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Feb. 6, 20203 min read

Watchlist for the week of 1-30-2017 $PULM, $TMUS, $S, $MSFT, $GLBS, $FCAU, $ESES

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Written by Tim Bohen

We tracked and traded this all day in STT Pro on Friday. Tons of great commentary about biased shorts entering a big runner to early. I held close to three hours of live streams on Friday and the entire time gave technical break downs as to how this stock was holding its gains. We traded it early on rips, but then just observed the late day move. Though in the end it was silly to not make another trade late day. ALL the signs were there that this would push higher into the close. I will be watching a type of setup we discuss all the time, the “weak open, red to green move”. If this stock starts in the negative shorts will become even more emboldened, then when and if it goes green on the day, big moves to the upside could follow. 
All three strong charts, all three tickers we have featured here several times in the past. Be sure to do your due diligence and check for earnings announcements. I NEVER hold into earnings, long or short. That being said I like the business’s all of these are in and LOVE the charts, other than Sprint these are higher priced, but they are also REAL companies. If you have a smaller account or don’t want to trade stocks that make huge moves, all three of these tickers are potential swing (multi day/multi week) holds. Even with a small position you can make very solid percentage gains in a couple weeks. 
This was last weeks top potential short and remains in the same slot this week. Choppy last week for sure but there were indeed short selling opportunities if you were on your toes. Shipping stocks continue to fade and this is one of the very few that has still stayed up a little higher than it was before the recent run. I will look to short as long as the price cannot grind back above $10, I think this falls apart either this week or VERY soon. Hard to borrow stock though, so shorting can be difficult on a ticker like this.
Another lower priced “real stock”. This was also featured on our weekly watchlist a few times before the news about emissions violations came out. Once that news hit I assumed this stock was going to get ugly an stay ugly for quite some time. Suprisingly it showed up on my StocksToTrade weekend scans. Considering it has shook off the bad news and is almost back to 52 week highs I will be watching this closely for a new breakout, with risk set on previous highs.
This weeks VERY speculative stock. Above are lots of solid potential trades in much more established companies that you can research and follow closely. This is a thinly traded “shady” stock. But these are the types that make 20-50-100% type moves INTRA day. For most this will just be a watch or, use StocksToTrade’s paper trading  module to experiment and test trading these. I will be watching a break of $1.50 for a move to $2+. Trade with EXTREME caution or paper trade or just watch if you are curious about these types of stocks.