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Feb. 13, 20211 min read

Watchlist for 12-9-2016 $IDXG, $EMKR, $PRZM, $COOL, $ASNA

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Written by Tim Bohen

Soo many crazy stocks, I literally made a point to ONLY put stocks on watch we went over yesterday afternoon. Need to focus and would like to see how yesterday’s session works out. Plus if the trend continues we will most like have at least a couple more pre market additions. If so thats 7-8 stocks to watch. Plenty.



Ideally it drops and tracks sideways in pre market, thereby setting a risk area then grinds up and breaks out to new highs. That being said, it will be hard for this stock to do that. But IF it does we could really see fireworks. KBIO, DRYS etc.



Nice all week swings, same strategy as discussed, if you are already in, I’m good with keep them as long as they stay at or around green. No entry yet? I’d look for weak open red to green.


Watching dips with risk on $0.50



Weak open red/green, with risk on $5.00 I think this has more in it, the run was slowed by all the eyeballs on IDXG IMHO.