Watchlist Builder and Strategy Session 1-27-2017 $AUPH, $GLBS, $PULM

By January 27, 2017Pro Webinars

Slow day but good general commentary, I think this was a good session if you were there live, but if you missed this is probably NOT a must watch. 

MSFT swing from way back in the fall, nice.
1/27/2017 8:06 AM GLBS perennial short, looking for it to spike and set risk. 9:45-10AM HOD would be stop.
1/27/2017 8:26 AM PULM Weak open red green though cautious it is day 3.  Could be late day short as well, on a BIGLY spike
1/27/2017 8:30 AM AUPH UGLY chart, but Feuestein appears to be postive. 
1/27/2017 8:31 AM AUPH watching $3.50 over under, will not short becasue of Feurstein postive comments.
1/27/2017 8:37 AM DELT backburner
1/27/2017 8:44 AM CENX short over/under $15.00
1/27/2017 8:46 AM Swings, liking these: FCAU,EMES,CARA,S,TMUS
1/27/2017 8:53 AM
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