Matthew discovered trading during his senior year of high school ... but didn’t get serious about it until the summer after his freshman year of college. In the three years that have followed, his passion hasn’t diminished. And he continues to give back to the community through several podcasts devoted to trading. As of June 2021, Matt has hit $1,654,540.52 in profits. Matt is a moderator of Small Cap Rockets and a co-editor of Cyptorockets. He’s also a co-host of the TWIST podcast.

Bryce began trading as a hobby back in 2017. He funded a $5,000 account and started studying for several hours a day. In May 2020 he chose to only trade listed stocks, avoiding OTCs. In June, after nailing down his strategy, Bryce increased his risk to $10 per trade and netted $1K.* In July, he used $25 risk to net $4,000.* Today, Bryce is at $649,235.59 in profits. Bryce is the host of the SteadyTrade Treats podcast, a moderator in StocksToTrade’s Small Cap Rockets where he alerts hot stocks, and he also hosts a strategy webinar for the SteadyTrade Team every week.

He entered the trading world from a unique position: a card counting Blackjack player. But his experience didn’t prepare him for the difficult world of trading low float penny stocks (costing him nearly $15,000 in his first year trading). When many would have quit, John doubled down on his studies and climbed out of his profit hole in two short months. In the two years that followed, John refined his trading approach netting him over $485,345.74 in verified profits as of June 2021. John is a moderator of StocksToTrade’s Small Cap Rockets where he alerts to hot trade ideas.

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