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Top 5 Best Stock Screener Sites for 2024

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Written by Tim Bohen

A stock screener site is a website that allows you to input a set of criteria for your stock search. Once you run it, it will produce a set of results that match what you’re looking for. This is how pro traders cut through the noise of more than 17,000 stocks!

Everyone wants to get on the best trades before other people do, but checking for trading opportunities manually won’t work for more than a few stocks. That’s where stock screeners come in. They do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. 

There are a lot of stock screeners online, though. Without further ado — let’s get into my list of the best advanced stock screener sites available today.

What Is a Stock Screener?

A stock screener is a tool that finds stocks matching your exact criteria. You can use stock screener tools to filter thousands of stocks by their price, volume, percent gain, and many other factors. 

You can find stock screeners available on desktop, mobile, and web platforms. Desktop stock screeners have the most features and power. But some prefer mobile or web screeners because they’re easier to access.

When and Where to Use Stock Screeners

You can use stock screener sites whenever you’re looking to trade or build your watchlists.

Using a stock screener during the trading day can help you identify big gainers, stocks spiking on volume, or watchlist stocks that have hit crucial price points. 

They’re also a massive help outside of trading, as they can help you search for stocks trending up on price, volume, or other indicators. This is how pro traders build their watchlists!

Many stock screeners require paid subscriptions. But you can also find great stock screeners for free. Check my article on the best U.S. stock screeners you can get for free to learn more.

Importance of Using a Stock Screener Website

Using a stock screener with charts is the only way to trade on technical analysis. Otherwise you’re just trading on your impressions of a stock — not hard, real-time data.

If you want to grow as a trader, you need to stay up to date on the stocks you’re watching. Stock prices move fast, especially in penny stocks with high volatility. A stock screener gives you a faster response time, so you won’t miss out on potential trades.

Why Should You Use Online Stock Screeners?

You should use online stock screener software because you need to move fast to capitalize on trading opportunities. Moving too slowly means you might miss out on awesome trades and leave money on the table.

Some traders like online screeners because of their ease of use. Sure, you might have a more powerful screener on your laptop, but the minute it takes to boot up might mean you miss out on a trading opportunity.

No trader should skip out on daily stock screener checks, whether they’re beginners or pros. Sometimes the best stock screener is the one that’s close to hand.

I prefer to use more powerful software like StocksToTrade whenever I can, a stock screener with beautiful charts, ready-to-run scans, and more. Take it for a spin — StocksToTrade has a 14-day trial for only $7.

Advantages of Using Stock Screener Websites

Depending on your trading strategy, stock screener websites could be a valuable part of your arsenal.

Here’s how you can benefit by using popular stock screener websites:

  • Stock screener websites save time: These days, online stock screeners have similar custom stock screener parameters to the big boys! That means you don’t have to wait to launch a desktop platform in order to scan.
  • Stock screener websites are likely cheaper: There’s a better chance that your stock screener website of choice will have fewer strings attached than the downloadable alternative. Many stock screener websites don’t require a steep fee OR a trading account with an associated broker.
  • Stock screener websites can learn your preferences: These days, you can save custom stock screener preferences on your website of choice. This means you won’t have to tweak the settings every single trading day.

On the other hand, there’s a lot to recommend more powerful stock screeners, like StocksToTrade. StocksToTrade has an awesome feature set which you won’t find in most online stock screeners…

Add-on features like Breaking News Chat make a real difference in my trading. Try it out now — a StocksToTrade + Breaking News 14-day trial only costs $17!

How We Evaluated These Best Stock Screener Sites

There are tons of U.S. stock screener apps and sites out there. Different screeners cater to different kinds of stock traders, so I can’t really say which scanner is “the best” for everyone. It all goes back to your trading strategy.

But in my experience, there are criteria that help you determine which stock screener you might be most satisfied with. Here’s what I use to evaluate the best screener sites:

  • Pricing: There are lots of free stock screeners out there, usually tied to brokerage accounts. But most of the best stock screeners are paid products, so be sure to find one that fits your budget.
  • Database timeliness and update schedule: Watch out for stock screeners with the dreaded delayed quotes. Choose a stock screener that offers timely data updates to ensure you’re always on top of each trade.
  • Customizability: A stock screener is only as good as the indicators it customizes by. A highly-customizable screener platform helps traders find stocks that fit their trading strategies.

Read more about what makes a stock screener great in my article on criteria for the best stock screeners.

Top 5 Best Stock Screener Sites

Here’s my list of the best stock screener sites:

  • StocksToTrade — The Best Stock Screener Site That’s Coming Soon
  • TC2000 — The Power-on-a-Budget Stock Screener Site
  • Trade Ideas — The Best AI-Assisted Stock Screener Site
  • TradingView — The Most Popular Stock Screener Site
  • Stock Rover — The Best Stock Screener Site for Fundamental Analysis

There’s no law that says you can’t use more than one stock screener site — in fact, I encourage it! That’s the only way you’ll find the one that actually fits your trading style.

That said — this list will give you a good start!

1. StocksToTrade  — The Best Stock Screener Site That’s Coming Soon

StocksToTrade is a powerful, robust stock screener built for penny stock traders. It lets you dive deep into the details that matter most to traders.

You’ll find an insane degree of customizability in its desktop platform. Its web platform is in development as we speak…

A subscription will give you access to both through one stock screener login.

StocksToTrade has trader-designed custom screeners built into the platform. If you’re a tinkerer, get ready to fine-slice your screens by volume, price action, float, and more things that traders care about!

A StocksToTrade subscription comes with Oracle, a powerful algorithmic tool for chart analysis. It spots the day’s most tradable stocks to give you actionable trade signals. You can get a taste right now — sign up here to get NO-COST Oracle trade alerts!

Give StocksToTrade a try by clicking here!

2. TC2000 — The Power-on-a-Budget Stock Screener Site

TC2000 is a stock screener for Microsoft Windows 10, 11, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. It also has a web version that boasts robust stock screening, charting, and most of the bells and whistles.

There are various pricing tiers. On the whole, this is one of the cheaper options out there.

TC2000 is one of those absolutely stacked trading platforms. The web version keeps most of that versatility intact. It might be a bit overwhelming for newbies, but it’s worth the learning curve.

3. Trade Ideas — The Best AI-Assisted Stock Screener Site

Trade Ideas does just that — it gives you trade ideas through a powerful AI engine named ‘Holly’ (as in ‘Holly Grail’ — get it?). The various iterations of Holly can implement 60 trading strategies, trade-proofed through extensive backtesting.

Trade Ideas isn’t only a robotrading platform. Trade Ideas’ powerful analytic backbone is also present in its human-facing stock screener tools. The part that many traders value is the strategy screener. It allows you to scan the market for the charts that best fit its pre-loaded setups.

This platform is available in two versions: a desktop app and a web-based app. It doesn’t come cheap, but many traders still find value here.

4. TradingView — The Most Popular Stock Screener Site

TradingView is one of the most popular stock screener sites in the world, with more than 50 million active users. A good portion of those users log on for the free screener, but there’s a ton of added versatility available for paying customers.

TradingView doesn’t just offer stock screeners. It offers forex and crypto screeners, giving traders a one-stop shop for their securities screener needs. TradingView offers 12 customizable chart types and lets you display up to eight charts per tab, which means you can chart a lot of stock screener data at once.

TradingView also has a lot of cool non-screener features. If you try this platform out, check out its bar replay feature. It provides visualizations of historical stock price movements that you can play and rewind, just like a movie. 

You’re not just limited to watching, either. You can mark certain points of the replay for note-taking purposes.  

5. Stock Rover — The Best Stock Screener Site for Fundamental Analysis

Stock Rover is a stock screener geared more toward investment than trading. That doesn’t make it a bad choice for a stock screener site…

As always, it all comes down to your trading strategy.

There are more than 500 fundamental data points to tweak, and 140 pre-built strategy screeners. You can also access “guru strategies” devised by famous investors like Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, and Joel Greenblatt.

Another interesting feature is the comparison tool that evaluates factors surrounding stocks. It calculates the trade’s safety margins, alerts you to trends, and gives scores to the company based on its growth and market sentiment.

Final Thoughts

Stock screener sites help you find the best trades and save you time. They do this by filtering irrelevant stocks and finding stocks that fit your screening criteria.

The stock screener list in this article is just the tip of the iceberg. You can find more stock screener apps on Reddit or other platforms. Don’t forget to check my other stock screener guides for more recommendations!

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