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Top 5 Best Stock Screeners for 5-Year Performance in 2024

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A 5-year stock screener is a tool that helps you look for stocks that had a great run in the past five years… It lets you cut through the noise of thousands of tickers to find the handful of stocks that have had the best 5-year performance.

Identifying great 5-year performers requires a lot of fundamental analysis. One of the best ways to identify great 5-year performers is to research — and that’s what a stock screener helps you do.

What are the best stock screeners for 5-year performance, and how do you evaluate stocks for their 5-year performance? Let’s get into it!

How to Evaluate 5-Year Performance of Stocks?

You can evaluate growth stocks by doing your due diligence. When you evaluate a stock’s performance over time, here are some things to do:

  • Consider the stock’s total returns over a set period of time.
  • Benchmark the stock’s performance against other stocks.
  • Check the stock performance of the company’s competitors.
  • Calculate the stock’s compound annual growth rate.

The gist of it is that you can evaluate 5-year stock performance by gauging the stock’s performance against the company’s competitors and the stock market at large.

Common Stock Evaluation Metrics

What kind of ratios should you use to evaluate stocks? Here are five common financial metrics to use when assessing securities:

  • Price-to-book ratio
  • Price-to-earnings ratio
  • Earnings per share
  • Dividend yield
  • Compounded annual growth rate

What is a Stock Screener for 5-Year Performance?

A stock screener for 5-year performance is a tool that helps you find and evaluate stocks with good 5-year performance. It can filter through thousands of stocks and give you the stocks that perform according to your trading or investing requirements.

From there, you can place the stocks into a watchlist. This is how you make educated trade or investment decisions.

Learn more about stock screeners in my guide to the basics of stock screening tools.

Importance of Using a 5-Year Performance Stock Screener

Using a 5-year performance stock screener helps you find tickers that match your preferred trading or investing criteria. Instead of just trading or investing in big-name shares on sectors you’re familiar with, you can find great 5-year performers that fly under people’s radars — giving you some unexpected stock picks.

Why Do You Need a Stock Screener for 5-Year Performance?

You need a stock screener for 5-year performance to determine the right growth stocks to target. Think of your stock screener as a sieve — you pour all the stocks on the markets into it, and it’ll filter out the ones that don’t fit your criteria. Then, all you’re left with are the stocks that fit the bill.

You also need a stock screener for 5-year performance because you’ll get lots of fine control over your searches. By refining your parameters, you’ll only find stocks that perfectly match your preferences.

Different stock screeners cater to different kinds of traders. Check out my picks for the best premarket stock screeners and the best OTC stock screeners. You can also read my list of the best overall stock screeners.

Advantages of 5-Year Performance Stock Screeners

The main advantage of 5-year performance stock screeners is the ability to filter stocks according to your preferences. Filtering stocks focuses your research efforts — instead of looking through hundreds or thousands of stocks, you just need to dive deeper into the handful of stocks your screener provides you.

Another advantage of stock screeners is the ease in comparing stocks between companies. You can do side-by-side comparisons of multiple companies’ stocks to determine which ones you should be focusing on more closely.

How We Evaluated These Best Stock Screeners for 5-Year Performance

Not all stock screening tools are suitable for scanning 5-year performance — which is why you gotta make your picks carefully.

Here are two criteria to use when picking 5-year performance stock screeners:

  • Pricing: Most of the best 5-year stock screeners are paid products. Find the screener that suits your budget while still satisfying your trading needs.
  • Customizability: A stock screener is only as good as its indicators. Find a stock screener that you can customize according to your trading needs and strategies.

These aren’t the only criteria I use when picking screeners. Here’s an in-depth guide to the best stock screener criteria to refine your search.

Best 5-Year Performance Stock Screeners for 2024

Here are my picks for the best 5-year performance stock screeners:

  • StocksToTrade — Best 5-Year Performance Stock Screener for Trading
  • Black Box Stocks — Best 5-Year Performance Stock Screener for Charting
  • TrendSpider — Best 5-Year Performance Stock Screener for Automated Trading
  • Fractalerts — Best 5-Year Performance Stock Screener for Trade Alerts
  • Benzinga Pro — Best 5-Year Performance Stock Screener for News Monitoring

It’s okay to have a preferred stock screener — but that doesn’t mean you have to be married to just one. Try them all and stick with the ones you like best!

1. StocksToTrade — Best 5-Year Performance Stock Screener for Trading

My first 5-year performance stock screener pick is StocksToTrade

Let me be clear — StocksToTrade isn’t overly specialized in fundamental analysis. But it’s a great screener for technical analysis.

That doesn’t mean it’s a slouch for fundamental analysis — you can still screen for key fundamental parameters like EPS and P/E ratio. While it doesn’t scan for CAGR yet, StocksToTrade is adding that in a future update.

StocksToTrade is a screener built by traders for traders. It’s got insane customization, comes with loads of trader-built screens, and so much more.

Try StocksToTrade today — sign up for a 14-day trial for only $7!

2. Black Box Stocks — Best 5-Year Performance Stock Screener for Charting

My second 5-year performance stock screener pick is Black Box Stocks.

Black Box Stocks offers an annotated charting tool linked to your trading alerts, so you’ll have an easier time studying the stock’s performance. 

It also offers a robust premarket and postmarket scanner that runs in real time. This scanner is highly modifiable, meaning you can use it to identify the stocks you want to trade, even outside market hours.

3. TrendSpider — Best 5-Year Performance Stock Screener for Automated Trading

My third 5-year performance stock screener pick is TrendSpider

TrendSpider offers powerful and easy-to-use trading bots. You don’t even need to know how to code — all you need to do is set its trading requirements, and it’ll make trades all on its own.

TrendSpider also uses AI trend detection technology in its market scanner, helping you identify trends and spot potential trades.

4. Fractalerts — Best 5-Year Performance Stock Screener for Trade Alerts

My fourth 5-year performance stock screener pick is Fractalerts.

Fractalerts isn’t a stock screener, per se. It’s more of a trading alert newsletter that gives you regular trade recommendations. Fractalerts caters to long-term traders and investors, so it’s a good fit to supplement another scanner when you’re doing your research on 5-year performers.

5. Benzinga Pro — Best 5-Year Performance Stock Screener for News Monitoring

My fifth 5-year performance stock screener pick is Benzinga Pro.

Benzinga offers a real-time news feed that lets you stay on top of the market like other screeners. However, Benzinga goes the extra mile by letting you filter for specific titles or stock parameters — meaning you’ll only see the news that’s relevant to your trading strategies and nothing else.

Benzinga also offers a multiple-workspace setup that lets you organize the desktop app’s pages and windows to minimize clutter, making sure you only see the information you need. 

Final Thoughts

A stock screener for 5-year performance helps you find 5-year performers that fit your trading preferences. You can use it to filter all the stocks on the market, so you only need to research a handful of stocks that fit the bill. This lets you focus on the stocks that you actually want to trade or invest in.

There’s really no one 5-year performance stock screener that works for everyone. Try out as many screeners as you can and stick with the ones that work best for you.

I also have another great scanner recommendation for you: millionaire trader Matt Monaco’s Alpha Scanner. Matt used his old software engineering skills to build this scanner from the ground up and based it on his profitable trading style.

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5-Year Stock Screener FAQs

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