5 Tips To Building An Effective Watch List {INFOGRAPHIC}

By August 24, 2016Infographic
5 Tips To Building An Effective Watch List {INFOGRAPHIC}

Every trader needs to know how to create effective watch lists so that they can execute smart, profitable trades. This STT infographic walks you through it!

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5 Tips To Building An Effective Watch List {INFOGRAPHIC}

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  • Rene says:

    Amazing and interesting because just a few weeks ago, I started to paper trade focusing on larger more popular stocks. It was a fun and learning experience because larger more popular stocks (although slower to make profit) gave me an opportunity to see all aspects of the trade due to its relatively slow pace. Where as penny stocks are more volatile and move faster not giving me too much of an opportunity to be able to learn in the pace I wanted to learn as a newbie. This blog post confirmed my suspicion of closely watching and paper trading with much larger more popular stocks.

  • KC says:

    What are some of the search criteria in a custom scan the night before your inputting to create a watchlist for the AM? And what are some premarket custom scans on ST?

  • Gourango Bim says:


  • johnny says:

    Awesome breakdown.

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