Watchlist for 12-6-2016 – $NVCN, $AKS, $ARRY, $VNR, $LGCY, $BCEI

By December 6, 2016Pro Articles

NVCN for sure the main watch, especially now that the PR is out. ALWAYS have the low float news scan running in a window in pre market. It doesnt always pay, but no reason not to have it streaming ALWAYS.


AKS, ARRY, VNR all from yesterdays market close session:

Even if we don’t make a trade, 90% of my next day’s prep work is done in these sessions.

LGCY, BCEI – back burner oil plays.

Seeing peeps on twitter yapping about “solars getting hot”, I’ll be scanning for them to confirm. WHEN all these other tickers calm down. Not looking to dig to deep when we have so much in play already. FOCUS.


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