helping you make educated trading decisions.

Why Do You Need a Stock Screener by Volume?

You need a stock screener by volume to filter out stocks that aren’t trading at your desired volume. Think of a stock screener as a sieve — you pour all the stocks in an exchange into it and let the ones that don’t match your criteria pass through. Afterward, what you’re left with are stocks that match your trading strategy.

Different stock screeners work best for different kinds of trades. Check out my list of the best after-hours stock screeners and the best chart pattern stock screeners. I also have top picks for the best overall stock screeners.

Advantages of Volume Stock Screeners

The main advantage of volume stock screeners is their ability to find stocks that match your criteria. This helps you focus and only dive deeper into the stocks that are relevant to your trading strategy.

Most stock screeners will also save your configurations, so you don’t have to remake them every time. This means you can save multiple stock scans to use in different scenarios and conditions.

How We Evaluated These Best Stock Screeners by Volume

Not all stock screeners can scan for volume well, so you should be careful with your picks. Here are two criteria to use when looking for the best stock screeners for high volume:

  • Pricing: Most high-quality volume stock screeners are paid products. Find the screener that fits your budget while still catering to your trading needs.
  • Customizability: A stock screener is only as good as its indicators. Find a stock screener that you can customize according to your needs.

Those two aren’t the only criteria you can use. Check my guide to the best stock screener criteria for more ways to refine your search.

Best Volume Stock Screeners for 2024

Here are my picks for the best volume stock screeners:

  • StocksToTrade — Best Overall Volume Stock Screener
  • Finviz — Best Free Volume Stock Screener
  • MarketInOut — Best Volume Stock Screener for Pre-Built Scanners
  • MarketWatch — Best Volume Stock Screener for Tool Variety
  • Yahoo Finance — Most Accessible Volume Stock Screener

There’s no rule that says you can only pick one. Try them all!

1. StocksToTrade — Best Overall Volume Stock Screener

My first volume stock screener pick is StocksToTrade.

I use StocksToTrade every day — that’s why it tops my list. It’s an insanely customizable, extra-powerful stock screener that lets you screen for any criteria you want. It also comes with trader-built screens that let you trade like the pros. 


In addition to a volume scan, you can add a screening criterion for the number of trades in StocksToTrade. This filter can tell you more about the traders creating demand for low-priced stocks than its overall volume. 

StocksToTrade also has Oracle, an algorithmic chart analysis tool. It’s a nifty piece of technology that gives you trade signals based on the day’s most tradable stocks. Get a taste of Oracle with our NO-COST Oracle trade alerts!

Check Oracle out…

Take StocksToTrade for a spin and see how it changes the way you trade. 

Sign up for a 14-day trial for just $7!

2. Finviz — Best Free Volume Stock Screener

My second volume stock screener pick is Finviz.

Finviz is a lightweight, web-based stock screener you can use for free. With a free registered account, you can screen thousands of stocks, save screener configurations, and make watchlists.

Finviz’s free version is robust enough to start off with. Once you’ve paid for a subscription, you get all the features I mentioned above, plus extra features that put it on par with other paid screeners, like real-time data, backtesting, and advanced screening tools.

But there’s one thing to note about Finviz — it doesn’t have pre-built screeners. You’ll have to build your own setups before trading.

3. MarketInOut — Best Volume Stock Screener for Pre-Built Scanners

My third volume stock screener pick is MarketInOut.

MarketInOut gives you a boatload of pre-built scanners to scan for volume action. It lets you scan for various increments of volume changes across different time periods, making it easier to get really granular with your scans.MarketInOut also has a set of volume trend filters to help you identify whether a stock’s volume is trending up or down.

With this many pre-built scanners, MarketInOut still provides flexibility to its users. You can customize these scanners further to refine your stock searches even more, helping you find the stocks that fit your trading strategy.

4. MarketWatch — Best Volume Stock Screener for Tool Variety

My fourth volume stock screener pick is MarketWatch.

In terms of volume, MarketWatch allows you to scan for stock activity by its trading volume and the number of dollars traded, giving you extra flexibility. You can also scan for other criteria like gainers and losers as well as highs and lows.

While MarketWatch’s stock screener is relatively simple and doesn’t have as many indicators as other apps, the site compensates for it with a variety of other tools like premarket screeners, after-hours screeners, and virtual stock exchanges.

5. Yahoo Finance — Most Accessible Volume Stock Screener

My fifth volume stock screener pick is Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo’s stock screener gets a lot of points for easy accessibility. It’s a lightweight browser-based stock screener that provides 15 pre-made screens for free — including a volume scanner.

On top of the pre-made screeners, you can create your own screeners or edit the existing ones to fit your trading strategy. You can also access Yahoo Finance-curated watchlists to look for possible trade ideas.

Final Thoughts

Volume stock screeners help traders identify the stocks that fit their strategy. It cuts through the noise of thousands of tickers and gives you a handful of stocks trading at your desired volume, so you can research them further.

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Stock Volume Screener FAQs

How Can Advanced Features and Criteria Improve Stock Screening?

Advanced features in stock screeners like Stock Rover and the EasyScan platform provide users with extensive filter fields and customizable criteria that help refine searches based on technical and fundamental screening criteria. Premium features allow access to exclusive tools like advanced visualizations and additional filter criteria, empowering users to conduct deeper analyses and make more informed decisions. These tools are essential for traders looking for detailed analysis and comprehensive screening solutions to manage a diverse universe of stocks.

What Role Do Volume Metrics Play in Stock Screeners?

Volume metrics such as 30-day avg volume, daily volume, and heavy volume are critical for understanding market activity and investor interest in particular stocks. Stock screeners that analyze volume help traders identify trends, potential reversals, or continuations in stock movements. This information is particularly useful for swing traders and those who follow market fluctuations closely to optimize their trading decisions.

How Do Different Fund Types Benefit From Specialized Screeners?

Specialized screeners like ETF/ETP and closed end fund screeners are designed to filter through various types of funds including mutual funds, closed-end funds, and exchange-traded funds. These screeners help investors focus on specific fund types, such as those listed on Canadian stock exchanges or foreign funds, aligning with investment strategies and objectives. Tools like dividend yield screeners also assist in pinpointing funds with potential returns based on dividend performance.

Why Is Market Analysis Essential in Utilizing Stock Screeners?

Effective use of stock screeners involves understanding key financial metrics such as market capitalization, stock price, and earnings growth rates. These metrics are pivotal in making educated decisions about market participation, especially when combined with investment advice and strategy considerations. Tools like Stock Rover provide advanced features that help track these metrics, offering a robust solution for investors navigating through various market conditions and investment opportunities.

How Do Interactive Charts and Advanced Charts Enhance Stock Screening?

Interactive charts and advanced charts with chart drawing are key features that enhance the functionality of premium stock screeners. These tools provide a visual representation of stock price movements, market price, and fair market evaluations, allowing traders to analyze trends and make informed decisions quickly. By incorporating technical screening criteria and financial screening criteria, these charts help traders and self-directed investors identify entry and exit points, as well as observe patterns that might not be evident through raw data alone.

What Criteria Are Essential for Effective Stock Screening?

Effective stock screening relies on a comprehensive array of criteria including technical criteria, financial screening criteria, and custom criteria that can be adapted to suit individual trading strategies. High-quality stock screeners offer combinations of criteria that allow for filtering of stocks based on pre-selected and segmentation criteria, providing a depth of filter criteria that caters to a wide range of demands from swing traders to buy-and-hold investors. This level of customization is crucial for navigating the extensive stock database of both domestic and international stocks, making it an essential tool for stock traders.

How Do Volume Metrics and Dividend Screeners Inform Investment Decisions?

Volume metrics such as on-balance volume (OBV), light volume, and analysis of volume play a critical role in stock screening by providing insights into the trading activity and liquidity of stocks. Additionally, dividend screeners that utilize attributes like dividend volatility and cumulative dividend help investors assess the dividend performance of stocks, aligning with investment objectives and underlying investments. These tools are especially valuable for identifying bearish stocks or stocks with growth in excess, aiding investors in making strategic decisions that align with their financial goals.

What Role Do Custom Queries and Screener Flexibility Play in Stock Analysis?

Custom queries and search queries enable investors to tailor their approach to screening using a stock screener’s extensive features like custom criteria, ETF criteria, and filterable search criteria. This flexibility allows traders to explore various investment strategies, from focusing on specific sectors like ETF shares to screening stocks based on earnings per share or Sharpe Ratio. The ability to create expert screens and use customizable screens supports a broad range of investment styles and is particularly beneficial in platforms like Fidelity Investments, known for its comprehensive stock screener solutions and exceptional stock screeners.