Watchlist for 12-7-2016 – $NVCN, $RXII, $BNSO, $VKTX, $AKS, $NVAX

By December 7, 2016Pro Articles

I’m going to ignore oil/gas this AM, unless none of these tickers trend. Then they will be my backup. I use some of my jargon below for brevity purposes, if you are unsure on these terms feel free to reach out.


NVCN – $2.50 over/under


RXII – $2.15 with risk on $2.00


BNSO – Weak open red/green


VKTX – HOD break with risk on $1.30’s


AKS – Slow moving swing long, probably just a watch but could be a “back burner” type play especially in the afternoon if not much else is working.


NVAX – Need to double check this, former runner, twitter mentions of an event today, but I dont see it. Will keep digging. Will look to trade this AFTER the event, assuming it is today. 




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