Watchlist Building and Live Q and A 1-13-2017 $TBIO, $ARRY, $MEMP,$OPXA,$RXII,$URRE

By January 13, 2017Pro Webinars

Good session of “rolling over” lists and building new watches for today. If you are “catching up” this is a good session to check out.

Breakdown TBIO
1/13/2017 7:57 AM Reminder market closed Monday – No Pro Sessions
1/13/2017 8:00 AM I’ll be running the Release Candidate for Sunday night, so if you see any features etc thats why.
1/13/2017 8:11 AM Watching $1.50 over under, with risk on $1.25 but still VERY early.
1/13/2017 8:13 AM RXII Potential long @ $1.00 with risk on $.85, low float, news, good pre market volume, R/S recently – last spring.
1/13/2017 8:20 AM ARRY – paper/simulated trade from yesterday,
1/13/2017 8:26 AM MEMP same as ARRY , goal of NHOD
1/13/2017 8:29 AM OPXA watch yesterdays market close for a good illustration of NOT chasing and waiting for entry.
1/13/2017 8:30 AM OPXA goal $1.50+ but if it spikes and starts fading, I would take small profits or breakeven to be out by the long weekend.
1/13/2017 8:36 AM CENX very similar to ARRY, give it a little room on the overnight, but I would all over the trigger finger @ $10.25
Ebogey> BTW Tim, I’m having my best week ever, approaching 2K for the week. I think it’s because you give me confirmation and I actually make trades. THANKS!
1/13/2017 8:43 AM RXII trying dip to $0.96 with risk on $0.85 – strarter size, still early in pre market
1/13/2017 8:45 AM TBIO I want to wait as long as possible to the open before making a trade.
1/13/2017 9:21 AM URRE short exit, I’d wait for a big drop after the open, but rememebr there is probalby a floor short term @ $2.01
1/13/2017 9:29 AM MEMP long from yest @ $.2375 stop @ .2250 goal .30+ NHOD
1/13/2017 9:54 AM Out ARRY @ $10.60 hit goal
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