Understanding Level 2 Quotes {INFOGRAPHIC}

By February 22, 2017Infographic
Understanding Level 2 Quotes {INFOGRAPHIC}

Learning about the Stock Market can be overwhelming, but if you don’t understand level 2 quotes, you’ll miss out on some valuable information when making trades. STT is going to break it down for you and keep things simple. Check it out!

Understanding Level 2 Quotes {INFOGRAPHIC}

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  • PoLo_MeX says:

    Very useful guide (infographic), thanks!

  • Tim Vaughn says:

    Thank you for this. Helps clear up some of what I don’t understand about Level 2. I’ll read it over many times and keep for reference until it’s all sunk in.

  • Tone says:

    Thanks, some really good insights here. The buy vs sell aspect explained in the Time Sales Box I found especially helpful.

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