7 Successful Trader Habits

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7 Successful Trader Habits

7 Successful Trader Habits

How many habits do you have that help your trading progress?

While great traders come in all styles and from all sorts of backgrounds, many often have certain habits in common.

It’s a simple fact: Success is frequently a direct result of routine and discipline.

Most successful investors know this, so they work hard to cultivate good habits, both in life and in trading.

Curious about what types of habits they have and how to incorporate them into your routine?

Here are seven successful trader habits that you can begin adopting today:

  1. Set goals. Top traders are extremely driven. But what fuels that drive? Their goals.

After all, you need some sort of motivation to keep going, day after day, week after week, and so on. Goals are a vital component to help day trading success.

Many of the most successful traders have very specific goals. By making clear, detailed goals that feel real and motivating to you, you can potentially create your own roadmap to success.

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Once you’ve defined your destination, you can create mini-milestone goals to help you get there over time. The more clear your plan, the easier it usually is to follow.

To drive this point home: According to Business Insider, 67% of rich people put their goals into writing. Enough said.  

  1. Wake up early. Time is money. The early bird gets the worm. When you mash up these adages, they add up to this basic principle: The earlier you rise, the more money-making potential you could have for the day.

Why is waking up early so great? It can help give you time to collect yourself and prepare for the trading day ahead. It can also grant you the time you might need to work out, eat, check emails, and get other tasks out of the way.

This means that once the trading bell rings, you can boost your ability to focus solely on trading.

When you’re not constantly thinking about all the things you have to do, you can potentially perform a lot better.

  1. Learning every single day. Great traders never, ever stop learning. They are deeply committed to self-improvement because they see the results that it brings to their trading.

How can traders keep learning every day? There are many ways …  

Some examples: They might designate time every day to reading the paper and learning about world and business news, which could inform future trades. Or, they might spend time reading trader biographies and trading psychology books to help increase their edge in the market. Newer media, like blogs and podcasts, can also provide great resources for increasing trading knowledge.

That means you’re on the right page by reading this blog! And if you already tuned into the Steady Trade Podcast, be sure to add that to your trading education toolbox.

  1. Scan. Scanning is an important habit for traders to get into, as it’s often a vital step toward choosing strong stocks to trade.

If you’re not familiar with it, scanning is a method of searching for particular criteria within the stock market. In a way, it’s like filtering a search on a retail site, where you can choose by color, size, price, or any number of different options.

Using StocksToTrade can make scanning easy because it allows you to scan on multiple criteria. Basically, it can help you look for the just-right combination of attributes that make a stock appetizing to you. You can customize scans to your own personal trading style, which can help you scan the markets in a robust way.

  1. Research. Scanning is often even more effective when paired with other successful trader habits, like research. Top traders frequently make a habit of doing obsessive and thorough research in tandem with their scanning.  

For example: Say you’ve found a stock that’s gaining and has good volume. It’s looking good, but you don’t have the full story yet. To help make a decision about whether to trade, you can back up what you found via scanning with some good, old-fashioned research.

Research the company, and look for potential catalysts that could be affecting the stock price, such as a new contract, earnings reports, or a new product release.

Gainers, volume, and a catalyst can often create a strong combination for choosing stocks. By making research a regular habit, you can gain a better grasp of your desired stocks to trade.

  1. Track trades. If you want to follow in the footsteps of many successful traders before you, make a habit of tracking your trades.

Maintaining a trading journal is kind of like the day trader’s equivalent to a ship’s voyage log. It’s a way to monitor your progress as a day trader, where you note what setups you employed and your results.

Over time, your tracking information can prove invaluable in helping you progress further in your trading career. You can start to recognize trends in the setups that have consistently made you money — and probably gain a far greater understanding of the methods that have lost money.

Armed with this information, you can focus on your strengths and begin refining your trading methods to help you potentially improve profits and reduce losses.

  1. Make trading plans. Making — and sticking to — trading plans is among the most important successful trader habits that you can cultivate.

A trading plan is like a map you make before a trade; it’s where you plan your entry, exit, and goals for the trade.

By thinking these things out beforehand, you can potentially remain more level-headed during the trade, and less prone to making emotional decisions that can result in losses.

These seven successful trader habits are common among many of the highest-performing traders out there. If you’re a new trader looking to boost your trading prowess, try cultivating these habits as part of your daily routine.

Chances are, you’ll notice that your trading confidence improves …. and hopefully, the profits will follow!

How many of these successful trader habits do you have?

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